Carlton T. Hackmutter (Earth-982) from Spider-Girl Vol 1 4 002

Hackmutter's human form

Carlton Hackmutter has been the janitor for Midtown High School for at least the past eight years. He generally feels unappreciated and ignored by the teenagers around him that he is made to clean up after. Though he hated this job, he continued to work at the school in order to have enough money to collect relics from around the world. These items were kept in the basement of the school.

Recently, Hackmutter had bled onto a gold dais he had received from China and was transformed into a dragon-man creature. Dubbing himself the Dragon King, he decides to terrorize the students with his brute strength and laser eyes. Spider-Girl showed up and was able to defeat him by luring him into ramming into a electrical grid. He was then taken into custody.[1]

Hackmutter later joined the Savage Six. Hackmutter joined the group to earn easy money and to get revenge on Spider-Girl. The group kidnapped two students from Midtown High to lure Spider-Girl into a series of locations. Dragon King confronted Spider-Girl at a trainyard and tried crushing her with a boxcar, but Spider-Girl used webbing to pull on the boxcar, causing it to land on top of Dragon King and knock him out.[2]

Wanting to return to normal, Hackmutter searched for the medallion that had transformed him. A Midtown High student named Kevin Hartman had earlier found the medallion and hid it so Hackmutter could attack two fellow students that had been bullying him. Hartman's plan worked at first, but Spider-Girl found the medallion and confronted Hackmutter as May Parker. She gave Hackmutter the medallion, allowing him to return to human form. Hackmuetter then willingly surrendered to the authorities. Hartman was arrested as well.[3]



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