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Homo arachnus form

Captain Marvel seemingly had the same history as her Earth-616 counterparts. She was one of the individuals infected with the "Spider-Virus."[1]

She was one of the former superheroes who were sent to trap Resistance fighters at Horizon Labs. While the trap worked, the resistance fell into it on purpose; to rewrite the spiders DNA to remove Spider-Queen's control over them. For Carol, she was given Morbius' serum and transformed into a Vampire.[1]

Joining the resistance, she took part in their assullt on The Queen's Castle.[2] Captain Marvel watched as Flash and his symbiote sacrificed themselves to get Spider-Queen in position to get her killed by Stegron and his Dinosaurs.[3]

Days later, she became involved in the rebuilding of Avengers Tower and was present when Dino-Thor, the Thor Corps representative of the Valley of Flame, came on behalf of God Emperor Doom to pick a new baron of Spider-Island. Carol and the rest of the reformed Avengers all voted Spider-Man.[3]


Seemingly those of the Carol Danvers and those of Michael Morbius.


Seemingly those of the Carol Danvers.


Seemingly those of Michael Morbius.

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