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Quote1.png It's not the Carnage symbiote, though, remember? This was a piece of the dragon my dad fought. The Grendel... it was just bonded to Cletus, so he made it all... crazy... Quote2.png
Dylan Brock[src]

When Eddie Brock and the Tyrannosaurus symbiote killed the symbiote dragon called the Grendel, a small piece of it survived. That piece was collected by agents working for the Maker, who intended to merge it with a sample of Earth-1610's Venom symbiote in order to stabilize it. However, a cult dedicated to worship the symbiotes' elder god Knull stole and bonded it to the decomposing corpse of Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who went by the name of Carnage, in order to use him as a vessel for Knull. Unfortunately, while both Knull and the reanimated Cletus fought for control of the latter's body, the Grendel offshoot assimilated Scorn's trace remnants of symbiotes by ripping out her spine. Since some of those remnants were from the original Carnage symbiote, it overwrote the offshoot's memories and personality with those of the original Carnage symbiote, effectively resurrecting it. Having lost his connection to Knull, Cletus dedicated himself to restabilizing it and freeing Knull from his cage.[19][1]

By consuming hundreds of codices and even other symbiotes, Cletus was able to restore his symbiote's connection to Knull and apotheosize into a demigod. Eddie Brock - bonded to a powerful symbiote formed from numerous codices - killed Cletus to save his son Dylan and absorbed his symbiote into the Venom symbiote.[20] However, Cletus' consciousness endured within the symbiote and it attempted to take over Eddie's body - forcing a showdown on the Isla de Huesos. Carnage briefly succeeded in taking over Eddie's body, but was forced off him by Dylan and the Venom symbiote. Seemingly destroyed, the symbiote escaped the island by bonding to a shark.[21] During Knull's invasion of Earth, the symbiote transferred to a human host too late to take part in the battle, and was summarily executed by Venom - who had killed Knull and become the new King in Black.[4] A piece of the symbiote survived and managed to rebuild its lost biomass,[16] bonding to Arthur Krane as part of a plot to corrupt as many earth-bound symbiotes as possible and assassinate Senator Peter Krane to sow chaos and xenophobic paranoia. Despite the efforts of Agent Anti-Venom, Silence, Toxin, and Sleeper to stop him, Carnage succeeded in killing Senator Krane and assimilated Iron Man's Extrembiote armor when he joined the battle, transforming into a symbiote-dragon and escaping.[22] Eventually having a falling out with Cletus, the Carnage symbiote was expelled from the Extrembiote and set out on its own to test the limits of its abilities.[12]



Remote-piloted by the dark elder god Knull, the symbiote-dragon known as the Grendel attacked Manhattan searching for the offshoots extracted from it by the Sym-Soldier Program. Coming into conflict with Venom, it attempted to absorb the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock so it would be powerful enough to free its master from Klyntar.[23] Venom bonded to the Tyrannosaurus symbiote - one of the Grendel's offshoots - and attempted to vanquish the Grendel using anti-symbiote weapons. While the Grendel - transformed into an avatar of Knull - was distracted by Venom, Tyrannosaurus dragged it into a steel-smelting blast furnace in an attempt to immolate it.[24]

While Venom assumed that the Grendel had been completely destroyed and Knull killed, a small piece of the symbiote-dragon's living abyss had survived and was harvested by agents working for the Maker's organization, Project Oversight.[25] The Reed Richards of Earth-1610 had intended to amalgamate the offshoot with a sample of Earth-1610's artificial Venom symbiote in order to stabilize it,[26] but before he could do so it was stolen from his lab by a symbiote-worshipping cult.

Becoming Carnage

The cult's leader, Scorn, bonded the Grendel symbiote's offshoot to Cletus Kasady's corpse in hopes that Knull would be able to use him as an avatar, reanimating the serial killer and causing him to take on an appearance similar to Venom and the Sym-Soldiers' berserk forms.

