Quote1.png Ironic, right? The one guy in the world I'd really like to chainsaw into bite-size pieces -- is the one guy I gotta keep from getting killed. Gotta hand it to the man upstairs -- he does love a joke. Quote2.png
-- Toxin

Appearing in "What Dwells Beneath: Part Two"

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  • Anti-Carnage Task Force's yacht (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "What Dwells Beneath: Part Two"

Outside the Broodlings' village, Eddie Brock demands Victoria Montesi do something to help Jubulile van Scotter, who's being overloaded with pain due to her psychic link to Carnage. Victoria responds there's nothing she can do, while Manuela Calderon remarks she almost feels sorry for Cletus. Jubulile calls out for someone called "Nana" to stop before letting out a shriek of agony and passing out. Eddie asked what happened to her, and Victoria states that Jubulile is merely unconscious, a fortunate occurrence since if she was still screaming she'd risk alerting the Broodlings. Eddie rebukes her for her callousness, stating that Jubulile is just a kid and shouldn't even be involved. Victoria states that child or not, Jubulile is just as involved as the rest of them, noting that Eddie's concern for the girl is remarkable. Eddie bitterly asks if the reason she thinks so is because she considers him to be just as much a monster as Cletus because the Venom symbiote turned him into a killer, snapping that she doesn't know him. Manuela calls Victoria over, indicating a Broodling holding the Darkhold, and Victoria immediately tells the team to forget about Carnage and focus all their efforts on retrieving the cursed book. Yuvraj Singh asks for a plan, and Victoria begins to propose that they circle around the village but is cut off by Eddie, who angrily demands to know what will happen to Jubulile if Carnage dies. Victoria retorts that if that were to happen the psychic connection between them would break, and Jubulile would be fine. Manuela is shocked to spot Raze prowling the outskirts of the village, having previously assumed Claire and her symbiote to be dead.

Jubulile is forced to relive Cletus' memory of his grandmother's death. Wheelchair-bound, she had sent him to get a pack of cigarettes and he had returned with the wrong brand, prompting her to verbally and physically abuse him, forcing him to call himself a bad boy. Cletus snapped and shoved her wheelchair down the basement stairs, killing her. As she wakes up and starts to scream again, Eddie refuses to take part in Victoria's plan, stating that he's going to help Jubulile even if it means saving Carnage. Victoria relents and adjusts her plan, sending Singh and Colonel Jameson to create a distraction while Toxin frees Carnage. Jubulile abruptly screams for her father to stop, reliving Cletus' memory of his mother's death. Cletus' abusive father, Roscoe, had been in the middle of beating him with a belt for disrespecting him, snapping that he's not weak like Cletus' mother, Louise. Louise grabbed the belt, telling her husband to stop, but Roscoe struck her, causing her to fall and die by breaking her neck against a coffee table. Cletus accused his father of murdering her, and Roscoe furiously chased him out the window and onto the fire escape of their Brooklyn apartment.

As Jubulile screams again, Manuela agrees with Eddie that they need to help her. As Jameson - transformed into Man-Wolf - and Yuvraj reach their destination, Victoria gives Eddie the go-ahead. Transforming into Toxin, Eddie notes the irony of having to save the one man he wants to see chopped into bite-sized pieces, remarking that God loves jokes as he tears into the horde of Broodlings. Yuvraj notes that they've succeeded in distracting the Broodlings enough for Victoria and Manuela to seize the Darkhold, but Raze intercedes and snatches the tome away from the Broodling holding it, mockingly asking Victoria if she's looking for it. As Raze takes off towards Carnage, Victoria curses her and ineffectively opens fire.

Toxin lands on the edge of the roasting pan, taunting Carnage about his desperate predicament and saying if it were up to him he'd let Cletus burn, but that a little girl needs him alive. Cletus and Jubulile cry out for Eddie to stop, reliving a memory of Cletus' time as Eddie's cellmate in Ryker's Island. Having heard from the other prisoners that Cletus was a serial killer responsible for murdering dozens of innocents, Eddie furiously confronted and brutally beat him despite Cletus' pleas for him to stop. Toxin begins breaking the chains, but is tossed aside by Raze, who frees Carnage and asks him why she's compelled to save him when she hates him even more than she does Eddie. Regaining his composure, Carnage quips that it's either his irresistible personality or because the Darkhold makes her his puppet. Raze notes that she doesn't feel like a puppet, only angry, but Carnage dismisses her comment and takes the Darkhold. As he licks the book, Raze complains that Carnage disgusts her before asking where they're going next. Carnage states the Darkhold is drawing him to a temple in the distance, Raze following despite remarking that he sounds crazier than ever.

As the Anti-Carnage Task Force regroups and fights off the Broodlings, Toxin angrily demands to know how Dixon got there when he thought she was dead. Victoria states they shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss Jubulile's account of meeting their former leader, and Toxin pins that error on her, accusing her of not knowing as much as she thinks she does. Victoria states that she knows enough to be terrified. Supported by Manuela, Jubulile murmurs something about a temple, and Victoria grabs her and demands she provide more information. Jubulile says that all she knows is that it's underground nearby, and that something ancient and evil is calling both Carnage and her there. Victoria demands further information, but Eddie cuts the interrogation short, stating that she's hurting Jubulile. Jubulile has a flashback to his beatdown of Cletus and cowers from him, begging him not to hurt her, and Eddie assures her that he'd never hurt her. Victoria asks Yuvraj where Jameson disappeared to, and Yuvraj responds that he was there just a moment ago, expressing concern that they've lost him to his wolf side. Victoria says they have larger concerns to worry about: the presence that calls to Carnage through the Darkhold is Chthon.

Solicit Synopsis

• The survivors of the Anti-Carnage Task Force have followed Cletus Kasady into his trap!

• Surrounded by Carnage-infected monsters and with nowhere to run, how many survivors will be left?

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