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The Carmondians are the people or Carmondy IV, and the very strict-religious worshippers of Veeda Leebre.

For decades, they lived in the belief of Veeda, and edited a Bible stating that without him, their lives weren't worth enough, without their God to disapprove those scripture, in his need of worship.

Veeda Leebre was eventually judged by the Celestials to have usurped his status of divinity, and so was the Godstalker sent to imprison him into the Desecration Annex.[1]

All suicide, and fields of corpses lying covered the planet, except for the female Jara, who came to Calculex seeking for Captain Marvel, the "Godslayer",'s help.[2]

Witnessing the hecatomb, Genis-Vell travelled to the Desecration Annex, battled the Godstalker and freed the God. Once back, Veeda stated the decimation of his people, and overwhelmed by Genis' accusations, give back life to the Carmondians, with Jara's vision.[3]

Fields of corpses

Carmondians extinction

Outraged, Genis tried to make people realized that they weren't truly alive, and eventually succeed using the last Veeda Leebre worshipper, Jara. She lost faith in him, and as she was the model to recreate her world, the only living believer, Veeda's powers and restoration faded.

Jara suicide and Genis-Vell left Veeda Leebre devastated, without having himself solved his religious dilemma.

Carmondians children


The Carmondians are an humanoid species who have been seen in various shapes:

As they were looking the same before the Godstalker coming, and after the restoration, we can assume that their form was altered during their whole history by Veeda Leebre. Another proof of that manipulation was the statue of Veeda, human-shaped on two occasions, and mushroom-shaped during his absence.

In presence of God

The Carmondians are humanoids with grey, pink or orange skin. They possess pointed ears and full-iris eyes, red at first, blue after restoration. Their possess on each hand five finger, including one opposable thumb.

The males are bald, and only the females possess hair, with different colours (red, blond, brown, black). It is possible that the male baldness is a cultural feature as they possess facial hairiness (see below).

Secondary sexual characteristics are present: The males possess facial hairiness, and the females mammal glands.

Jara and Veeda Leebre true forms?

Without God

Genis-Vell described the precedent form as "less lumpy" than this one.

Still humanoids, they have an ovoid head, bulging and massive eyes with a little iris and pupil. and only three fingers plus an opposable thumb.

Globally, they are far less well-shaped that their other form.

Powers and Abilities


The Carmondians children state that no Carmondians, except for Veeda Leebre who isn't of their kind, were granted with powers.




The "good-looking" Carmondians were drawn by Ed Benes while their "lumpy" version was drawn by Daerick Gross.

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