Carol Danvers as a cyborg slave of Donald Pierce

Carol used to be a member of the United States Air Force and later was head of security for NASA. When Apocalypse took over North America, Carol joined the Human Resistance League. Ultimately, she was charged with protecting Gateway, a powerful teleporter. To keep him from Apocalypse she took him to Wundagore Mountain for safe keeping.[1]

Weapon X (Logan) sought out Gateway to assist the Human High Council in transporting ships carrying nuclear weapons past Apocalypse's sea wall defense perimeter to make a preemptive nuclear strike on North America. In doing so, Weapon X reunited with Carol who took him to Gateway. Unknown to either Logan or Carol, Donald Pierce's Reavers tracked them to Gateway's location in an attempt to kill them all. Carol seemingly sacrificed herself trying to stop Donald Pierce from killing Gateway by pushing him out of a plane and detonating the grenades strapped to her body.[1]

Killed by Donald Pierce

Carol and Pierce did not die, and Pierce took Carol's mangled body and rebuilt her into a cyborg under his control. Pierce sent her to stop the Human High Council's attempt to send their airships into America. In a clash with Weapon X, Logan managed to talk sense into Carol, causing her to shake off Pierce's control. However, before she could help Weapon X, Pierce killed her. Weapon X avenged Carol's death by seemingly killing Pierce in retaliation.[2]

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