Carmelita Camacho was the daughter of the owner of a small market store in New York, who was killed by the goons of the White Man. Carmelita's mother hired the Heroes for Hire, who at the time were being accompanied by Deadpool, to bring him to justice.

Carmelita Camacho (Earth-616) 001

Young Carmelita

Carmelita was shortly after kidnapped by the White Man, and then accompanied by Deadpool, who had also been captured. Both hostages were taken to a room in the White Man's lair. Believing she was in the last moments of her life, Carmelita decided to "spend [them] loving" and have sex with Deadpool. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of the Heroes for Hire to rescue them. After a battle against the White Man and his men in which Deadpool and the Heroes for Hire won, Deadpool took off his mask, and Carmelita ran away, in horror.[1]

Unknown to Deadpool, Carmelita had been impregnated, and she raised their kid, Eleanor, alone.[2]

Years later and on his own, Deadpool joined the program of a man named Butler. Deadpool ultimately quit Butler's program. As an "insurance policy", the Butler kidnapped Eleanor and Carmelita and brought them to a camp in North Korea, where he was conducting his experiments.[3]

In the present, when Deadpool was kidnapped by the Butler, the villain revealed the existance of Eleanor to Deadpool, as well as that she and Carmelita had been kidnapped by him. After breaking free and liberating a camp of prisoners, Deadpool discovered Carmelita's corpse there.[4]

Deadpool would later send multiple anonymous gifts to Carmelita's mother as a way to apologize.[5]

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