Knull and Cletus briefly struggled for control over the latter's body until the Grendel offshoot's connection to the dark god was severed when it assimilated the codex - trace remnants of living abyss left in former symbiote hosts - that the Carnage symbiote had left in Scorn;[1] causing it to take on the Carnage symbiote's appearance and personality.[14] The reborn Carnage decided to free Knull, and was told that in order to do so he would have to consume enough symbiote codices to fully restore the Grendel symbiote offshoot's connection to the Symbiote Hive.[1]

Bonded to Cletus Kasady and in the thrall of Knull

In order to accrue an army of minions, Carnage conquered the Underground City that Venom had once protected and began infecting homeless people and animals with pieces of the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote, establishing a spire formed of its living abyss to amplify his control of his mini-hive mind. Carnage sent his minions to locate those who had bonded to symbiotes, though this attracted the attention of the Venom symbiote.[27] Returning to Doverton, Colorado, Carnage began harvesting the residents' codices and bonded offshoots of his new symbiote to Eric Morell and John Jameson, killing the former to harvest his codex and turning the latter into a sleeper agent for the cult.[28]

By the time Carnage hunted down Andi Benton - former host of the Mania symbiote - the symbiote had regained enough of its godly power to manifest a white version of Knull's spiral emblem on its forehead, and was powerful enough that Carnage could laugh off being blasted by hellfire and easily slaughter the Monsters of Evil, forcing Andi to flee into Hell to escape.[29] Over the next seven months, the deific Carnage symbiote assimilated more codices and even entire symbiotes,[30][31] "Dark Carnage" taking on a towering skeletal appearance, and manifesting a white dragon/spider emblem on his chest and angular projections on his upper back.[32] After killing Alejandra Jones and consuming her spine, Dark Carnage was temporarily imbued with her Spirit of Vengeance, but expended these powers battling Ghost Rider.[3]

Eventually returning to New York, Dark Carnage laid low during the War of the Realms, establishing a second symbiote spire in the subway tunnels under Grand Street and continuing to use the deific Carnage symbiote to assemble an army of infected rats, pigeons, and homeless people;[33] sending them to hunt down former symbiote hosts.[34][35][36] He also used the symbiote to reanimate Emil Gregg - the purportedly fake Sin-Eater who'd ruined Eddie Brock's journalistic career - and sent him after Eddie to torment him.[37]

Dark Carnage's army

Absolute Carnage

Seeking to get close to Lee Price - the Mania symbiote's then-current host, Cletus used the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote to impersonate Eddie Brock in order to discredit him and allowed himself to be arrested. After assimilating the Mania symbiote, Carnage was finally ready to move in the open and transformed most of the people he'd infected with pieces of his symbiote into four-armed monsters resembling the Doppelgänger,[9] unleashing them to wreak havoc on the city.[38] Norman Osborn and Miles Morales were bonded to offshoots of the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote, transforming the former into a duplicate of Carnage and the latter into a unique six-armed Carnage doppelgänger.[39]

The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote's link to its offshoots was diminished when the spires underneath San Francisco and New York were destroyed;[40] but it was able to assimilate the Venom symbiote and fully rejoin Knull's hive mind; undergoing a transformation into "Devil Carnage" - a towering figure with horns, retractile draconic wings, and black pauldrons and arm-wraps resembling Knull's.[41] After Norman Osborn was knocked out by Spider-Man, his portion of the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote separated from him in order to kill Dylan Brock, but was destroyed when Dylan's symbiote powers activated. Cletus Kasady was subsequently killed by Eddie Brock, who stripped the Carnage-ized Grendel and Venom symbiotes from his corpse and bonded to them both, Venom assimilating the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote and the codices.[10]

Venom Island

Fused with the Venom symbiote

A few weeks later, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote - piloted by Cletus' codex from the Symbiote Hive-Mind - revealed it had survived being assimilated and attempted to force Eddie to kill the Avengers when he was offered a membership by them. Eddie silenced it with antipsychotic pills and chartered a Quinjet to the Isla de Huesos in order to kill the reborn Carnage symbiote once and for all, but it caused the plane to crash and stripped Eddie of the Venom symbiote, assimilating it.[2] While Eddie fled to an abandoned bunker to arm himself, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote bonded with all the animals on the island.

