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Carol Danvers was a pilot with the U.S. Airforce stationed in Japan. After sweeping the Mount Fuji area with her partner Diamondback, she returned to base, finding that it was being destroyed by Sunfire and his allies. She tried to help defeat the attackers, but Diamondback was soon taken out by Sunfire. After her plane was taken down by the Silver Samurai and being electrocuted by Lady Deathstrike, she was taken to a hospital in the wake of the attack.

Waking up some time later, Carol found she had developed super powers through unknown means, and was determined to get revenge. Infiltrating the Hand's base, she found her way to their trophy room, which contained the items the Hand had claimed from dead heroes. It was here that the resurrected Elektra tried to kill her, only to be unsuccessful. After dispatching her would-be assassin, Carol took note of the Hand's latest acquisition.

Arriving just in time to save Spider-Man from being executed, Carol appeared dressed as Captain America, complete with Shield. She helped the captured heroes fight back and defeat the Hand and its operatives.



This version of Carol, seemingly lacking her Human/Kree physiology, does not display all of the same abilities as her 616 counterpart, but does at least possess:

  • Super Strength: Carol Possessed physical strongth enough to lift an entire hospital bed over her head, one handed.
  • Near-Invulnerability: Carol also displayed the ability to take a direct sword blow to the back, survive a plane crash and take a unknown quantity of electricity coursing through her with no long term injury. She is however still susceptible to adamantium blades.



Captain America's Shield: Reclaimed from the Hand's trophy room, it can be assumed to be Captain America's original Vibranium Alloy Shield from before he switched to the hard light model he used before his death.

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