Carlos Cruz was a minor criminal until he became a friend of Microchip. He decided to change life. He proves his sincerity to Microchip's other friend The Punisher by leading him to Maginty, an Irish criminal who knew informations about Punisher's enemy Jigsaw's wherabouts.

The Punisher learns to trust Cruz and later, he ensures him with the lives of Angela Donatelli and her daughter Grace Donatelli, whom Jigsaw wanted to kidnap. When Loony Bin Jim tracks down The Punisher's hideout, Carlos tries to protect the women from him, but Jigsaw's brother Looney Bin Jim proves to be superior and slaughters him with an axe. When The Punisher comes back, he finds a dying Cruz, mourning for being unable to protect Angela and Grace. As an act of pity and respect, and at Cruz's request, Punisher finishes Carlos with a gunshot.[1]

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