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Quote1 Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There's an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again... a moment when she's outrun every doubt and fear she's ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, every little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go, I need to find the edge of me... and maybe, if I fly far enough, I'll be able to turn around and look at the world... and see where I belong. Quote2
Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel Vol 10 Logo[src]

Carol Danvers is a Human/Kree hybrid and a military warrior[45] known as the high-flying super hero Captain Marvel.[59] With no support from her authoritarian father, a young Danvers took to the sky in the Air Force by herself as a promising cadet,[45] escalating to rank of colonel as an intelligence agent.[19] Eventually, she was tasked to be a head of security at NASA when it was infiltrated by the Kree operative Captain Mar-Vell.[44] Accidentally subjected to the Psyche-Magnitron machine, Danvers was imprinted with energy from Mar-Vell's Kree Nega-Bands, which triggered the manifestation of her mighty abilities.[60][61][45]

Initially adopting the name Ms. Marvel, she established herself as a vigilante[4] and joined the Avengers.[53] Her life was extirpated from her control[56] which culminated in her being a target of the mutant terrorist Rogue, who stole her powers, memories and personality away.[62][55] After a very lengthy process, Danvers recovered her abilities[3] and forged a prominent super hero career on Earth and in outer space, allying herself with the X-Men,[63] the Starjammers,[54] the Avengers,[5] and the Guardians of the Galaxy.[64]

Ultimately, Danvers has gone on to adopt the mantle of Captain Marvel for herself.[59] As the chief leader of the Alpha Flight Space Program,[41] Captain Marvel was at the center of the Second Superhuman Civil War, coming into direct conflict with her teammate and friend Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man.[65] More recently, Danvers has learned about her true heritage as the daughter of a Kree supersoldier named Mari-Ell,[1] and has been struggling to cope with her status as a woman from two worlds.[66] Moreover, she has been elected as the new chairperson of the Avengers, and leads the team to protect and safeguard the planet.[67]

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What event led to Carol Danvers becoming Captain Marvel? toggle section
Carol Danvers was the daughter of a Kree Captain, Mari-Ell, and a human man. When she was subjected to the Psyche-Magnitron machine, her latent Kree abilities manifested and she started saving the world as Ms. Marvel. Years later, she chose to honor her deceased friend Mar-Vell and adopt his name, thus becoming Captain Marvel.
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What is the significance of the Psyche-Magnitron machine in Carol Danvers' story? toggle section
The Psyche-Magnitron was constructed by the Kree as a machine to bestow superhuman powers on living humanoids. This miraculous Kree technology was designed to bestow superhuman powers on living humanoids. When it detonated, it triggered Carol's latent Kree abilities, putting her on the path to becoming a super hero.
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How did Carol Danvers' military career influence her role as Captain Marvel? toggle section
As a member of the United States Air Force, Danvers honed her skills as a pilot and became one of the country's best. Her military training also provided her with a strong sense of duty and discipline, which she carried over into her superhero career. Sometime after she adopted the name Captain Marvel, she was put in charge of the Alpha Flight Space Program, which had a somewhat military structure, making Danvers feel like the "boss of space".
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What is the relationship between Carol Danvers and the Kree operative Captain Mar-Vell? toggle section
Carol Danvers has a complex relationship with the Kree operative Captain Mar-Vell. Initially, Carol was intrigued by Mar-Vell's dual identities - the eccentric Lawson and the brave Captain Marvel. Her admiration for him grew as she witnessed his heroic deeds, particularly after he battled the Super-Skrull. After learning more about him, however, her infatuation went away. Nonetheless, the two remained friends until his untimely death. And, eventually, she assumed the role of Captain Marvel in his memory.
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What are some of the powers that Carol Danvers possesses as Captain Marvel? toggle section
As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers possesses a variety of superhuman powers. She has superhuman strength, allowing her to lift significant weight, and superhuman durability, making her body more resistant to physical injury than an ordinary human. Carol also has the power of flight, enabling her to soar through the skies. One of her most unique abilities is energy manipulation, she can absorb, process, and manipulate various types of energy, including light, heat, radiation, and gravity. This energy can be used to temporarily enhance her physical attributes or be discharged as she sees fit. Additionally, she has a healing ability which she can consciously push to an extent, boasting a healing factor supplemented by absorbing energy.
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Brave and Mighty[]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms

Joining the U.S. Air Force

Carol Danvers was born to Joe Danvers Sr., a former U.S. Navy officer and a construction worker,[58] and Mari-Ell, a captain in the Kree Army. Mari-Ell had been sent to Earth on a mission to assimilate with humans and give birth to a hybrid child, but had decided to abandon her former life and cut contact with the Kree. Carol's name came from Car-Ell, meaning "Champion" in Kree.[1] Danvers was raised in Beverly, a suburban community to the north of Boston, Massachusetts,[68] completely unaware that she was not an ordinary human.[1] She also lived with Stevie and Joe Jr.,[58] two sons Joe Danvers had had with his previous, late wife.[1]

Over the years, her father became increasingly apprehensive for potential retaliation from the Kree for Mari-Ell's desertion, causing him to drink and become abusive. In part due to her Kree heritage,[1] the young Carol dreamed of becoming an astronaut and traveling to distant planets; as a teen she even hitchhiked to Cape Canaveral to watch a rocket launch.[3] Her father, however, could not accept women as men's equals and, due to financial troubles, he supported Steve's career despite Carol's superior grades. Dismissing her need for a college education, he suggested her to find a good husband instead.[45]

Air Force[]


