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Quote1.png Face it, Cletus. You were a patsy. Just another nobody with delusions of grandeur. Quote2.png
-- Manny Calderon

Appearing in "What Dwells Beneath: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "What Dwells Beneath: Conclusion"

Gleefully watching Chthon devour the Broodlings present, Carnage thinks to himself about how some people think there's more to him than being a monster, but that those people are wrong and that he lives for causing wanton violence. Nearby the Anti-Carnage taskforce and Raze looks on in horror, but a voice tells them it's not over yet. Turning, they see Jubulile van Scotter levitating and covered in a pink symbiote. Eddie Brock reacts in horror, but Victoria Montesi remarks that Jubulile successfully assimilated the Toxin symbiote into her own and that the result is everything she hoped for. Manuela Calderon remarks that Jubulile doesn't look monstrous, like Toxin, Carnage, and Raze, and Jubulile replies that is because the symbiotes adapts to and enhances the essence of its host. Stating she can feel Carnage, and through him see the thoughts of Chthon, she remarks that he needs to feed to grow more powerful, and that is his weakness. Saying she can stop Chthon but needs every available resource to do so, Jubulile extends her arm and grabs Raze by the face, assimilating her symbiote. Forming tendrils into butterfly-like wings, Jubulile takes off to confront Chthon, telling Victoria to do what she can. Eddie angrily confronts Victoria, blaming her for Jubulile's transformation, but Victoria turns the tables by saying it's technically his fault since the situation they're in wouldn't be happening if he hadn't shared a prison cell with Cletus Kasady, telling him to shut up and that they need to retrieve the Darkhold as soon as possible.

Watching Chthon eat, Carnage thinks to himself that he's been a killer his whole life, not out of hatred or rage but because he enjoys it and it's how he gives himself a sense of importance. Noting that after a while even killing gets cold and the stakes have to be raised, he approaches Chthon and demands to be rewarded with power for freeing him. Chthon contemptuously backhands Carnage hard enough to fracture the ground, and begins chanting a spell to summon other evil Elder Gods. As tentacled shapes begin to rise from the abyss, Chthon is blasted from behind by a torrent of light magic and turns to see Jubulile, who says she won't let him summon more of his own kind. Chthon asks who she is in eldritch speech, and Jubulile states she is a child, a woman, an heir to humanity, and that she will defy him on behalf of everyone she knows and loves before blasting him again.

Wracked with pain, Carnage clings to his undying hatred to sustain him as he reaches for the Darkhold. Before he can grab it, Victoria snatches it up, and he angrily shouts that they can't stop him since he is the prophesied Red Slayer. Admitting that the human members of the group can't stop him, Eddie motions for Carnage to turn around just as Man-Wolf lunges. Saying Jameson can keep Carnage occupied for five minutes at most, Eddie tells Victoria to do what she needs to do quickly. Victoria says she can use a spell to empower Jubulile, but a crucial page is missing. Producing the page she tore from the Darkhold in the Grey Ridge Mines, Manuela shares a tender moment with Victoria before Eddie ruins the mood. Victoria begins chanting and the Darkhold reacts by syphoning psychic energy from every being around the world and channeling it into Jubulile. Through their psychic connection, Carnage hears Jubulile sigh in bliss as the power surges through her, watching in horror as she transforms into an angelic knight and obliterates Chthon with a massive blast of energy, seemingly killing him. Jubulile's symbiote disperses into wisps of pink and gold smoke and she falls to the ground, being caught by Eddie. Enraged, Carnage rips out Man-Wolf's Godstone and shouts that Chthon would have given him everything but now they've gone and ruined it. Victoria rebukes him, saying that once Chthon was revived he had no further use for Carnage, and Manuela mockingly calls him a patsy and a nobody with delusions of grandeur. Carnage retaliates with a flurry of bladed tendrils, but Claire Dixon dives in front of them and shields her former team. Victoria reads a spell that strips Carnage of his symbiote and shapes it into a cage, while Cletus Kasady rails against his powerlessness.

The Anti-Carnage Task Force gathers around Claire, with Eddie lamenting that he liked her better as a "lousy by-the-book agency butt-hat" and asking why she had to go play hero. Claire replies that she's not the only one who played hero, saying that someone once said everyone owes God a death, and that her actions as Raze made her owe Him a few and she's lucky to get off with just one: her own. Eddie tells her she can fight this, suggesting that Victoria use the Darkhold to heal her, but Claire refuses and uses her dying breath to tell him to shut up one last time.

Five days later at the Cape Town airport, Eddie Brock wryly observes a romantic moment between Victoria and Manuela. When Jubulile asks what he's talking about, Eddie replies that most women, even the ones that hate him, can't help but check him out, amending his statement to grown-up women and saying that as far as Victoria and Manuela went he may as well have been furniture. Jubulile says she'll miss Eddie, who replies that the feeling is mutual as they shake hands. Manuela asks Victoria to come to the US with her, but Victoria says she needs to take the Darkhold to the Children of the Midnight Sun. Manuela asks if she'll ever see Victoria again, and Victoria replies that it's possible since time has many stories to tell, and it's impossible to know when one story ends and another begins. Leaving Jubulile, Eddie walks away as a USAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster III takes off.

Solicit Synopsis

• Carnage has fulfilled the Darkhold’s prophecy!

• Does anyone survive?


  • Eddie Brock incorrectly refers to Claire Dixon's symbiote as being the Toxin symbiote.
  • Chthon's incantation to summon the other Elder Gods and his dialogue with Jubulile can be parsed through a R'lyehian dictionary to provide a rough translation.

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