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The history of this version of Captain Marvel is presumably similar to that of her mainstream counterpart with the biggest difference being the absence of a Sliding Timescale.

Captain Marvel was one of the heroes who accepted the Super-Human Registration Act commissioned by Defense Secretary Tony Stark and was among the members of the U.S.Avengers who were in charge of capturing unregistered super-humans. During a clash with members of the Avengers resistance, the armor of Captain Marvel and the other members of the U.S.Avengers was disabled by Peter Parker who was aware of the operation of the armors that possessed a remote fail-safe wanted by Tony Stark due of his constant distrust in others.[1]

What became of Captain Marvel later is unknown. She was likely one of the many superheroes who were left "dead or missing" following Doctor Doom's takeover of the planet.[2]



Seemingly those of the Carol Danvers of Earth-616.



Variation of the Iron Man Armor

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