Carnage Curl was a female offshoot of Venompool's symbiote-sentient Jheri Curls. Venompool engaged Carnage Curl and Beyonder on the Hairy Spranger talk show. During the show, Venompool learned to his shock that Carnage Curl was pregnant which led to a surprise guest from Galactus who revealed that he was responsible for impregnating Carnage Curl.[1]

This led to fight between Galactus and Beyonder, causing Earth to be destroyed. Venompool, however, survived and having enough of Galactus and Beyonder, erased them from existence with the Recton Expungifier and saving the Earth. Carnage Curl was presumably destroyed along with her child when Venompool wiped out the entire universe with the Recton Expungifier.[2]


Seemingly those of the Carnage symbiote of Earth-616.

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