At some point, a malevolent symbiote was sent to the Negative Zone, where it was imprisoned inside a capsule and buried underground.[1] When the warlord Blastaar began attempting to open portals to Earth in an attempt to invade it, the trace remnants of the Carnage symbiote inside of serial killer Cletus Kasady's body sensed the presence of this symbiote and directed him to it.[2]

Unsure of what he was looking for, Cletus complied and escaped from prison, driving a truck through one of Blastaar's portals while pursued by Spider-Man. Upon arriving in the Negative Zone, Cletus allied himself with Blastaar; unearthing the capsule, freeing the symbiote inside, and bonding to it to become Carnage once more.[1] It has been indicated that the remnants of the original Carnage symbiote still in Cletus' body eventually assimilated this symbiote's biomass in order to rejuvenate itself.[3][4]


Those of the original Carnage symbiote.


Those of the original Carnage symbiote.


Like most other symbiotes, sound and fire.


The symbiote was capable of shapeshifting to transform its host's limbs into bludgeoning and bladed weaponry, and fire projectiles of symbiote biomass.

  • This symbiote is the second klyntar to bond to Cletus Kasady, the first being the original Carnage symbiote.
  • The existence of this symbiote has since been disregarded or forgotten by subsequent writers,[5] with it being treated as one-and-the-same with the original Carnage symbiote.[3][4]

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