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Quote1.png Thing is, Jujubee, crazy or not, this book has power. It changed us. I mean, me. I mean, Cletus Kasady. Not Carnage. But also Carnage. The book changed both of us -- Cletus and Carnage. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Sea Devil"

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  • Cinga (Jubulile van Scotter's sailboat) (Only appearance; destruction)
  • Anti-Carnage Task Force's yacht (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Sea Devil"

Onboard her sailboat, the Cinga, off the coast of Christmas Island, Jubulile van Scotter, a sixteen year-old South African girl, takes log notes while reminiscing about her late father. Seeing an explosion in the distance, she makes her way towards a lifeboat where she finds a badly-injured, naked man with red hair and no lower legs, clutching a satchel. Taking him onboard, she notes that he's heavier than he looks and that she's set a course for the hospital in Darwin to avoid an oncoming storm, but doesn't think the man will make it. She tries to take the satchel and the man awakens, demanding to know where it is, before collapsing into unconsciousness. Seeing a strange book inside the satchel, Jubulile takes it onto the deck and finds a map inside with circled coordinates and the words "F'tagn Chthon". As she tries to pronounce it, a voice suggests she stop and she turns to see the man, seemingly fully recovered, including his legs, who asks if she has anything to eat.

Over dinner Jubulile introduces herself, explaining that her first name is Zulu, while her last name is Afrikaans. The man introduces himself as Cletus and crudely thanks her for saving him, asking what she's doing alone in the middle of the ocean. Jubulile responds that she is sailing around the world in memory of her late father. Cletus offhandedly remarks that he could tell her a thing or two about fathers, then abruptly asks if she could help him find the spot on the map from the book. Jubulile states that there's nothing there but open ocean, and Cletus cryptically states that's for him to worry about. He asks again if she can get him there, but she states that she intends to take him to a hospital since he's injured. Transforming into a monster, Cletus asks if he looks injured to her. As the monster rips the room apart and lunges at her, Jubulile escapes by hiding below deck. The monster calls out to her, telling her there's only one way their game of hide and seek can end and that if she makes him hunt her down after having such a nice conversation, he's going to be ticked. Creeping to the opposite end of the Cinga, Jubulile climbs out but is confronted by the monster, who scolds her for thinking she could run from him on a boat before knocking her out.

Jubulile awakens tied up as the monster explains that the book she was looking at is called the Darkhold and was written by a mad monk named Aelfric, who worshiped an Elder God called Chthon. Introducing himself as Carnage, the monster states that he thought the story was crazy until the book altered him, making him immune to weaknesses and giving him the ability to share himself. Carnage asks Jubulile if she knows what a symbiote is, explaining that they are alien organisms with minds of their own, and that he - Cletus - is bonded to one called Carnage. When a symbiote reproduces, the new symbiote has a mind of its own, but the Darkhold restored the Carnage symbiote's power to make replicas of itself controlled by Cletus's mind.

Offering a demonstration, Carnage takes a knife and slits his wrist, spilling his blood onto the Darkhold. The blood erupts into a flurry of tendrils that latch onto Jubulile as Carnage urges her to give in. Jubulile collapses, fully human, and Carnage expresses confusion and attempts to read a passage from the Darkhold, having trouble pronouncing the eldritch script. As he leaves to find a better-lit spot to read, Jubulile's eyes snap open, solid red. She easily breaks free of the ropes binding her and, seeing Carnage preoccupied with reading the Darkhold, sneaks below deck and turns the stove on before destroying the engine's fuel line. Carnage notices her getting into a lifeboat and asks where she thinks she's going, and Jubulile retorts that she's not going anywhere but that he is. The spilled gas flows into the kitchen, where it is ignited by the stove.

The Cinga explodes and sinks, leaving Jubulile adrift in her lifeboat. She's unsure of whether the explosion killed Carnage, but rationalizes that without her boat he can't come after her. Jubulile falls asleep lamenting the loss of her beloved ship, and is awakened by a flashlight. Standing over her is a man who introduces himself as John Jameson, and a woman holding a boathook whom he introduces as Manuela Calderon. Behind them on a boat are a woman named Victoria Montesi and a man named Eddie Brock, who states she has some explaining to do.

Solicit Synopsis

The second terrifying arc of Carnage starts NOW!

Jabulile van Scotter is a 16-year old South African girl sailing around the world! But she didn’t plan on a stoway in the form of the deadly serial-killer CARNAGE. The titanic events of the first arc have sent the symbiotic psycho across the globe with the team trying to catch him far in his rear-view.


  • The Darkhold's text paraphrases H. P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon.
  • Cletus refers to the Carnage symbiote using male pronouns, but referred to it using female pronouns in both the first Carnage and Carnage U.S.A series.

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