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To try and stop the heroin Carlton Velcro was dealing, Sir Denis sent Clive Reston undercover as a heroin buyer named "Mr. Blue", backed up by Black Jack Tarr and Shang-Chi off to Velcro's estate at the Gulf of Lion in southern France. At the estate, Velcro introduced Mr. Blue to one of his employees, Razor-Fist--just to show Mr. Blue that although he wanted to deal with him, Velcro would take his precautions. When Velcro learned that Mr. Blue was a spy, he had his men capture him.

While talking to Mr. Blue, the conversation was abruptly halted when Black Jack Tarr dropped through the window. Velcro ordered his men to stop the two intruders. After Velcro's men captured the two intruders, Velcro himself demanded to know if any others had infiltrated his complex. Suddenly Shang-Chi arrived saying that if Velcro wouldn't stop he would drop the stuff he had in his hands; so Velcro decided to hold off the execution of the two intruders. The three escaped from the room, but Velcro used his equipment to make the floor disappear underneath the three intruders, throwing them down to Velcro's panthers. After escaping the panthers, the three discovered that Velcro's heroin was just a front for his nuclear power.

Velcro, becoming more and more annoyed with the three intruders, decided to send one of his special agents against them: his panther trainer Pavane. After Pavane was defeated, Razor-Fist was about to attack Shang-Chi, but then Velcro ordered one of his men to gun down Shang-Chi, and Razor-Fist was killed instead. Velcro tried to escape but his nuclear submarine was shot upon by his own men who had no idea that Velcro was inside. In the end the submarine crashed into Velcro's fortress, destroying the fortress and seemingly killing Velcro at the same time.[1]

Velcro was discovered to have survived the explosion of his fortress, and was rebuilt as a cyborg. He was also revealed to have trained two new Razor-Fists as replacement for the original. Learning that Pavane had been betraying him to Mordillo all along, Velcro sent Razor-Fist (II) to kill Pavane. Velcro then made plans with Razor-Fist (III) to take vengeance on Shang-Chi and the rest of MI-6.[citation needed]

After Razor-Fist (II) was defeated by Pavane, with help from Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu, Velcro expected Pavane or Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu to come to his base to fight him. When Leiko and Shang-Chi arrived, he sent his other Razor-Fist (III) against his enemy. Razor-Fist, who believed Shang-Chi was responsible for the death of the original Razor-Fist as well as his brother, lashed out at his enemy, but Shang-Chi revealed that Velcro was the one who caused that death. Velcro, mad at Razor-Fist for stopping the fight with Shang-Chi, grabbed his gun and tried to shoot Shang-Chi. Instead, he accidently hit Razor-Fist, killing his second Razor-Fist. Velcro once more tried to shoot Shang-Chi, but failed because of Shang-Chi's armor (worn specifically to even the odds against Velcro's guns). Shang-Chi disarmed Velcro and then took off his armor to fight the villain. Shang-Chi managed to break Velcro's metal arm before hitting him in the head, knocking the villain unconscious. Later Velcro was picked up by the authorities.[citation needed]

Velcro was later taken under MI6's custody and further converted into a mindless machine. Velcro's cyborg body was used by MI6 to trick Shang-Chi into thinking that Velcro had kidnapped Reston and was holding him prisoner at the Gulf of Lion as part of a scheme to take the Ten Rings from the Five Weapons Society while Shang-Chi was preoccupied. Shang-Chi discovered the ruse when he noticed Velcro's head was moving in sync with Reston's and kicked Reston's gag, which was revealed to be a device controlling Velcro. Shang-Chi confronted Reston and Leiko, who revealed the truth to him. After Black Jack Tarr successfully extracted the Ten Rings, Reston and Leiko escaped the Grotto on jetpack and programmed Velcro to stall Shang-Chi.[2] Shang-Chi swiftly defeated Velcro and stole one of his jets to escape.[3]



The right side of body was replaced with robotic parts, after an explosion.



His cyborg parts could turn into weapons.

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