Bonded to Eddie Brock

When Eddie confronted the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote, it tried to bond to him and declared its intent to make him watch as it used him to destroy the world. Eddie, determined to do anything to get the Venom symbiote back, cut his left hand off to escape.[14] The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote later found Eddie climbing a radio tower at the peak of Isla de Huesos' mountain and bonded to him, mockingly asking if he intended to radio the Avengers for help. Eddie told it that he came to pray to the one god he knew could stop it, Thor Odinson, as the tower was struck by a bolt of lightning. Separated from Eddie and the Venom symbiote, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote re-bonded to Eddie and tormented him with a vision of his worst fears: the Venom symbiote being killed when the Isla de Huesos was annihilated by a nuclear missile, Dylan being taken away from him, and Knull attacking Earth.[42] By the time Eddie saw through the vision, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote had already taken over his body, reiterating its intent to use him to slaughter everyone on Earth -- starting with Dylan Brock.

Before it could escape the island, it was attacked by the Venom symbiote - which was being remote-piloted by Dylan in the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex.[17] Initially caught off-guard, Carnage quickly overpowered Venom and began psychically torturing Dylan - who had tapped into the Hive-Mind to rescue his father. Carnage seized control of its offshoot and attempting to take over Dylan as well, but Eddie encouraged Dylan to not give in to the darkness and that they would figure things out together. Dylan destroyed his offshoot of the Carnage symbiote and blasted the main body off Eddie, though it later reconstituted itself and bonded to a great white shark to escape the island.[15]

The Crimson Leviathan

Spending several weeks as the ocean's top apex predator, the Carnage symbiote came across a whaling ship that harpooned the shark it had bonded to. Pulling one of the whalers into the ocean, the symbiote transferred to him and took him over before boarding the ship. Before Carnage could slaughter them and join the ongoing symbiote invasion as one of Knull's champions, the dome of living abyss covering the planet dispersed with the dark god's death at the hands of Eddie Brock, raining countless symbiotes down into the ocean and onto the ship. Venom, now the new god of symbiotes and King in Black, telepathically sentenced Carnage to execution and had the symbiotes attack him. Knocked into the ocean, Carnage was subsequently devoured by countless symbiote-controlled sharks.[4]

Extreme Carnage

A piece of the symbiote survived - still controlled by Cletus' codex - and bonded to a passing fish, transferring to another shark and making its way to the Indian Ocean, where it took over a Somali pirate in the employ of a local warlord. Devouring the crew, the warlord, and his militia, the symbiote bonded to an arms-dealer employed by Alchemax and returned to New York; devouring the plane's crew, a driver, and eventually consuming its host from the inside. Inspired by what Eddie had done, Cletus' codex began using the power Knull had granted him to exert influence over the symbiotes left behind on Earth, corrupting many of them to form a new splinter-hive. Learning of Senator Peter Krane's exploitation of anti-extraterrestrial sentiment, Carnage hunted him down and bonded to his sociopathic son Arthur Krane - in whom Cletus found a kindred spirit. Alerted to this by the trail of mostly-eaten bodies left in Carnage's wake, Iron Man recruited Agent Anti-Venom - who Carnage had unsuccessfully tried to take control of - to put a stop to him, Carnage tricking them into assuming he had bonded to Senator Krane and was plotting to assassinate the President.[16]

Merged with the Extrembiote

Once all his soldiers were in place, Carnage killed Senator Krane on live television at one of his rallies and directed his Hive to slaughter as many attending civilians as possible, but was opposed by Agent Anti-Venom, Silence, Toxin, and Sleeper. When Iron Man arrived and used his Extrembiote - a symbiote-dragon mutated by Extremis - to separate Arthur from the symbiote, Cletus infected the Extrembiote with his will and assimilated it into the Carnage symbiote. Gloating that he had accomplished his goals, Carnage transformed into a symbiote-dragon and flew away, later sending Agony and Gemma Shin to keep an eye on Arthur Krane and ensure he remained a loyal pawn.[22]

