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After seeing his son's failure as Venom, the Goblin took a sample of the Symbiote and modified it. When the time came to give the symbiote its host, he chose Peter Parker, claiming a "wimpy kid" would appreciate the symbiote's gifts, unaware that Peter was, in fact, Spider-Man. The Goblin captured Peter and injected the symbiote directly into his bloodstream, giving it a red discoloration. Upon bonding with Peter, the symbiote took control of his body and began destroying the Goblin's lab, eventually being subdued by the Goblin. Inspired by the destruction it had created, the Goblin named the creature "Carnage".

Carnage was sent to attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees and bring Spider-Man to him, still unaware the Peter was the wallcrawler. Carnage very easily defeated the teenage heroes, and was only stopped when Harry Osborn intervened.

Due to the Venom symbiote still being present within the Carnage symbiote, Harry was able to call the symbiote to him, freeing Peter and becoming Venom once more. However, the combination of the Venom and Carnage symbiotes allowed Harry more control. [1]

A few months later, Carnage was recreated by Doctor Michael Morbius and Otto Octavius using the same method as Norman Osborn did back in the day. At first, the symbiote bonded with Otto but after Spider-Man and Agent Venom defeated him, the symbiote could survive without a host. Carnage's new form provided him abilities he never had when he had a host, he even lost some of his weaknesses (such as strong sound waves). Spider-Man and Agent Venom managed to explode the symbiote, but when it exploded every single part of it fell in New York City, where it took some of the population as its host. [2]


Seemingly those of the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-616.

  • Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
  • The 3rd animated appearance of Carnage.
  • It does not seem to share any qualities with the Ultimate Carnage.
  • Carnage's origin seems to be directly inspired by his appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game.
  • This is the first animated appearance of the Carnage Symbiote that doesn´t have Cletus Kasady as a host. This likely happened because Kasady, a serial killer, would have been too dark for the show's younger viewers.

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