War pilot

When Danvers turned eighteen, she turned her back on her father and joined the Air Force to be a pilot and to get a college degree via the military.[45] As a promising cadet, she had the female pilot, flight recordist and war hero Helen Cobb as an inspiration. Eventually, her brother Steve introduced her to a retired Cobb.[59] Steve was tragically killed in military action in Vietnam,[69] which drew Carol back to her family, but she still never felt truly accepted by her father.[70] In the following years, she rose to the top of her Air Force class, adopting the call sign "Cheeseburger," after throwing up her lunch in a gravitational test. Located in the Karshi-Kanabad Air Base in Uzbekistan, Major Danvers was the best pilot of her unit. She was tasked of inaugurating an experimental jet built by Tony Stark, secretly the super hero known as Iron Man. The recon flight was a disaster when she was captured by a terrorist leader named Ghazi Rashid, who tortured her for several days in Afghanistan about the Project: Ascension. Even with a broken leg and serious injuries due to the crash, she managed to escape, execute Rashid and discover he had been in contact with a C.I.A. agent codenamed Vitamin.[47]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Michael Rossi (Earth-616) from Ms

Partnered with Michael Rossi

The injured Danvers made it to a safe house in Mazar-e-Sharif, where she debriefed Colonel Michael Rossi. Not trusting C.I.A., she chose not to share the intel she had collected. Her alleged amnesia costed her position, and she was no longer cleared for flying. Danvers was trusted by Rossi to be recruited into Air Force Special Operations instead.[71] Rossi assisted Danvers in her recovery, becoming a mentor figure she nicknamed "Ace." They had their first mission together as field operatives in Berlin[69] to follow Vitamin's trail. Led to a tower block, Danvers and Rossi witnessed the apartment being blown up by the freelance agent Rick Mason, who was able to escape and make the investigation go cold.[71] Rossi went on to become Danvers' first love.[45][72] Though they eventually drifted apart, Danvers always remembered him fondly.[73] Other close friends Danvers made in her time in Air Force was John Jellicoe and his wife Nancy.[74] In the Air Force, Danvers would temporarily be given colonel status to gain access to special information on missions.[19]

Nicholas Fury (Earth-616) and Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 -1 001

Rescuing Logan with Nick Fury

Working with secret intelligence, Danvers falsely claimed to respond to different agencies when on duty, including C.I.A.. Partnered with Nick Fury, she met the amnesiac mutant named Logan in Washington D.C., when dealing with the combined attacks of Hydra and Sabretooth.[46] Danvers and Logan were reunited when Fury sent them with pilot Ben Grimm on a doomed secret reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union, encountering the deadly spy Black Widow, who interrupted the ensuing attack. Thanks to Danvers' keen skills on maneuvering airships, the trio of agents could partially accomplish their mission of gathering information on the top secret Red Storm Project.[75] Logan and Danvers served on several missions together,[63][76] and seemingly nurtured romantic feelings for each other.[77] When Danvers was abandoned by the Air Force and imprisoned in the Lubyanka Building in Moscow, Rossi and Logan disobeyed orders to break her out of prison and smuggle her out of Russia.[69][77][78][79][76] By the time Danvers investigated the death of her friend and contact Neil Langram, she was reunited with Logan. They were targeted by Sabretooth in Canada, who had been hired to hunt down people who could expose the existence of mutants to the world, including Langram. After outmatching Sabretooth, Danvers and Logan parted ways. As a result of this mission, Danvers informed Senator Robert Kelly about the emergence of mutants on the planet.[16]

Cape Canaveral[]

Having served ten years as a top field agent for Air Force intelligence, Carol Danvers was appointed security chief at Cape Canaveral[77] on the request of NASA,[45] resigning from the Air Force bumping her to full major at retirement.[55] As a NASA security officer in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory located in Houston, she was involved in Dr. Peter Corbeau's Cavorite project.[80] She was also assigned to watchdog Doctor Kronton's Doomsday Man project in the Pacific Ocean.[81] NASA eventually requested her to transfer for an open position as head of security at the Kennedy Space Center,[82] which she accepted.[44]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Mar-Vell (Earth-616) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 13 001

Meeting "Dr. Walter Lawson"

As head of security in Cape Canaveral, Danvers became embroiled in the schemes of the Kree Empire.[44] Due to a Sentry #459 being deactivated by the Fantastic Four[83] and taken into custody by NASA, a secret Kree operation assigned the spy soldier Captain Mar-Vell to get military revenge against humanity.[84] Sabotaged by his superior Coronel Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell crossed paths with a plane accident victim who worked at Cape Canaveral, the robotic expert Dr. Walter Lawson. Impersonating Dr. Lawson, Mar-Vell gained access to the installations where the Sentry was kept and that were also guarded by the suspicious Danvers. Yon-Rogg activated the Sentry to destroy Mar-Vell,[44] forcing him to resist in his secret warrior alter-ego Captain Marvel. This fight led Danvers to be intrigued by Mar-Vell's two identities, the eccentric Lawson and the brave Captain Marvel.[85]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Mar-Vell (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 1 8 001

Infatuated with Captain Marvel

Ironically, Captain Marvel became a heroic figure in Cape Canaveral, consolidating the admiration Danvers came to have for him after he battled the Super-Skrull[86] and inspiring her to investigate her trusted hero.[87] However, she was still uneasily unsure about Lawson's activities.[88] When spotting Captain Marvel returning to Earth's orbit from Yon-Rogg's Kree warship, Danvers strangely found Lawson instead. Though Mar-Vell denied witnessing anything,[89] Danvers insisted on investigating the landing site, where she became a target for Yon-Rogg. She was saved by Captain Marvel, who she attempted to convince to watch Dr. Lawson.[90] Mar-Vell indeed investigated the life of the strange man whose identity he had usurped, and a thankful Danvers met him with a kiss following a conversation about Lawson.[91] However, becoming closer to Captain Marvel put Danvers in danger. In the hotel room Mar-Vell lived as Lawson, she was abducted by one of the real Lawson's assassin robotic creations, Cyberex. Amidst a fight between Captain Marvel, Cyberex and the Aakon, she was rescued.[92] Lawson's former employers in the Organization then kidnapped Danvers while she accompanied Mar-Vell, who was mistaken for Lawson. Captain Marvel helped Danvers escape one more time, by plotting against the captors alongside her.[93]

