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When serial killer Cletus Kasady was sentenced to be executed, he invited Eddie Brock - a reporter with whom he'd been corresponding for the prior three years - to attend. Infuriated that the exposé that Eddie had written on him only told the side of his victims and portrayed him as a ruthless sociopath, Cletus angrily accused Eddie of ruining the lives of everyone who he cared about. Enraged, Venom - a symbiote that had bonded to Eddie - lashed out and attacked Cletus, who bit Eddie's hand to escape. Alarmed by the strange taste of Eddie's symbiote-laced blood, Cletus noticed a piece of the symbiote clinging to him and promptly ate it.

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As Cletus was taken to be executed by lethal injection, the piece of the symbiote bonded to him and merged with his blood, stopping the poison from entering his body. Emerging, the symbiote transformed Cletus into a towering red-and-black humanoid monster with claws, fanged jaws, large white eyespots, and the ability to shapeshift - such as transforming his arms into blades and manifesting blade-tipped tentacles. The transformed Cletus broke free and chased the warden through the prison attempting to devour him, slaughtering the guards and prisoners alike. Communicating with Cletus, the red-and-black symbiote introduced itself as Carnage; Cletus agreeing to be its host and help it kill Venom in exchange for its aid in locating his childhood friend and lover Frances Barrison.

Breaking into a convenience store, Cletus killed the clerk and used the Carnage symbiote to hack into the FBI mainframe, locating Frances in Ravencroft. Carnage rampaged through the asylum; until he found Frances' soundproofed cell, the symbiote using its tendrils to free her. On the way out they were confronted by police, and Cletus transformed into Carnage to fight them off. When Frances' sonic screams accidentally injured the symbiote, it was enraged and threatened to kill her if she used her powers again, much to Cletus' outrage.

Determined to get married, Cletus and Frances captured Detective Mulligan and Anne Weying, Eddie's ex-fiancé and took them to a cathedral to serve as bait. Just as Cletus' wedding to Frances concluded, Venom arrived and Cletus transformed into Carnage, terrorizing the Venom symbiote into retreating into Eddie's body. After Eddie bribed the Venom symbiote into transforming him again, Carnage lunged at Venom only to be blasted point-blank by one of Frances sonic screams. Carnage angrily backhanded her away, the symbiote forcibly dragging the horrified and indignant Cletus back into itself when he tried to rush to his wife's side. Carnage battled Venom and quickly overpowered him; due to the fact that Venom was weakened by one of Frances sonic screams; until Mulligan opened fire from the cathedral's upper floor. Sending Frances to kill the NYPD officer and warning her to keep her mouth shut, Carnage devoured the priest who had wed Cletus and Frances to "power up" despite having previously assured the man he would be spared. Resuming his fight with Venom, Carnage easily trounced his progenitor; until Daniel Lewis, Anne's fiancé, poured burning gasoline on him. Enraged, Carnage attempted to eat Dr. Lewis but was stopped by Venom, the two resuming their fight; until the church's bell began to toll - intermittently forcing the two symbiotes back into their hosts; until Carnage ripped out the clapper.

While Cletus brutalized Eddie for having misrepresented his life-story and promised to make him suffer, Carnage retrieved Anne from where they had hidden her. As Carnage scaled the side of the church, leaving Venom crushed beneath a chunk of debris, Frances accused Carnage of going too far and told Cletus to stop. Deciding she had outlived her usefulness, the Carnage symbiote attempted to throttle her - causing Cletus to attempt to break away from it. With Frances seemingly dead, the Carnage symbiote forced Cletus back inside itself; but the distraction had caused the Venom symbiote and Eddie to realize that its bond to Cletus was inferior to their bond. Scaling the side of the church, Venom impaled Carnage through the head with a broken piece of scaffolding, lowering Anne to safety even as Carnage vengefully stabbed and impaled it dozens of times.

As Carnage declared his victory, Venom caused Frances to unleash a final scream that separated both symbiotes from their hosts and caused the cathedral to collapse. The Carnage symbiote attempted to rebond to the incapacitated Cletus, but much to Cletus' dismay, it was grabbed by Venom and promptly eaten; followed shortly by Venom angrily devouring Cletus' head to end his threat once-and-for all.[3]


Much like its progenitor, the Carnage symbiote is a bloodthirsty predator that desires to be the only symbiote on Earth. Unlike Venom - who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of Eddie Brock and a select few other people, Carnage is completely ruthless and sees its host Cletus as a means to an end, and despite their shared appetite for chaos and destruction it is not above threatening to kill his lover Frances and forcing him to stay bonded to it when he twice attempted to forcibly separate from it. The symbiote also see Frances as a liability due to her sonic powers, twice attacking her when she accidentally injured it and later attempting to kill her when it deemed she had outlived her usefulness.[3]



Carnage possesses powers similar to that of Venom's, albeit to a greater extent, and possesses vastly superior shapeshifting abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: Carnage was strong enough to almost overpower Venom in terms of physical strength.
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Digital Immersion
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Carnage's shapeshifting powers are superior to those of Venom and Riot's, having the power to reform its biomass into weapons and blade-tipped tentacles, open gaps in its body and become completely amorphous, and discharge projectiles of symbiote biomass.[3]
  • Aerokinesis: During the prison break-out, Carnage displayed the ability to create powerful tornadoes and air currents by rapidly spinning.[3]


Heat and Sonics: Like its progenitor, the Carnage symbiote was vulnerable to intense heat and sonics. A prison alarm going off was enough to cause it extreme discomfort, and Cletus and the Carnage symbiote ultimately had a falling out over its desire to kill his lover, Frances Barrison, whose sonic powers posed a threat to it.[3]



  • In addition to its fangs and claws, Carnage could transform its limbs into blades, manifest tendrils, and even use its tongue as a weapon.[3]


  • While most of the Carnage symbiote was devoured by Venom, it is possible that small parts of it survived and are still present in the church.[2]

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