Quote1.png His name is Carlos Ramirez. Once, a world renowned terrorist-for-hire feared by governments... his mercenary skills are no longer required in the age of the new world order. Quote2.png
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Cold War

Carlos Ramirez (Earth-7642) from Gen¹³ Generation X Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Carlos Ramirez was an international mercenary. He took Jamie Moore under his wing, giving him a suit to help control his mutant powers and the codename Vortex. They were hired to steal a nuclear bomb from Nottingham Airfield. Vortex teleported Ramirez and his compatriots to the airfield, only to be ambushed by the Black Razors. While Carlos and his men escaped, Vortex was captured.

Generation Gap

Years later, Carlos met with the Freaks at Moe's Cafe, where he told them of Vortex. Thanking him, their leader, Trance, hypnotized him into burning down the cafe with himself inside.[1]

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