Captain Marvel's eroded after he was forced to steal a moon rocket from the Cape in order to resist Yon-Rogg's constant attacks and to escape his former Kree brethren, which resulted in him getting arrest warrant placed upon him by the American government, much to Danvers' disappointment.[94] She correlated Captain Marvel's betrayal to Lawson's erratic behavior and gave the order to arrest Lawson as well. Mar-Vell's double life was ruined after this incident.[95] Eventually, he made his way back to Danvers and Cape Canaveral by helping her against the menace known as the Man-Slayer. Danvers still trusted Captain Marvel, but, despite his assistance, the surrounding military treated him as an enemy for the earlier treason charges.[96] Their standoff was broken off prematurely by Iron Man, who had been controlled by the Puppet Master. Following the battle, Carol Danvers was hospitalized and Mar-Vell was forced to leave the planet.[97]

Mar-Vell (Earth-616) and Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 1 18 001

Exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron

Upon awakening in a hospital, an obsessed Danvers fled in order to look for Captain Marvel when FBI agents came to question her about Dr. Lawson. Just outside the hospital, she was kidnapped by Yon-Rogg, who wished for a final revenge against Mar-Vell.[98] Yon-Rogg brought her to an abandoned subterranean Kree outpost that hid a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a machine able to synthesize pieces of Kree-devised technology. Empowered by the Nega-Bands, Mar-Vell was lured into the secret base. During their battle, Danvers was knocked by Yon-Rogg into the damaged machinery. As the outpost collapsed, Mar-Vell chose to bring only Danvers to safety as Yon-Rogg perished.[60] Unbeknownst to Carol Danvers, her genetic structure was altered by the detonation of the Psyche-Magnitron[45] by unlocking her latent Kree powers.[99] Weeks after the accident, she started to manifest blackouts, having her mind supplanted by the spirit of a Kree military warrior.[61] During one of these incidents, she returned to the cave where the Psyche-Magnitron was located and collected a state-of-the-art costume that mimicked her nascent abilities.[45]

Danvers' career at NASA was damaged because of the events from the months prior and she was reassigned to a secret Air Force facility in Indiana, near Chicago. As a result of a raid committed by the superhuman Nitro on the base to steal a nerve gas called Compound 13, Danvers found herself allied with Captain Marvel once again. Nitro, who had been sent by the Lunatic Legion, was defeated, but Captain Marvel was exposed to the carcinogenic element.[100] The Lunatic Legion then ordered the Living Laser to finish Captain Marvel's partner Rick Jones at the hospital. Danvers helped to protect him alongside Hank Pym and the Wasp. Following the crisis, she administered an antidote to Captain Marvel to relieve him from the deadly effects of Compound 13.[101] Demoted to a mere security guard, Danvers was transferred back to Cape Canaveral. There, she was attacked by an alien parasite who possessed Mar-Vell's former lover, medic Una. Fed by Una's jealousy against Danvers, the alien brutally attacked her, but Captain Marvel put an end to its threat.[102]

Ms. Marvel, the Female Fury[]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms

Carol Danvers transforms into Ms. Marvel

In view of her plummeting career due to incidents related to Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers resigned from NASA. Living off an accumulated salary, she wrote a best-selling expose book on space industry, burning many bridges, but also gaining a reputation. Hired as an editor for Woman Magazine, a publication owned by the Daily Bugle, she relocated to a penthouse on Park Avenue and befriended Mary Jane Watson. As a consequence of the Psyche-Magnitron's alterations, Danvers developed a split personality to access her Kree powers, which included superhuman strength, flight, and a "seventh sense" that caused her to receive premonitions in face of imminent dangers. These abilities manifested when she blacked out and turned into Kree warrior named Ms. Marvel, instantaneously donning the costume the Psyche-Magnitron had created to ease her body's changes. Both of her identities remained unaware of each other's existence. Under the personality of Ms. Marvel, she became a crime-fighting vigilante and saved her new boss J. Jonah Jameson from the Scorpion. However, Jameson did not approve of super-heroics and ordered Danvers to write an exposé on her alter-ego for the inaugural issue.[4]

In response to her blackouts, she sought the psychiatrist Michael Barnett, who used hypnosis to prod her mind. With Scorpion looking for revenge, Ms. Marvel manifested in front of Barnett and immediately left to war. Fighting Scorpion brought her to the attention of his associate, the evil scientist Kerwin Korman, a.k.a. the Destructor, and his contractors from A.I.M., who were interest in replicating her mighty abilities after observing her exploits.[61] When covering a story about female astronauts in Cape Canaveral by visting her old co-workers Salia Petrie and David Adamson, Danvers was targeted by the mechanoid Doomsday Man sent by A.I.M., which triggered her Ms. Marvel transformation. During the battle, she found herself at the Psyche-Magnitron site and was able to recollect her memories of being in fact Carol Danvers.[103] Struggling to keep her personas merged, Ms. Marvel could use knowledge from her time in NASA to disable the Doomsday Man. In the end, Korman attacked her, causing the cave they were to collapse; he was gone, but Danvers was recovered by Petrie and Adamson after being exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron a second time.[81]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616), George Tarleton (Earth-616) and Agent 17 (A.I.M.) (Earth-616) from Ms

