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Carnelia, officially Respublika Carneliya (Republic of Carnelia) is a small eastern European. Its capital and largest city is Pershyy Misto.[1]


Foundation as an USSR foundation

In the 1920s, Carnelia was founded as a state, nestled in the Carpathian Mountains, and a satellite in the USSR.[2]

Independent democratic nation


Carnelia became an independent, democratic nation after the Soviet Union fell apart and dissolved in 1991.[3]

The ambassador to Carnelia, Sergei Kotznin, was a huge fan of the American superhero Iron Man. As Ambassador he was sent to the USA to sign an important contract with a manufacturing company. He declined Hammer Industries offer and chose to sign with Stark International. Justin Hammer put a hit on the ambassador so he could regain the contract. Kotznin met with Iron Man, Hammer secretly took control of Iron Man Armor Model 4. A repulsor ray from the armor killed Kotznin in front of a crowd.[4] The nation then went and signed a contract with a subsidiary of Hammer Industries.[5]

21st century

Carnelia did not recognize Krakoa as a sovereign nation.[3]



The major languages in Carnelia are Russian, Ukrainian, and English.[2]


Carnelia uses the Euro as currency.[2]

Carnelia's major resources includes machinery, electronics, oil, gas, coal, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, silver.[2]


Iron Man killing the Carnelian ambassador

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