A New Status Quo

At some point afterwards, Cletus' codex and the Carnage symbiote had a falling out, with it being rejected and expelled from the Extrembiote. Determined to forge its own path and test the limits of its abilities without a host, the Carnage symbiote sought out Morris Bench and infiltrated the maximum security prison where he was being kept, blackmailing one of the guards into helping it. Morris assumed that the symbiote had come to take him as its new host and eagerly agreed, walking it through how to deactivate the security measures on his cell before asking how it intended to bond to him giving his aqueous physiology. Impaling Hydro-Man with several tendrils, the Carnage symbiote revealed it didn't want him as a host, only to steal his powers to augment itself, and tore him apart while assuming a more bulky humanoid form.[12] Carnage later sought out serial killer Kenneth "The Artist" Neely because it noticed he'd been creating Knull's symbol with his victims. Neely explained that he wanted to get the symbiote's attention so it would make him its next host, Carnage contemplating just killing him before deciding to instead take him to the warehouse where it had left the mutilated but still-living Hydro-Man wrapped in its tendrils. Explaining to Kenneth that it was no longer interested in taking hosts because it didn't want them to distract it from its own objectives,[6] Carnage ripped out Hydro-Man's core and assimilated it, causing Hydro-Man to destabilize into a vortex of energy and explode. Noticing Detective Jon Shayde hurl himself through the vortex, Carnage stopped him from shooting Neely, bonded him to a piece of itself to stabilize his deteriorating body, and challenged him to do whatever it took to hunt it and Neely down.

Escaping to a motel, Carnage mocked Neely over his jealousy of Shayde getting a taste of the symbiote's power and threatened to abandon him, but decided to take him along to hunt its next victim. A few days later, Carnage and Neely broke into the laboratory of its next target, the Spot, and attacked him to take his power for itself.[11]

Iterations and Offshoots

Like the original Carnage symbiote, the Dark Carnage symbiote developed the ability to create offshoots of itself,[27] enabling it to produce an army of offshoots controlled by Cletus Kasady - in emulation of Knull.[43] Unlike the main body of the Dark Carnage symbiote while it was bonded to Cletus Kasady, these offshoots were still vulnerable to heat and sonics.[40]

