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Quote1.png My Symbiote's staying her lovely little bloodthirsty self... Quote2.png
Carnage (Cletus Kasady)[src]


Symbiote Dimensions

Carnage was recruited in its sister Scream's Symbiote army, possessing Cletus Kasady.

After being hit with Superior Spider-Man's Anti-Symbiote Ray, it gave Kasady control of his body back.

Planet of the Symbiotes

Carnage was recruited back into the symbiotes by Mayhem, hoping for his aid in preventing the extinction of the symbiotess. He traveled to Klyntar, possessing both Kasady and Ben Reilly; however, Anti-Venom and Mayhem forced her from her hosts. She eventually returned to Kasady.

Carnage was among the symbiotes imprisoned in the Symbiote Prison. He rejoined the symbiotes to organize a prison break and extract revenge on Spider-Man. After the symbiotes were disbanded, she created a new group called the Nation of Carnage.

She brought back as a high ranking member of the Symbiote army. She led a battalion during Thanos' raid on Klyntar, who used the Mind Stone to brainwash Carnage and his troops. Luckily, they were freed from his influence by Venom.[1]



Seemingly those of the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-616.

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