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Carmondy IV is the planet of the Carmondians, a race who worship as their god Veeda Leebre.

This being was judged by the Celestials to have usurped his status of divinity, and so was the Godstalker sent to imprison him.[1]

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As Veeda Leebre had let his worshipper wrote their bible, their sacred texts explicitly tell them that without him, their lives weren't worth enough. All suicide, and fields of corpses lying covered the planet, except for the female Jara, who came to Calculex seeking for Captain Marvel's help.[2]

Witnessing the hecatomb, Genis-Vell travelled to the Desecration Annex, battled the Godstalker and freed the God. Once back, Veeda stated the decimation of his people, and overwhelmed by Genis' accusations, give back life to the Carmondians, with Jara's vision.[3]

Outraged, Genis tried to make people realized that they weren't trully alive, and eventually succeed using the last Veeda Leebre worshiper, Jara. She lost faith in him, and as she was the model to recreate her world, the only living believer, Veeda's powers and restoration faded.

Jara suicide and Genis-Vell left Veeda Leebre devastated, without having himself solved his religious dilemma.




Carmondy IV seems to evolve around a yellow sun.

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