Overcoming M.O.D.O.K.'s influence

Unable to control her transformations, a tormented Ms. Marvel clashed with the Vision over a dangerous cargo he secured for Stark International. She was able to find a devastating bomb and prevent casualties in New York as part of M.O.D.O.K.'s secret machinations. Back home, Barnett attributed her condition to her clairvoyance and suggested her to give up one of her personas, which she refused despite her own uncertainties.[104] As Danvers, she found problems with her boss Jameson, who wanted her to discredit Ms. Marvel. However, she was backed by her team, especially her new reporter and photographer Frank Gianelli. As Ms. Marvel, she involved herself in a fight with Grotesk, who had hold of the world-ending Cavorite Crystal and exploded a refinery.[80] After being left in a pile of rubble following his retreat, Danvers was abducted by M.O.D.O.K.'s faction of A.I.M. as he wished to reestablish his control using Ms. Marvel's tech suit. She resisted his mind-control and escaped after realizing her powers did not derive from her costume, vowing to bring her captor to justice.[105] Informing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Larry Rogers about M.O.D.O.K.'s secret operations with no success, she took her time to hire Tracy Burke, a photojournalist she admired as a child, as her associate editor at the Woman Magazine. Later on, during a date with Barnett, Ms. Marvel was guided by her clairvoyance to stop Grotesk and his last attempt to weaponize Cavorite.[82]



As one Earth's premiere super heroes, Ms. Marvel met and befriended rookie super heroine Jessica Jones, a.k.a. Jewel,[106] and teamed up with Spider-Man against the Super-Skrull, which once again forced her to face her ambiguous soul.[107] Sensing the burglar Geoffrey Ballard invading her apartment, Carol Danvers flew to it as Ms. Marvel, but was taken out of the skies by M.O.D.O.K.'s winged ally Deathbird. During the battle, she found the building in flames. Despite saving most of the building, Carol Danvers' treasured possessions were lost. When infiltrating A.I.M.'s headquarters to gain more intel on Deathbird, Carol Danvers found herself in the middle of two warring A.I.M. factions.[73] In the turmoil of the internal conflict, M.O.D.O.K. and Deathbird tried to launch a rocket to take over NASA's Skylab, a NASA project that examined Cavorite crystals in Earth's orbit. Ms. Marvel stopped their takeoff, but they both managed to evade justice.[108] With the destruction of her apartment, Danvers temporarily resided in a hotel while her duty as a vigilante gradually undermined her obligations with the Woman Magazine team.[109]

This Woman, this Warrior[]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms

Consolidating her personas

During a visit at Cape Canaveral to cover Salia Petrie's first space flight, Danvers foresaw her friend's demise in an explosion caused by the Cavorite crystal aboard her shuttle. However, her Ms. Marvel's personality took over to answer to a different crisis concerning the Elementals and Hecate's search for the Ruby Scarab.[109] Danvers tried to regain control of her body, but Ms. Marvel resisted by having determined that the threat of the Elementals was more pressing than Petrie's safety. When Ms. Marvel managed to get hold of the artifact, she turned back into Carol Danvers, who lashed out for having turned her back on her friend.[110] Hecate made Carol Danvers realize that she was intrinsically Ms. Marvel beyond the personality change as she could display super powers, which consolidated her two personalities and provided her control over her abilities.[58]

Mari-Ell (Earth-616) and Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms

Revealed to her mother

Feeling at peace, Danvers and Barnett visited her mother in Boston and thereafter they went on a date. However, their engagement was disrupted by her fighting the troublemakers Sapper and Golden-Blade.[58] Still at her home city, Danvers saved her father in a dispute with Steeplejack about budget-cuts with the Monarch Plaza project. Afterward, her mother saw through her disguise and told her to give her ungrateful father another chance despite their difficult history. During her time in Boston, Geoffrey Ballard broke into Danvers' office.[111] Gianelli omitted information when Detective Jean DeWolff interviewed him about the burglary and admitted to Danvers and Burke he knew Ballard; he was a former big-shot in the CIA. Gianelli then went to Washington to dig for information.[57] Tormented by precognitive dreams about her dead, Danvers dealt with being overworked and stressed, though, during a snowball fight, she and Gianelli had an intimate moment and shared a kiss. Meanwhile, on a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Ballard and Mystique broke into the Centurion project to be able to assassinate Ms. Marvel. Whilst flying home, the hero was shot out of the sky by Ballard as the Centurion,[112] but was saved by the Avengers before being executed. As the battle raged across Manhattan, Mystique was urged to cease the assault on Ms. Marvel to prevent more failures and the risk of their discovery. Ms. Marvel defeated Centurion and unmasked him, realizing his unrevealed motivations implied that a war had just begun.[113]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Avengers (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 171 001

Greeting the Avengers

When Barnett was manipulated by a former agent of A.I.M. named Shaman to attack Ms. Marvel, she identified his next target to be the Defenders and approached them for help, effectively saving her friend.[114] Around this period, Danvers accepted an offer from landlady Arabella Jones and rented a new home in Greenwich Village. When introduced to her new house, she found herself fighting the savage Tiger-Shark in order to rescue the Princess of Atlantis Namorita.[57] During her investigation, she befriended the Avengers Beast and Scarlet Witch, who let her use the resources of the Avengers Mansion to design a mechanism that allowed her to combat and defeat him underwater.[115] After perceiving the Avengers in danger in a precognitive flash, Ms. Marvel joined them to search for Jocasta wishing to return the favor of borrowing their laboratory. She was hesitantly welcomed to the mission to track and defeat Ultron.[116] After leaving for personal business, she remained on standby.[117] She helped the team locate an untraceable enemy, who eventually was revealed to be the godlike being Korvac.[118] Siding with the Avengers, Ms. Marvel collaborated in a final battle against the enemy, which culminated in his demise.[119]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Mar-Vell (Earth-616) from Ms

