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The Carnage Impostor replicated the original Carnage and led a team of villains and strangely enough, some superheroes, called the Insidious Alliance. The original Carnage joined the Ultimate Alliance in response, and the two teams battled. After multiple waves consisting of super villains and heroes, the Impostor Carnage personally engaged the Alliance. The two Carnages fought, and the original Cletus-bonded symbiote killed the Impostor, ending its Insidious Alliance. After the Impostor's death, Kasady was able to replicate his unique appearance. [1]

Powers and Abilities


Same as Cletus Kasady with the Carnage Symbiote, but slightly weaker.


  • The imposter is only seen in the "Insidious Alliance" Simulator Mission.
  • The imposter is very obviously based on the Carnage of the Ultimate Universe
  • Defeating the Imposter as Carnage will unlock it as Carnage's alternate costume.

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