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Quote1.png Mary Jane isn't here, little Spider. Only Knull. And as his willing disciple, we think we need a new name. The name of Our Lord's most favored child. You can call me Carnage!!! Quote2.png
Carnage Symbiote[src]


When Ghost-Spider attempted to use her Ticket to the Multiverse to Knull's attack on Earth by returning to Earth-65, her friend Mary Jane Watson was accidentally teleported to Earth-616 instead - having been bonded to a sample of Gwen's artificial symbiote by the Jackal. Ghost-Spider caught MJ, but they accidentally landed in a pool of living abyss that promptly engulfed MJ and amalgamated with the artificial symbiote already bonded to her. Seeing through the symbiote's eyes, Knull - taking note of Ghost-Spider's artificial symbiote - ordering MJ to retrieve it for him to study.[1] MJ's repressed anger and resentment towards Gwen led to her embracing the King in Black's will for a shot at revenge,[2] and her symbiote was named "Carnage" in honor of the late Cletus Kasady, declaring its intent to kill Ghost-Spider and take her symbiote to Knull.[1]

Mocking Gwen for not being willing to fight her friend, Carnage succeeded in connecting Gwen to Knull, who mockingly challenged her to find a way to free MJ from his influence. Gwen begged MJ to listen to her -- saying that if the Carnage symbiote was anything like hers it would eventually kill her -- and almost succeeded in getting through to MJ, but the symbiote increased its hold on her - assuming a form even more similar to the original Carnage symbiote - and she departed to cause mayhem before her time ran out.[2] Ghost-Spider was able to weaken the symbiote's bond to MJ with sound waves by challenging her to a battle of the bands, and asserted enough control over the corrupted gummy spiders to turn them against Knull's living abyss. As the destabilized symbiote sloughed off her, MJ collapsed from radiation sickness and Gwen carried her to safety, not noticing that some of the symbiote remained bonded to her.[3]



Gestalt Symbiote Physiology: This iteration of the Carnage symbiote was created when the sample of Earth-65's artificial Venom symbiote bonded to Mary Jane Watson was corrupted by Knull's living abyss, giving it properties of both. Like Earth-65's symbiote it's comprised of semi-amorphous "gummy spiders" that amalgamate to form a symbiotic costume; while like Earth-616's symbiotes it's capable of manifesting weapons from its constituent matter -- transforming an electric guitar into a battle-ax -- and is subservient to Knull's will.[2] After weakening the symbiote with rock music, Gwen was able to reassert control over the "gummy spiders" and separate them from Knull's living abyss, some of which remained bonded to MJ.[3]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Reflexes
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Camouflage Capabilities
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation


  • Host Incompatibility: It was theorized by Gwen that -- due to partially being comprised of her own symbiote -- the Carnage symbiote would quickly kill any host incompatible with itself.[2]
  • Heat and Sonics: Gwen was able to destabilize the symbiote by challenging Carnage to a battle of the bands, the sound of MJ's electric guitar weakening its bond to MJ and the merger of the symbiote's living abyss to her "gummy spiders".[3]



The Carnage symbiote has fangs, claws, and spikes protruding from its legs.


  • It is effectively the Carnage Symbiote of Earth-65, despite being created on Earth-616.


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