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Appearing in "Die Free or Live!"

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  • Colorado
    • Doverton
      • Ralsby Meat Packing Plant
      • Last Change Curch
      • Ralsby Family Estate



Synopsis for "Die Free or Live!"

In the Ralsby Meat Packing Plant, Doppelganger is feasting on animal remains when Lasher jumps on him. After a brief struggle, Marcus Simms orders Lasher to heel, knowing that Doppelganger will run back to Carnage. The others join him, aside from Scorn, who is looking over a wall of meat cutting tools.

In Doverton's Last Chance Church, Carnage orders the citizens to pull out their own teeth. Captain America stands by, struggling to break free of the symbiote's control.

Meanwhile, at the Ralsby Family Estate, Eric breaks down the gate so that his wife Hannah and children Cole and Becky can come in. Hannah, possessed by Carnage, tries to kill him. Spider-Man tries to help him, but he is attacked by Cole and Becky, who are also possessed by the symbiote. Hannah tells Eric that she has to kill him or else Carnage will kill their kids. Without hesitation, Eric tells her to do it, but this ruins Carnage's fun and has them withdraw so that he can kill them instead. Spider-Man promises Eric that he'll save them.

As Mercury Team approaches Last Chance Church, a woman possessed by the symbiote runs out of the church and comes at the group. Rico Axelson's symbiote Phage, shoots her, but she survives, thanks to the fact that Carnage is bullet-proof. Suddenly, a swarm of civilians under Carnage's control attack them.

Inside, Captain America can only watch as Carnage picks which person he will force him to kill. Distracted by the sound of gunfire outside, Carnage looks away and is attacked by Captain America, who managed to free himself from the symbiote. Just before he can be possessed again, Captain America calls Venom for backup.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spider-Man’s battle to save America’s Heartland from CARNAGE takes a fatal turn! • With the Avengers possessed by evil and a city undersiege, it may take symbiotes to beat a symbiote! • A Final Page Reveal that will leave you breathless!


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