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Quote1.png They will learn what horrors come to those who cross me. Quote2.png
Black Tarantula[src]


Joining the Spider-Men

With the Spider-Men

Black Tarantula was a crimelord operating in New York City. One day, he found Spider-Man and Doppelganger fighting on his territory, with the latter expressing his intention of stealing LaMuerto's interdimensional teleporter. Finding the teleporter went missing during the battle, he joined the Spider-Men to bring the thief to justice.

Leading The Symbiotes

Believing The Symbiotes were lacking strong leadership, Black Tarantula returned to Klyntar to take over the organization. He defeated Carnage and Venom and took out their sects. Unfortunately for Carlos, Scream was able to rally the rest of her troops to dethrone him.[1]



Seemingly those of the Carlos LaMuerto of the Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Carlos LaMuerto of the Earth-616.

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