The Carnage symbiote is the result of serial killer Cletus Kasady being injected with the Venom Project's nanite body armor.


Seemingly those of the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-616.


Intense heat and sonics disrupt the suit's ability to heal its host's injuries.


Claws, fangs, tentacles, and blades

  • Unlike most iterations of the symbiotes, which are organic extraterrestrial parasites, this iteration is comprised of nanotechnology.
  • The Venom symbiote was mentioned in Scorpion's profile in the previous game, but has a completely different origin.
  • The flavor text for the Spider-Carnage costume states that a piece of the symbiote latched onto Peter during the final boss fight, and paraphrases Ben Reilly's proclamation upon being taken over.

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