  • Brain-Worms - Infecting the maggots infesting his corpse with offshoots of his symbiote, Cletus was able to control people and animals by burrowing the symbiote-maggots into their brains,[27] as well as use them as vectors to transfer the symbiote offshoots to new hosts in order to turn them into monsters.[9][40] Cletus used these "brain-worms" to seize control of the populace of the Underground City in San Francisco, numerous homeless people throughout the United States, and various animals - using them to hunt down former symbiote hosts.[27]
  • Eric Morell's Offshoot - Following his second conquest of Doverton, Colorado, Cletus Kasady had his followers abduct Eric Morrell and bonded him to an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote in order to create a codex, which he then absorbed by ripping out Morrell's spine and eating it.[28]
Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors Vol 1 3 Codex Variant Textless.jpg
  • John Jameson's Offshoot - When John Jameson attempted to rescue Eric Morrell, Cletus infected him with an offshoot of his symbiote and forced him to capture Misty Knight.[28] Enslaved to Dark Carnage's will, Jameson was forced to lay a trap for Spider-Man and Venom,[9] and was commanded to assist in sacrificing Misty to the resurrected Demagoblin.[44] Misty's escape and Deadpool burning down Ravencroft nearly lead to Dark Carnage killing Man-Wolf, but he decided to give him a final chance to prove himself by sending Jameson and Demagoblin to kill Misty. Jameson ultimately managed to break free of Dark Carnage's control, and his symbiote was removed and destroyed by the Aberrant Crimes Division of the FBI.[45]
Chewie (Earth-58163) and Carnage IV (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Absolute Carnage Captain Marvel Vol 1 1 001.jpg
  • Chewie's Offshoot - Seeking Carol Danvers' codex from when she'd been bonded to the Venom symbiote, Cletus infected her pet Flerken, Chewie, with an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote.[46] When Danvers returned from a mission in space, Cletus remote-piloted Chewie to attack her. Danvers attempted to rip the symbiote off Chewie like she once did to the Venom symbiote when it was bonded to Mac Gargan, but Chewie overpowered Danvers and swallowed her whole. Using the symbiote to create an avatar, Dark Carnage battled Captain Marvel within the Flerken's inner world; but Danvers managed to free Chewie from the symbiote. This offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote attempted to take over Captain Marvel and nearly succeeded, but was immolated by her Binary powers just before it could assume full control of her body.[47]
Carnage's Hive (Earth-616) from Absolute Carnage Vol 1 1 001.png
  • Carnage Doppelgängers - Attacking the Ravencroft Institute, Cletus infected many of the inmates with offshoots of his symbiote to turn them into four-armed monsters.[9] Unleashed across Manhattan, the Carnage Doppelgängers served as Dark Carnage's shock-troops, devouring civilians or infecting them with more offshoots to turn them into new Carnage Doppelgängers.[43] Most of the hosts from Ravencroft - being violent criminals - willingly embraced their symbiotes and followed Dark Carnage's orders without resistance.[48] After Cletus was killed by Eddie Brock, these offshoots became inert and seemingly perished, sloughing off their hosts.[10]
Norman Osborn (Earth-616) and Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Absolute Carnage Miles Morales Vol 1 1 001.jpg
  • Norman Osborn's Offshoot - Amused that Norman Osborn believed himself to be the real Cletus Kasady after his stint as the Red Goblin,[43] Dark Carnage bonded him to an offshoot of his symbiote - turning him into a replica of Cletus' original appearance as Carnage.[9] Despite some friction between them over which of them was the real Cletus Kasady, Norman - as Carnage - served as Dark Carnage's lieutenant during his attack on Manhattan.[43] Sent after his grandson Normie Osborn to get his codex, Norman was instead met by his son Harry Osborn, who was aware of what was going on and attempted to keep his father occupied. Norman's original personality tried to reassert itself, though Cletus' persona remained in control. Eventually, Harry exploded the apartment, causing Norman fall into the sewers. Angered by Norman's hesitation, the symbiote berated and threatened to leave him, with Norman insisting he was the real Cletus Kasady. The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote tried to abandon him and bond to a utility worker, Norman killing him and his partner. Satisfied that Norman was embracing his new persona, stating that he killed them for no reason much like the real Cletus would do, the symbiote returned to him. After Dark Carnage revealed to Norman that he was the real Cletus Kasady, Norman sought the help of Dr. Treadwell, who had worked at Ravencroft and tried to help Norman resist Cletus' persona. While Treadwell insisted that he give up the symbiote in order to get the help he needed, the Carnageized Grendel symbiote appeared behind him and killed him. The symbiote ordered Norman to rest and let it assume from now on.[49] When Dark Carnage's attack on the city commenced, Norman was subsequently sent after the Scorpion and Deadpool to claim their codices.[43][50] When Dark Carnage attacked Rex Strickland's warehouse, where the heroes had holed up, Carnage was sent after Normie Osborn and Dylan Brock.[51] When Norman was knocked unconscious by Spider-Man thanks to the help of Kindred,[52] his symbiote - controlled by Dark Carnage - separated from him to finish the job. Before it could attack them, Dylan used his newly awakened powers to blow it apart.[10]
