Quote1.png My new friend and I have a proposal for both you and Ms. Calderon. Possibly illegal. Definetely dangerous. Almost certainly irresistible. Quote2.png
-- Claire Dixon

Appearing in "Sea Devil: Part Two"

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  • Anti-Carnage Task Force's yacht

Synopsis for "Sea Devil: Part Two"

Onboard a yacht in the Indian Ocean, Jubulile van Scotter finishes telling Victoria Montesi, Manuela Calderon, John Jameson, and Eddie Brock about how she met a strange man who suddenly recovered from severe injuries and transformed into a monster. When Manuela interrupts with grim observation that he's still alive, Jubulile is terrified to realize the people who rescued her know the man who attacked her, but Victoria assures her that they are the man's enemies and her friends.

Thirteen days prior, Claire Dixon was called before her superiors at the FBI headquarters and harshly reprimanded for her failure to apprehend or execute Carnage, especially her decision to involve non-Bureau personnel like John Jameson and Eddie Brock. When Dixon attempts to defend her actions, her superiors point out that eighteen agents died and over a dozen were either injured or suffered severe psychological breakdowns, dismissing her allegations of the existence of a cult and laying the blame for the incident solely on her. Fuming outside the FBI headquarters, Dixon is hailed by a man of Indian descent standing next to a black car, who asks her if she will continue to serve the fools who run the world now that she is no longer deceived. As she approaches to confront him, a woman sitting inside the car tells Claire that she is right and her superiors are wrong, but that Cletus Kasady represents a threat to the world itself. Introducing herself as Victoria Montesi, a member of an organization called the Children of Midnight, the woman tells Claire to get into the car.

In San Francisco, a young man, Roger Felwood, Jr., enters his father's antiques shop to find his father being dangled from his ankles by Carnage, who tells him that Barry Gleason pointed him in their direction and demands that the young man show him how to use the Darkhold. In a bar in Washington DC, John Jameson tells Manuela Calderon about how terrifying it is to transform into Man-Wolf, likening it to drinking until you black out and have no clue what you've done when you come to. Manuela comforts him, but they are interrupted by Claire, Victoria, and the Indian man, who propose they go after Carnage AWOL.

In the antiques shop, Felwood, Jr. goes over the Prophecy of the Red Slayer with Carnage, who remarks that that the ritual intended to resurrect Chthon changed him instead, allowing him to infect people with replicas of his symbiote and control them. Carnage remarks that the ritual isn't working like it did in the Chthonic Temple, demonstrating by slashing one of his tendrils and dripping the symbiote's biomass onto the Darkhold, which latches onto Felwood, Sr., partially transforming him but killing him in the process. Carnage demands Felwood, Jr. tell him what he's doing wrong, and the terrified man points him in the direction of a man in Jakarta, Indonesia who can help.

In Washington, Claire, Manuela, Jameson, Montesi, and Jameson sit in the back of Montesi's car. Manuela shows them the page she tore from the Darkhold, which Manuela explains is a book of ancient evil that could doom the world if in the wrong hands. Jameson agrees that Carnage's hands are definitely the wrong ones, but asks what it has to do with them. Claire explains that the FBI disbanded the Anti-Carnage task-force, but that Victoria has offered to privately fund them. When Manuela asks how this will help them, Victoria states that in order to use the Darkhold's full potential, Carnage needs an alter and that one exists in Indonesia. Manuela agrees to join, on one condition.

In a secret FBI prison compound, Eddie Brock is interrogated by several agents, one of whom who tells him he's in serious trouble over his involvement in the Grey Ridge Mine debacle and that many in the Bureau consider him to be as great a threat as they do Carnage. When Eddie asks if that's why they've hooked him up to an IV full of symbiote-suppressant serum or if it's because they have questions they think he won't want to answer, a scientist responds that they do have questions regarding Claire Dixon.

Before he can further elaborate, gunshots go off in the building. Eddie breaks out into a menacing grin and quips that he's not the only one in trouble. As the sounds of combat get closer, Eddie volunteers to help defend them if they let Toxin loose. As the terrified agents begin fighting over what to do, the door is torn off its hinges to reveal Man-Wolf, Claire, and Manuela. As Claire unlocks his handcuffs, Eddie starts to thank her but is told to shut up and that the only reason they're freeing him was because Manuela requested it. When Eddie asks what this is about, Manuela states they have a lead on Carnage and figured he'd want in on it. As they exit the prison, Eddie asks where they think Carnage is and Victoria states he could be halfway around the world by now, outside the jurisdiction of the FBI.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Carnage perches on a tree branch overlooking the slums outside the city.

Solicit Synopsis

• Carnage has evolved to the next level and the world is in deep trouble.

• Powered up, Carnage has set his sights far wider than ever before and with this new power and his general psychopathic tendencies, the oceans are going to be red with blood.

• Can Man-Wolf, Toxin and crew possibly contain him?

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