Carmen first began manifesting new powers during her year book picture take at her academy, she went through a crash coarse of her manifested abilities as she saw alternate realities through a portal that she generates; namely the World of M, a dystopian future, and the space faring city of Asgardia, but when the original X-Men and X-23 dropped in just before the police came, to scoop her up under lock and key, in order to help her, she freaked out and shunted them all into different areas of the Ultimate Universe. Leaving Jean in the middle of New York, Bobby deep in the Mole Man's caverns, Warren in the Savage Land, Laura in the middle of a football game, and Hank at the Mediterranean coast on the outskirts of Latveria.[1]

Carmen's portal

As a consequence; however, she also ended up sending herself careening into the Multiverse, her last stop running through the Wastelands as she saw Logan fighting The Thing before winding up in the Ultimate Universe herself. Soon after getting another view of the dimension of Asgard just before being met by both the original and Ultimate X-Men. As Marvel Girl and Jean Grey helped her focus more on her power, to dial down her panic level and guide her in using her ability, the rest of the two teams waited on standby, just in case the contents on the other-side of her gates were hostile.

Carmen opened portal after portal peering into universes seen before and one universe both unfamiliar and dangerous to them all. After Beast theorized on how her powers worked, the Ultimate Jean was able to better dilate their gatekeeper's portal fabrication, finally returning to Earth-616. After making it back, Carmen asked the team if she could hitch a ride home on the Blackbird to meet her mother, telling her about how she is now a mutant and will need training and guidance on the matter.[2]


Trans-Dimensional Portal Physiology: Carmen's powers makes her a living breathing dimensional aperture that enables her to either warp over interstellar distances or shift between realities, similar to Gateway.[1] She physically embodies an Ourano-Temporal anomaly that allows her to bend time-space to shorten distances and access a myriad of possible alternate realities through the application of transportational rift gates controlled by the mental synapses fired off in her brain which seem to open up from her abdomen. Her control over her ability is somewhat negligible as she is still new to them but with practice it's possible that she can teleport to and from points across the earth instead of just zapping herself to other earths on an impulse.

  • Trans-Realm Clairvoyance: Along with porting to parallel earths. Cruise can even view the contents of many other worlds using the portals her body generates.[3]


Her powers; The Blackbird

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