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Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 7 127

Earth-616 Carol wearing the outfit of her Earth Zeta counterpart

Corporal Carol Danvers was the leader of Zeta Flight, a group of space pirates based on the Zeta Flight Station. During the preparation for a massive heist for which Zetas teamed up with another group led by the Widower, Corporal was switched places with another Carol from a different universe in which she was a respectable hero and the Alpha Flight worked on defending Earth against extraterrestrial threats.[1]

Corporal quickly adjusted in the new reality, tasking her new subordinates with locatig depositories of gold bullions and tracking the armored car routes so that she could steal them. She also arrested Peter Quill, who in her universe was her hated nemesis. Before she could execute her plans however, the other Carol found her way back home, which also send Corporal back to her home universe.[2]

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