A Witchbreed with powerful mental abilities, Carlos Javier was once friends with Enrique, giving him a helmet that made it impossible for Javier to read his thoughts. The two broke their friendship and became enemies when their goals in life became in direct conflict with one another.

With Queen Elizabeth's permission, Carlos went on to open Master Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk where he would find Witchbreed children and train them in the use of their powers. His students opposed Enrique, now the Grand Inquisitor, who was burning Witchbreed at the stake for his own reasons. When Queen Elizabeth I died and the Witchbreed-hating King James took the crown, Javier's friend Fury was ordered to capture or kill Javier and his students. Out of trust for Fury, Javier and his students surrendered and were put in the Tower of London. When Fury needed to attack Latveria to rescue Doom's prisoners and the weapon of the Templarts, Javier offered his students as an army and, linking his mind with Jean Grey's, helped propel a ship through the air to Latveria. The rescue was a success, but Jean died as a result of the stress.

Carlos and the others went to the New World and sought a solution to the coming end of the world. Carlos enlisted the aid of his once-friend Enrique and the world was saved. Enrique asked only to be left alone and asked Carlos to look after his twin children. Javier and the other remained in the Roanoke colony.[1]

Secret Wars

When the Multiverse perished in the last incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610,[2] the remains of Earth-311 were salvaged by Victor von Doom and became part of his Battleworld as the domain known as King James' England,[3] ruled by King James. When King James was discovered to be a Witchbreed and subsequently killed by the Witch Hunter Angela, his role was taken by Carlos and he became King Charles I.[4]


Seemingly those of Charles Xavier of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Charles Xavier of Earth-616.

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