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Personal History

Carlos Gómez Moreno was born in Madrid, Spain on February 18, 1985.

Professional History

In the early to mid 2000s, Carlos would find work as a penciler at Ferric Press, Evolving Creations and Razor Wolf Entertainment before finding assignments with Marvel UK in the late 2000s and Dynamite Entertainment in the 2010s.

With Marvel Comics, he is best known as the penciler for the Marvel UK Spectacular Spider-Man series for 11 issues, the 2018 Secret Warps tie-in event, the 2019-2020 Amazing Mary Jane, X-Factor (Vol. 4), America Chavez: Made in the USA, and Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy #1.

In 2021, Carlos joined the roster of rotating artists for the Amazing Spider-Man primary title for the Beyond storyline, featuring the return of Ben Reilly and the Beyond Corporation.

Work History

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