Absolute Carnage Miles Morales Vol 1 2 Textless.jpg
  • Miles Morales' Offshoot - When Miles Morales attempted to protect the Scorpion from the Carnageized Norman Osborn, Osborn and several Carnage Doppelgängers infected him with an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote that overwhelmed Miles' will and seized control of his body, transforming him into a unique six-armed Carnage Doppelgänger.[53][54] Attacking and initially overpowering Venom, Carnagized Spider-Man was knocked aside, though Eddie prevented the angry Venom symbiote from killing him.[53] Taken to Dark Carnage, the Carnagized Spider-Man was sent alongside a four-armed Carnage Doppelgänger born from Dan Andrews to kill J. Jonah Jameson, though Silver Sable's intervention allowed Miles to overpower the symbiote's will and lead the Dan Andrews Carnage Doppelgänger away. However, when Silver Sable attacked them Miles succumbed to the symbiote's bloodlust, and Carnagized Spider-Man easily beat Silver Sable before attempting to eat Jameson.[55] Miles managed to force the symbiote off himself with a Venom strike, and it bonded to J. Jonah Jameson; attempting to return to Dark Carnage so that he could reabsorb it and devour its host's codex. However, Miles managed to separate it from Jameson and willingly rebonded to it in order to use it against Dark Carnage - managing to overcome its will with his own and causing it to adopt a less monstrous appearance.[56] Miles apparently succumbed to the symbiote again, attacking Eddie Brock during the Cult of Knull' assault on Rex Strickland's warehouse. However, the symbiote was killed when Eddie channeled a surge of electricity through Captain America's shield, freeing Miles.[41]
  • Jackson Arvad's Offshoot - Broken out of Ravencroft Institute by the Cult of Knull, Will O' The Wisp agreed to serve Dark Carnage and was bonded to an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote alongside Conundrum and Freak. To prove their loyalty, the three supervillains were tasked with hunting down Deadpool to claim his codex. Will O' The Wisp attempted to hypnotize Deadpool into cutting out his own spine, but was tricked and stabbed in the heart.[57] When next seen he was restored to humanity, indicating his symbiote perished along with most of the other offshoots with Dark Carnage's death.[58]
  • Conundrum's Offshoot - Broken out of Ravencroft Institute by the Cult of Knull, Conundrum agreed to serve Dark Carnage and was bonded to an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote alongside Will O' The Wisp and Freak. To prove their loyalty, the three supervillains were tasked with hunting down Deadpool to claim his codex. Conundrum was the first to be defeated, being impaled by Deadpool's katana.[57] When next seen he was restored to humanity, indicating his symbiote perished along with most of the other offshoots with Dark Carnage's death.[58]
  • Freak's Offshoot - Broken out of Ravencroft Institute by the Cult of Knull, Freak agreed to serve Dark Carnage and was bonded to an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote alongside Will O' The Wisp and Conundrum. To prove their loyalty, the three supervillains were tasked with hunting down Deadpool to claim his codex. Freak survived the longest but was seemingly killed when Deadpool overtaxed his adaptational ability, causing his body to explode.[57] Freak survived and regenerated, but his symbiote seemingly perished along with most of the other offshoots with Dark Carnage's death.[58]
Carnage IV (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 4 22 001.jpg
  • Dylan Brock's Offshoot - A sliver of the Norman Osborn's offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote was retrieved by Dylan Brock, who secretly kept it as a souvenir. However, this drew the attention of the dark god Knull, who began haunting Dylan's dreams through his Dylan's nascent connection to the Symbiote Hive-Mind.[14] When Sleeper confronted Dylan over it and rebuked his belief that he could tame it, Dylan sought to use it to amplify his connection to the Symbiote Hive-Mind so that he could confront Knull. The piece of the Dark Carnage symbiote tried to bond to him but was repelled and psychically tortured.[42] Witnessing Eddie Brock getting taken over by the Dark Carnage symbiote through the Hive-Mind, Dylan used his piece of the symbiote to open a portal into the Symbiote Hive-Mind and remote-piloted the Venom symbiote in an attempt to save his father.[42] However, Dylan was overwhelmed by Dark Carnage, who seized control of the offshoot and attempted to use it to take over him. With Eddie's encouragement, Dylan was able to resist Dark Carnage's will and ripped the offshoot off before using his powers to destroy it.[15]
Carnage IV (Symbiote) (Earth-616) and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 4 22 001.jpg
  • Island of Bones Offshoots - In its grudge-match against Eddie Brock after assimilating the Venom symbiote, the Dark Carnage symbiote bonded offshoots of itself to all the wildlife on the Isla de Huesos;[14] though these offshoots re-amalgamated in order to take over Eddie.[59]
  • Jon Shayde's Offshoot - Amused by NYPD detective Jon Shayde's obsession with capturing or killing serial killer Ken Neely, even at the cost of his body being disintegrated by the energy unleashed by the dying Hydro-Man, Carnage bonded Shayde to an offshoot of itself and challenged him to do whatever it took to accomplish his goals. The offshoot healed Shayde's injuries, granted him superhuman abilities, and imbued him with Cletus Kasady's memories and bloodlust.[11]