A friend to Mar-Vell

Ronan the Accuser tried to apprehend Ms. Marvel for the transgression of bearing military knowledge about the Kree, but the ensuing battle was interrupted by Mar-Vell. Both were captured and taken to a starship, where the Kree Supreme Intelligence declared his intentions of using Ms. Marvel's hybrid Kree genetics to improve the Kree race using the Millennia Bloom to expunge her humanity. The mechanism failed since her soul was fully integrated, the human woman and the Kree warrior were inseparable. Overpowering Ronan and his master, Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel freed themselves and arrived back on Earth, reconciling their friendship.[45]

All-New Ms. Marvel[]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Marvel Masterworks Ms

The all-new Ms. Marvel

In a collaboration with fellow super hero and fashion designer the Wasp, Ms. Marvel designed an all-new costume using unstable molecules, distancing herself from the Kree iconography. She traveled with haste to New Mexico to assess the disappearance of fellow reporter Sharon Cole, who had been taken hostage by the Lizard People. During her investigation into a group of disappearances, Ms. Marvel was ambushed taken to their underground city.[120] In a prison cell, she found the missing victims, including Cole. After killing their greatest warrior, Ms. Marvel had all the prisoners freed in exchange for the Lizard People's existence being kept a secret. Returning home, she received a baby iguana as a token of gratitude for not revealing their secret.[121]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Woman Magazine (Earth-616) from Ms

Parting ways with the Woman Magazine

Following her return, she was informed she was removed as editor at Woman Magazine by her boss and publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Over the course of her tenure, the duo regularly clashed regarding the content of the magazine, over-budgeting, and her frequent absences as a consequence of her burgeoning career as Ms. Marvel. Tracy Burke was appointed as her replacement. Danvers came home to a surprise going away party, thrown by her old colleagues and friends. Among the guests, was a disguised Mystique waiting for her moment to strike as well as the musician Sam Adams, who sparked Danvers' romantic interest. Simultaneously, Ms. Marvel clashed with Deathbird once again, derailing her criminal activities.[122] At home, she was visited by her not quite dead friend, Salia Petrie. Petrie was under the mental control of the Faceless One and transported Ms. Marvel to the Guardians of the Galaxy's Drydock. With the aid of crewman Vance Astro, they defeated the villain and Danvers revealed her identity to a frightened Petrie to comfort her.[123]

Closely associated with the Avengers,[124][125] Ms. Marvel was invited to join the team as a replacement following the Scarlet Witch's leave of absence. After her bureaucratic initiation, she granted full status as an Avenger.[53] Providing crucial assistance in several missions, Ms. Marvel came to be an efficient team player[126] and related to Captain America, who she saw as an inspirational figure; on the other hand, she faced ideological challenges with her teammate Wonder Man over their perspectives on gender equality.[127] As an Avenger, she also crossed paths with Jessica Jones again. Accidentally falling into the clutches of the mesmerizing Purple Man, Jones was forced to serve him as a brainwashed slave and attacked the Scarlet Witch. During the attack, she came back to her senses, but not before being violently pull out of action by the Avengers. Ms. Marvel rescued Jones from death for being able to recognize her as a hero. As a consequence, Jones abandoned super heroics.[128]

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 11 Ms

Tormented by Mystique

Following a fight against the savage Sabretooth, Ms. Marvel psychically experienced dread sensations of imminent death.[74] The murder of Barnett in his own office prompted her investigate the crime scene with Iron Man, who was able to exhibit how Mystique gruesomely had murdered the psychiatrist. Ms. Marvel carried out the investigation by herself despite her psychic turmoil and was brought to an arms deal made between Peter Coelho and the Hellfire Club. She approached and seduced Coelho as Carol Danvers to gather intel in Hong Kong, where Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was found to be secretly linked to the deals. This led the Hellfire Club to assassinate Coelho, leading Ms. Marvel to a dead end. Moreover, Mystique's partner, the seer Destiny, had access possible futures in which Ms. Marvel would ruin their protégée Rogue's life. This caused Mystique to seek personal revenge against Ms. Marvel in addition to her criminal activities.[62]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Marcus Immortus (Temporal Limbo) from Avengers Vol 1 200 001

Introduced to Marcus

Ms. Marvel visited the Scarlet Witch in New Jersey to advise her about the limitations of having children. There, she fell unexpectedly ill, ironically and shockingly learning she was three months pregnant. She left the team following the unexplainable and unwanted pregnancy,[129] which progressed rapidly over the subsequent days. Right before she was about to give birth, she revealed her secret identity to the Avengers.[130] The baby boy also developed at accelerated rate; claiming to be Marcus, the alleged son of Immortus, he revealed the pregnancy had been caused by himself to escape the temporally unstable Limbo. Marcus manipulated Danvers into falling in love with him and took her back to his home in Limbo as his presence on Earth destabilized the fabric of space-time.[56] However, his plot backfired when his accelerated aging turned him into dust within a week. Broken free from his mind control, Danvers learned how to use Immortus' time-traveling technology to return to her time. Upon her return, she rejected the Avengers over her resentment towards them allowing the lying Marcus to effectively kidnap her for future defilement at his hands.[55]


Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 11 001

Being absorbed by Rogue

Seeking peace of mind after her ordeal with Marcus, Carol Danvers relocated to San Francisco and chose not to resume ties with the Avengers. She was perceived by Destiny, something that prompted Rogue to confront her in secrecy to prove her worth for Mystique. Rogue's power-absorbing abilities erratically interacted with Carol Danvers, who lost virtually all of her essence and Ms. Marvel's abilities to the mutant terrorist.[62] Rogue attempted to murder the unconscious and soul-emptied Danvers by throwing her off the Golden Gate Bridge. Danvers was rescued by Spider-Woman, who caught her before impact. After swimming to shore with the comatose woman, Spider-Woman contacted the X-Men to Danvers' plight upon learning that her mind had become a tabula rasa. The memories stolen by Rogue were restored by mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier, though he could not return the emotional bonds linked to those memories. Powerless and restarting her life, Carol Danvers rebuked the Avengers for having broken her trust by irresponsibly abandoning her.[55]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Starjammers (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 158 001

Training with the Starjammers

Danvers became an ally of the X-Men – Xavier's team of mutant heroes. In the Bermuda Triangle, she accompanied Xavier in the search for Cyclops, the previous X-Men leader. Xavier lost telepathic contact with the rest of the X-Men and was kidnapped by his nemesis Magneto. Danvers spotted Magneto's Island, but was left behind with the rest of the crew on the damaged yacht. The X-Men ultimately overwhelmed Magneto,[131] and set a secret base on the mysterious island. Reflecting on the event where she lost her powers, she was comforted by Logan, who was now the X-Man baptized Wolverine. He reminded her of their shared past, only to much exasperation since she could not bear any feelings about it.[63] The crew of sideral pirates called Starjammers, who were allies to the X-Men, became close to Danvers. Dr. Corbeau monitored her sparring in a physical exercise with them and concluded that, when she gained superpowers, her genetic structure was permanently altered; she remained a perfect specimen despite being stripped of her powers. Despite her loss of powers, she was in superb physical form, only being restrained when the Starjammers ganged upon her.[19]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Raven Darkhölme (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 158 001

Defeating Mystique

Later on, she watched anti-mutant politician Senator Kelly demonizing the X-Men on a talk show. In response, Danvers, Wolverine, and Storm infiltrated the Pentagon to destroy all record data about the X-Men. Dressed as military personnel, Danvers used her clout to act as a colonel. Walking towards the data banks, she ran into Rogue. She furiously tried to shoot Rogue, sparking a fight. While the X-Men took over the fight against Rogue, Danvers slipped away only to be followed by a disguised Mystique. Danvers managed to defeat Mystique to prevent the shape-shifter from murdering her. When uploading the Starjammers' data-erasing virus, Carol Danvers found her old personnel files, which she promptly deleted. Knowing she had become a different person, the old Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel were no more. The mission was successful as she also deleted the X-Men's files despite the battle having further damaged their reputation.[19]


Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Brood (Race) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 163 001

Experimented on by the Brood

Danvers was invited to attend a farewell banquet in the star yacht Z'Reee Shar thrown to the X-Men by the ruler of the Shi'ar Empire Lilandra. The celebration was interrupted by Deathbird, who was a renegade Shi'ar loyal and proclaimed herself to be the new Shi'ar Empress. Her alien parasitic Brood allies subdued and captured Danvers and the X-Men to turn them into host-forms.[132] However, the Brood were curious about Danvers' anomalous genetic structure, having other plans for her. They tortuously subjected her to an evolutionary experiment to trigger the latent potential of her augmented genes. Her mental resilience kept her sane when enduring the pain until Wolverine freed her from the dread laboratory. They reconvened with the rest of the X-Men and Lilandra and departed to space.[133]

True Believers Captain Marvel - Binary Vol 1 1 Textless

Enter: Binary!

While eluding the Brood troops, Carol Danvers manifested vast cosmic abilities which obliterated the assailants. Wielding the power levels of a star, she repaired the anti-matter drive that ran the ship they travelled in. Danvers identified she had physically merged with the fabric of the universe, harnessing energies from a white hole to access unlimited cosmic energies, in the form of light, heat and radiation. Renaming herself as Binary, she could become the astronaut she had always dreamed of being. Not wanting to be confined on Earth, she refused to join the X-Men.[3]

In a moment of respite, Wolverine finally informed the rest of the team that the Brood had implanted eggs in their nervous systems to harvest their genetic potential. With a cry of rage, Binary blasted off into space for vengeance.[3] She flew to a Brood base on Madrizar and used her overwhelming power to enact revenge by demolishing their entire world and put an enslaved Acanti out of her misery. Following the destruction, she found Storm bonded with an infant Acanti who sought help from the X-Men to relieve the racial soul of their ancient prophet-singer body on Sleazeworld. Warring the Brood, Binary was overwhelmed and neutralized. Fortunately, moments later, the Starjammers came to the rescue. Binary ultimately found the X-Men in a crystalline chamber wounded and infected by the Brood. As a living star, she distilled the soul-essence of the Acanti to the next young prophet-singer, which eradicated all the Brood parasitic embryos. The Brood Queen was affected by Binary's action and perished, being purified as a crystal statue. They were all teleported to the Starjammer spaceship with Sleazeworld left in ruins.[134] Back to Earth, Binary helped the X-Men destroy the last Brood, which resided in Charles Xavier.[135]


Marvel Fanfare Vol 1 24 Back Cover

Mourning Mar-Vell

Danvers visited her family in Beverly, though she felt emotionally empty around them. Her life as Carol Danvers was over and she decided to live on as Binary instead. Back to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Carol Danvers found Rogue, who she violently knocked into orbit. After a quick scuffle, Xavier informed her and the X-Men Rogue was under his protection as the newest pupil. Carol Danvers conceded understanding but not approval for this decision and left, severing ties with the X-Men.[136] No longer possessed of strong emotional ties to people and places on Earth, Binary decided to leave the planet and pursue new challenges as a member of the space-faring band of adventurers known as the Starjammers.[54] Before she would leave for the stars, she dropped by the Avengers Mansion for a surprise game of poker. Their game was cut short by latecomer and successor of the Captain Marvel title, Monica Rambeau. Binary was informed of Mar-Vell's lost battle with cancer. She said her final goodbyes to Logan and rushed to Titan, to pay her last respects to her former inspiration, comrade and friend.[77]

