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Captain Marvel created the Carol Cadets to help protect Jersey City through the utilization of the visions of the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain. Becky St. Jude helped recruit many of its members. Captain Marvel placed her protégé, Ms. Marvel, in charge of the group.[1]

However, Ms. Marvel realized that the Carol Cadets were getting too carried away with their efforts to protect Jersey City after witnessing them rough up Josh Richardson as they attempted to bring him in after Ulysses had a vision of Josh causing a power surge at Coles Academic High School, which would have resulted in a large fire and causing numerous casualties. The Cadets were also holding people they were apprehending indefinitely while telling people on the outside that they had the power to do this, but secretly, they knew they didn't.

After having a talk with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel decided to rein in the Carol Cadets. She eventually compromised with the Cadets and agreed to let out the less dangerous prisoners. Josh, though, was considered too dangerous to be released. Ms. Marvel's friend Bruno Carrelli attempted to break Josh out with an explosive device, but his rescue attempt went horribly wrong as his device malfunctioned leaving Bruno severely injured.[2] The explosion also damaged the Cadets' Waterfront headquarters, allowing the prisoners to escape.

Ms. Marvel became angry with the Carol Cadets' callous attitude toward her injured friend as well as their corruption. When Becky reminded Ms. Marvel that, as leader, she was responsible for the team's actions, Ms. Marvel agreed and ordered the Cadets to disband. Becky picked a fight with Ms. Marvel over this and activated a battle suit to fight her. Becky was eventually defeated. When Captain Marvel arrived to see what was going on, Ms. Marvel informed Captain Marvel of the situation and asked that the Carol Cadets be disbanded; however, Captain Marvel was too committed to her cause to disband the Cadets and asked Ms. Marvel to hang in there and continue to lead them.[3]

Following Becky's arrest for impersonating a police officer,[4] and Ulysses' departure from Earth,[5] it's unknown if the Carol Cadets are still operating or have disbanded.






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