Quote1.png A deal? Eddie... if you don't think that we will take you and make you watch, powerless, through your own eyes as your body shuffles and dances to our song as it slits the throats of every baby on Earth... you really haven't been paying attention. Big threats, big man. You don't have the stones, Brock. You wouldn't hurt your precious other. Quote2.png
--Carnage (Grendel Symbiote)[src]

The symbiote dragon dubbed the Grendel - like others of its kind - was initially guided only by Knull's hatred for life and a ravenous predatory appetite,[60] though Knull was able to remote-pilot it at-will.[23] After bonding to Cletus Kasady and absorbing Scorn's Carnage codex, the Grendel symbiote offshoot's psychic connection to Knull was severed and it was imbued with the personality and memories of the original Carnage symbiote.[2] After Cletus' death, his codex indwelled the Dark Carnage symbiote and attempted to take over Eddie Brock's body, determined to pick up where he had left off and prepare the Earth for Knull's arrival.[17] Inspired by Eddie having become the nexus of the Symbiote Hive by vanquishing Knull, Carnage plotted to use the power that Knull had bestowed him to create a rival Hive with himself as its nexus.[16]

Following a falling-out with Cletus' codex, the Carnage symbiote struck out on its own and grew determined to test and surpass the limits of its abilities without a host.[12]



Symbiote Physiology: While it initially only possessed a fraction of the original Grendel symbiote's deific power, it was still powerful enough to easily overwhelm regular symbiotes;[1] and by absorbing enough codices and symbiotes it was able to regain its godly power by amplifying its connection to Knull.[29] After being absorbed by Venom, the Dark Carnage symbiote lost the augmentations it had acquired from absorbing codices, as well as its complete immunity to heat and sonics, though it was resilient enough to withstand burning jet fuel.[26][14] After assimilating the Extrembiote, the Carnage symbiote was restored to a full-fledged symbiote-dragon and also obtained the Extremis-based augmentations that the Extremebiote possessed.[22]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Reflexes
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Camouflage Capabilities
  • Genetic Memory
  • Symbiote Assimilation
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
    • Offshoot Generation: Its constituent matter is capable of being separated into offshoot symbiotes that can be bonded to hosts.[28] Additionally, when bonded to Cletus Kasady it can bond offshoots to the maggots infesting his undead corpse to turn them into "brain worms" that Cletus can infect targets with, controlling them or turning them into Carnage Doppelgängers.[27][9] The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote is also capable of reanimating corpses, which it has done to both Cletus Kasady and Emil Gregg.[1][37] Cletus bonded offshoots of the symbiote to inmates at Ravencroft Institute, turning them into a horde of four-armed monsters; and to Norman Osborn, turning him back into Carnage.[9]
  • Shapeshifting: The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote is capable of freely transforming its amorphous constituent matter into a variety of shapes, including tendrils, bladed appendages to attack opponents,[61] and draconic wings for flight.[41][22] It is also capable of assuming a humanoid form even without a host, augmenting its capabilities by copying Hydro-Man's powers.[12]


Electricity: The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote, like its progenitor, is vulnerable to high voltages of electricity, which can incapacitate it and separate it from its host.[9][42]

Sonic and Heat: Unlike most symbiotes, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote was immune to heat and sonics to Cletus being cursed -- referring to both the power of the Darkhold and his increased connection to Knull;[29][62] though its Carnage Doppelgänger offshoots still retained these weaknesses.[13][40] After being separated from Cletus and losing the codices it absorbed, the symbiote once again became vulnerable to flames and sonics,[14] though it was unfazed by burning Quinjet fuel.[2]



The Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote uses its fangs jaws, talons, and tendrils as weapons.


  • When asked why Absolute Carnage referred to the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote as being the "Carnage symbiote" when it was bonded to Cletus Kasady, writer Donny Cates stated that any symbiote that Cletus Kasady bonds to becomes the "Carnage symbiote" due to him having been the one who first came up with the alias.[63]
  • After bonding to Cletus Kasady, the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote inherited the power of the Darkhold that the original Carnage symbiote had been imbued with and became completely immune to both heat and sonics.[53][29][62]
  • The symbol on Dark Carnage's chest is meant to be a white version of Knull's dragon emblem, though numerous artists have mistakenly drawn it as Venom/Mania's spider emblem.[64]


  • When designing the Carnage-ized Grendel symbiote's appearance as "Dark Carnage", Ryan Stegman had several unused concepts -- including a version that was merely emaciated rather than being skeletal, and one that lacked eyes and only had Knull's spiral sigil on its face.[65]

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