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Carmen was the father of Kitty Pryde, the X-Man code-named Shadowcat.

US Army

Carmen joined the U.S. Army as a young man, serving as a pilot in Vietnam. Carmen had a habit of celebrating every successful mission by playing Rolling Stones songs at max volume to annoy the brass. He was partnered with Captain Charles Xavier, known as the "Good Shepherd", flying rescue missions behind enemy lines with him. The two were close friends, with Carmen going so far as to promise to name his firstborn son after him, if he ever had one. Carmen became engaged to Theresa and asked Charles to be his best man the day before their tour of duty was to end. To his dismay, he found out that Charles had signed on for another tour of duty with the army. When Carmen decided to stay in Vietnam with his friend, Charles talked him out of it, telling him not to screw up his future for his sake.[1]

Blackmailed by the Yakuza

Mr. Pryde used his bank to launder money, so that he might use it to help those affected by a recession.[2] However, the Yakuza caught him, and threatened to harm his family if he didn't fall in with them and boost their accounts. Eventually, Kitty and Wolverine took down the men who had threatened him and Camren turned himself in to the authorities.[3]


He died trying to save mutants on Genosha when Cassandra Nova's Wild Sentinels attacked, killing millions of mutants.[4]


  • Although X-Men #129 allegedly showed the "first meeting" between Carmen Pryde and Charles Xavier, a later retcon established that they both served in the same Army unit years prior.
  • Carmen was a banker.[5]

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