Binary solely powered an undefended Stargate to have Lilandra and the Starjammers access Earth and pick up Professor Xavier for treatment at the cost of the integrity of the Starjammer ship.[137] Stranded and wanted by the Shi'ar Empire, they sought the services of a local merchant to repair their ship. On the other side of the bazaar, they rescued one of Xavier's students, Magik of the New Mutants. After fetching the rest of the New Mutants, they were ambushed by the Technarch Magus.[138] Their battle caused an untold amount of damage, however, despite all these setbacks, with the aid of the young mutants, Binary and the Starjammers patched up their ship. Having considered his options, Xavier sent the New Mutants to Earth knowing they would be in safe hands and stayed with the starfaring team. Seconds later, a Shi'ar fast hunter group closed in on their location.[139]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Zenith (Earth-616) from X-Men Spotlight on..

Executing Zenith

On space, Binary and the Starjammers rebelled against Deathbird, who had led a successful coup d'etat to usurp the Shi'ar throne. When raiding an alien storage freighter for supplies, they discovered that Deathbird was on a quest for a map to reach the mythical "Phalkon", a cryptical alias for the powerful Phoenix Force. As the Starjammers split up to look for the four missing pieces of the map, Binary teamed up with Raza to retrieve theirs from the insectoid swamped planet Ch"rp. With Raza subdued and captured, Binary chose to let herself get apprehended as well. Taken to the queen of the hive, which consumed the map pod they had to collect, Binary wished to slay her to recover it, but Raza disagreed with her plan. Professor Xavier gathered the necessary intel psychically and had Binary and Raza return to the Starjammer, where they were ambushed by troopers and Lilandra was kidnapped by Deathbird.[140] After a failed attempt to negotiate, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard intervened, and Binary distracted them to rescue Lilandra. In the ensuing fight, Binary fought Zenith, a guardsman with the ability of outmatching the potential of his opponents. She easily killed him off for having unlimited power levels, unaware he was Raza's brother, who mourned his loss in silence.[141]

Starjammers (Earth-616) from X-Men Spotlight on..

Binary and the Starjammers rebel against the Shi'ar Empire

Although victorious, the Starjammers lost the charts for the Phalkon to Deathbird. Binary charged the Starjammer to chase their foes, in a hot pursuit to Earth, where Deathbird and her army had attacked the Phoenix avatar. Disoriented, Phoenix's Excalibur teammates briefly hostilized the Starjammers believing them to be in coalition with the Shi'ar, but ultimately teamed up to resist the Imperial Guard. Although Binary was knocked out by the powerful Gladiator, Deathbird was prevented by Lilandra from harnessing the Phoenix Force and was forced to retreat. Months later, the Starjammers reinvigorated a rallying cry against the regime with Xavier wielding the Phoenix. During their insurrection, Binary felt her powers weakened, not fully recovered from having recharging the Starjammer, but continued fighting for the rebellion alongside her allies.[141]

Carol Danvers Redux[]

Though Binary had a fresh start in space, her soul exerted itself within Rogue. When Michael Rossi sent an emergency call for Professor Xavier, Rogue was the one to answer it. Rossi had been kept captive in S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for having discovered the Hellfire Club had corrupted sections of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Upon making contact with him, Rogue was supplanted by Carol Danvers' persona, who took a debilitated Rossi to the winter house that belonged to Danvers' parents. After waking up, Rossi confronted Rogue about her identity since she claimed to be Danvers. His rejection caused Carol Danvers go dormant again.[69]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 236 002

Offering to take over Rogue's body

Danvers reemerged when Rogue and Logan were taken by the Press Gang to the nation of Genosha for examination, where the mutant called Wipeout nullified their powers and they were thrown in prison. Rogue was left in a catatonic state after the prison guard tried to assault her; she retreated in her own subconscious when the psyche of Carol Danvers asked her to take over their body. Controlling Rogue's body, Danvers used her spy skills to beat two Magistrates who came into her cell, escape and rescue Logan. Disguised as guards, they fought their way to get a clean getaway.[78] Hunted down by Magistrates, they went under the radar masquerading as humans in the streets of Hammer Bay, where they learned that mutants were enslaved as mutates on Genosha. They secretly boarded a mutant-powered train to save Phillip Moreau, a human brutalized by Magistrates and shipped as a slave.[7] Showing Moreau the gruesome reality of the camp where the mutates were kept, Danvers and Logan were captured by the Magistrates and taken to a Citadel where Moreau's father, the Genengineer, was responsible of creating the mutates. When they were interrogated, the rest of the X-Men broke into the Citadel to rescue and repower their teammates. The Citadel was destroyed and all mutate prisoners were freed.[142]

Master Mold (Earth-616) and Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 246 001

