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Appearing in "Red, White, and Die!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Doppelganger
  • Cole Morrell (Bonds to the Carnage Symbiote)
  • Hannah Morrell (Bonds to the Carnage Symbiote)
  • Eric Morrell (Mentioned)



Synopsis for "Red, White, and Die!"

Spider-Man is outmatched against the Carnage-possessed Avengers. But just before the Thing can pounce on him a fuel truck gets in his way, along with a molotov cocktail, which blows up and temporarily frees his upper body before getting possessed by Carnage again. This distraction gives Spider-Man the chance to escape with his rescuers.

In a lab, Tanis Nieves, Scorn, stands in front of an airplane engine and merges it with her prosthetic arm, creating a weapon thanks to the fact that her symbiote's life has been spent inside her prosthetic, never learning the distinction between itself and her mechanical arm, allowing her to bond with technology. With her presentation over, General Brandon Duggan approaches her with the opportunity to help stop, and potentially kill, Carnage. Though she agrees to it, the man assisting her in her training is sure she's not ready to go alone.

General Duggan and Special Military Advisor Patterson meet up with Mercury Team, a group consisting of special forces soldiers equipped with weapons made of the symbiotes that comprised Hybrid, who General Duggan claims to say agreed to be de-amalgamated. They also face no risk of bonding with the symbiotes because separating them left them in a catatonic state.

The first to demonstrate is Marcus Simms' war dog Lasher, who can smell a target within a five hundred mile radius. Next is James Murphy's symbiote Agony, a rail gun. After him is Rico Axelson, whose symbiote Phage allows him to hit a target a mile and a half away with his sniper. And finally, there's Howard Ogden, who can move quickly thanks to his symbiote Riot.

Outside Doverton, Spider-Man is riding in the back of a pickup truck with Eric, the man who tried to save his family when Carnage first took over the town. He and several others were able to escape the town before Carnage could possess them.

They arrive at their destination, the Ralsby Family Estate, home of the owner of the Ralsby Meatpacking Plant. There, Eric explains how Carnage took over. Eric was among a group of people who went to the Ralsby Plant to see why the workers weren't coming home. Inside, he found pieces of cattle floating in what he thought was blood but what was actually Carnage, who ate the cattle to increase the symbiote's mass. Eric tried to shoot at it, but it escaped into the drains. It took hold of everyone except for Eric and the small resistance group.

At Mercury Team's mobile command center, General Duggan warns the group, including Scorn, that if they haven't succeeded in their goal by sunrise, stealth bombes will destroy Doverton with napalm.

Meanwhile, in a bar in Doverton, Carnage is harrassing Eric's wife Hannah and their children and won't let her near them. He promises to give them back to her if she kills her husband, which she agrees to do. Hannah and the kids then become possessed by Carnage.

Solicit Synopsis

• THE AVENGERS HAVE FALLEN TO CARNAGE! • Only Spider-Man remains – but can he stop Carnage before the United States Government make a devil’s pact…with symbiotes?! • Zeb Wells & Clayton Crain continue one town’s fight to survive madness in POPULATION: DIE!


  • This issue canonized the name of the symbiotes, Lasher, Riot, Agony and Phage, initially existing as the result of fan-naming and official toy-line naming.

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