Quote1.png I wonder if Jubulile was right, what she said before. I wonder if He heard that prayer. Then I wonder if it matters anymore. God help us? Who's gonna help Him? Quote2.png
-- Eddie Brock

Appearing in "What Dwells Beneath: Part Five"

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Other Characters:

  • God (Mentioned)
  • Manuela Calderon's mother (Mentioned) (Deceased)

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  • Cinga (Jubulile van Scotter's sailboat) (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "What Dwells Beneath: Part Five"

As a horde of Broodlings of Chthon swarm the Anti-Carnage taskforce, Eddie Brock shields Jubulile van Scotter, thinking to himself how he's no saint, having hurt and killed people. He reflects on how he used to blame the Venom symbiote for forcing him to commit those acts, but he now knows better and accepts responsibility for his criminal actions. To the task force's surprise, the Broodlings don't attack, but instead completely ignore them and flee the temple, prompting Eddie to ask Victoria Montesi what's happening. Montesi responds that what they came to the island to prevent has begun, as Jubulile's eyes glow red and she calls out Chthon's name. Eddie thinks to himself that God might be giving him a second chance to redeem himself by stopping Carnage. In the temple's basement, Carnage gleefully massacres the remaining Broodlings while Obrien cowers and prays to Chthon for protection. Carnage asks Raze if she wants to join in, but she refuses so Carnage turns to Obrien, who pleads to be spared. Carnage remarks that he's not going to kill Obrien, instead telling him to hold the Darkhold while he reads the incantation that will awaken Chthon.

As they walk through the temple, Eddie thinks to himself that he's been in a lot of disgusting places over the years, but none of them smelled or felt like Chthon's Temple. Jubulile stumbles and Eddie tries to catch her, but she rebukes him, saying she saw Cletus's memories of when they were in prison together and that even a monster like Cletus didn't deserve to be treated like a thing, tearfully stating that when Eddie beat Cletus he beat her as well. As the team pauses, Eddie tells Jubulile that she's right, that the Carnage symbiote didn't make Cletus a monster, and the Venom symbiote didn't make him a murderous bastard. Eddie confesses that he's been trying to be a better man and that not a day goes by that he doesn't regret the things he's done and pray to God for forgiveness, lamenting that God never responds. Taking his hand, Jubulile reassures him that some day God will, but the moment is interrupted as the Temple begins to collapse. Montesi says they're too late, but Eddie determinedly activates the Toxin symbiote and catches Jubulile, Montesi, and John Jameson, proclaiming that like Jubulile said they just have to keep trying and leave the rest up to God. Manuela grouses about Toxin's religious kick, comparing him to Carnage, but Yuvraj Singh lectures her on the difference between faith and religion, saying that faith strengthens the soul while religion can constrain it. Manuela asks if their current situation is the proper time to discuss religion, and Singh replies that there's no better time than the end of the world. John asks how Singh can stay so calm, and he responds that as a Sikh, he follows the teachings of the ten gurus. They pass through a doorway into an eldritch realm where the laws of physics and euclidian geometry no longer apply, the very sight horrifying Manuela and Toxin. John asks if this is what Carnage plans to bring to Earth, and Montesi replies that Chthon's return will be even worse. Jubulile suddenly begins chanting in eldritch speech, as elsewhere Carnage perches on the blood-soaked alter and shouts the incantation, Raze pleading for him to stop. As Carnage gleefully tells her he can feel Chthon's power surging through him, Claire Dixon makes an attempt to assert her independence from him. Carnage retorts that her symbiote is an extension of his, and thanks to the Darkhold he owns her, proclaiming that when Chthon awakens he'll own the world.

Nearby, Montesi calls Carnage a fool if he thinks he can control Chthon. Manuela replies that the symbiote gave Cletus power, not brains, and that magic book or not he's still the madman who murdered her mother. Toxin asks why no-one else seems worried about Jubulile, noting that the closer she gets to Carnage the more the symbiote he left inside her takes over. Montesi suggests amplifying Jubulile's connection to Carnage on her end, but Toxin realizes she's suggesting bonding his symbiote to her and vetoes the idea, saying that symbiotes evolved to kill each other and having two in her body would kill Jubulile.

Sensing their presence through the link, Carnage laments not killing Jubulile on the Cinga, telling Raze to dispose of them. Raze tries to resist, but Carnage repeats his command, turning to Obrien and sneering that good help is hard to find before resuming chanting. Toxin and Montesi bicker over her plan, with Eddie saying he can't add to his guilty conscience any more and Montesi saying they need to take drastic measures to prevent the destruction of humanity. Singh interjects, siding with Eddie and saying that they can't save humanity by sacrificing the humanity within themselves, but is impaled from behind by Raze. As the taskforce opens fire on Raze, Toxin laments Carnage's influence on her, thinking that while they may not have gotten along before Claire Dixon hadn't been a murderer. Jubulile tells Eddie to give her the Toxin symbiote, assuring him that it won't turn her into a monster and that she'll just have to find her true self, like he did. Praying to God for help, Eddie transfers the Toxin symbiote to Jubulile, wondering if what she said earlier was correct and God heard her, or if it even matters anymore. Montesi cries out in horror that Chthon is awake as an enormous, tentacled abomination emerges from the Darkhold, shattering the alter, and Eddie recants his "God help us" prayer, wondering in horror who's going to help God.

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s all been leading to this… Chthon rises!!

• Carnage’s odyssey has finally taken him to the mother of all dark gods. Will he survive long enough to meet the maker of the Darkhold?


  • The chant used to summon Chthon is paraphrased from The Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft, replacing Cthulhu's name with "Chthon" and R'lyeh with "K'lay" - implying that is the name of Chthon's realm.

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