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Carlos Ayala amused himself as as telekinetic pickpocket in Miami, Florida until the day his old friend Mikel Fury came to him with the offer of a more interesting life. Mikel was recruiting a team of Secret Warriors for his father, Nick Fury. Carlos accepted the offer and became the first member of Team Gray. He then accompanied Mikel to recruit each of the other members of Team Gray, working off of Nick Fury's list of Caterpillars, untapped superhumans that the world did not really know about yet.[1]

Wheels Within Wheels

In the final moves of Nick Fury's secret war against Hydra and Leviathan, Carlos was sent on a mission along with the rest of Team Gray to destroy the Hive's Hydra base within the Indian Ocean. The mission went badly as Team Gray was overrun by the Hive's parasite infected soldiers. The team was killed as they tried to make their escape, leaving Carlos and Mikel as the last two standing. With no way out, they opted to detonate the explosives they planted and take Hydra with them.[1]

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Telekinesis: Carlos Ayala is a telekinetic of very refined ability to move and manipulate objects with his mind. He is capable of precise and subtle applications of his powers.

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