Fighting the Master Mold in Rogue's body

Back at the X-Men's hideout in the Australian Outback, Rogue fought the telepath Psylocke in a training session which accidentally triggered Carol Danvers to emerge.[143] Later, a furious Rogue caused friction with her teammates for Danvers had redecorated her room during her blackouts with the X-Men's approval. Danvers was forced to permanently take control when the feud rose to a breaking point. At a girls' night out to ease the tension, the female X-Men went shopping to the Hollywood Mall, where Danvers restyled Rogue's hairstyle and wardrobe to her liking. There, the X-Men also dispatched the group of mutant hunters called the M-Squad.[144] In Washington D.C., Danvers visited the Vietnam War Memorial to mourn and honor her late brother Steve. She then visited her old apartment in the West Village to collect her personal belongings. Met by Psylocke, she shared her frustrations with being trapped in Rogue's body. Nearby, the futuristic anti-mutant Sentinel Nimrod merged with Master Mold. Wearing her old Ms. Marvel outfit, Danvers attacked the robot monstrosity only to be knocked out.[145] Rogue returned to her senses and was joined by the X-Men during the fight with Nimrod. Dazzler cast the Siege Perilous to teleport it away, and Rogue pushed the Sentinel through the portal, but not without being dragged inside with it as well.[146]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 269 002

The final battle of Ms. Marvel and Rogue

After going through the Siege Perilous, Rogue and Ms. Marvel were physically split, each one retaining their original powersets. Happening upon the deadly Reavers in the Outback, Rogue used Gateway's powers to teleport the two away. Ms. Marvel appeared on Muir Island, where the evil Shadow King took control of her mind and sent her after Rogue on the Savage Land. Since there was only enough life energy to sustain one person, the one in worse condition would wither away. Ms. Marvel overpowered Rogue, but the fight ended with Ms. Marvel's death due to Magneto interfering on Rogue's behalf. As such, the soul of Carol Danvers was no longer attached to Rogue's fate.[147]

Kree/Shi'ar War[]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Quasar Vol 1 34 001

Repairing the sun

While Binary eventually left the crew of the Starjammers and ventured the vast cosmos by herself,[148] Deathbird's reign fell to Skrulls, leading her to abdicate in favor of Lilandra to recover the Shi'ar throne.[149] During this time, war broke out between the Kree and the Shi'ar Empires, with the Solar System hiding a strategic stargate for Shi'ar troops to move. Their marches destabilized the Sun and endangered Earth, prompting the Avengers to intervene in the war.[150] Quasar was tasked to guard the stargate and oppose Shi'ar resistance, which included Binary,[151] who worked on Lilandra's request to prevent a devastating Nega-Bomb from being ferried by Skrulls to the Kree space. She was opposed by Quasar's ally, Kismet, until Quasar shared with her information about the sun's imminent collapse due to the reckless use of the stargate. Binary defected the Shi'ar to save her home planet and exhausted her cosmic powers to stabilize the sun. Her powers severely depleted, and Quasar took her to the Avengers Mansion to recuperate.[152]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) and Raza Longknife (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 351 001

Lying to protect Raza from the Avengers

She was visited by the X-Men and the Starjammers, when Raza mortally wounded the Avenger Black Knight for the murder of the Supreme Intelligence. In exchange for the return of his long lost son, Raza had been blackmailed by a vengeful Kree survivor named Galen-Kor into acting.[153] As the Black Knight recovered, Binary reached Raza and deceived the Avengers into pardoning him by falsely claiming the Kree had made use of a memory implant device to force him to carry out the assassination attempt. Both the Avengers and the Starjammers offered Binary to rejoin their ranks, but she chose to rediscover the humane aspects of her life as Carol Danvers on Earth instead.[154]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 13 001

Disrupted by the Inciters

When repairing the power source for the Starcore Space Station run by Dr. Corbeau alongside the X-Men, Binary was attacked by Commander K'illace under Deathbird's orders for her dangerously unlimited power levels. His attack caused Binary to be drawn to the unstable white hole that served to restore the sun during the Kree/Shi'ar War, while the X-Men were captured by Deathbird. Erratic activity at the white star Kiletra demonstrated a connection to Binary's unstable powers and planet Zenn-La's devastation. The X-Man Jean Grey psychically severed Binary from the source of her powers to stabilize the white hole disruption. Meanwhile, the Zenn-Lavian champion Silver Surfer found out the techno-organic creatures known as the Inciters to be responsible for tampering with the fabric of space-time and causing the crisis and destroyed them to save the universe.[155]


The Avengers resumed their operations and convoked all of its members, including Binary, as some of them were attacked by mystic creatures sent by the witch Morgan Le Fay. Tapping into the Scarlet Witch's powers and wielding the Twilight Sword, Morgan reshaped reality[156] into a medieval setting, where the Avengers became her personal guard, the Queen's Vengeance. As a prestigious member of the court, Binary was known as Lady Marvel. Captain America saw through Morgan's illusion and attempted to enlighten his allies; Lady Marvel almost joined him, but still sided with the brainwashed Avengers to combat Captain America's resistance.[6] Amidst the fight, the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man broke free and weakened Morgan, allowing the Avengers to overcome her control, dethrone her and restore reality.[157]

Back to the Avengers Mansion, Binary had her power levels examined by Beast, who diagnosed that she could no longer access the unlimited energies she used to channel through the fabric of the universe. She asked Beast not to share her condition with other Avengers. Still able to absorb and redirect energy sources, Danvers rebaptized herself as Warbird after the Air Force fighter planes to match her return to Earth and was recommended to join the Avengers' new roster.[5] Fearing her weakened status would render her of no value to the team, she kept hiding the truth from her teammates, being a problematic addition. Her reckless attitude jeopardized the team during a fight against the Squadron Supreme, since Captain America had believed he could count with her Binary power levels.[158] Simultaneously, she took up drinking, irresponsibly going drunk to the subsequent investigation on the Squadron Supreme. Although collaborative to solve the mystery of the villain Corruptor in manipulating Squadron Supreme, Warbird acted blatantly arrogant and rude toward her teammates.[159]

Overcome by emotional emptiness, Warbird escalated tensions when met by Iron Man at her mother's house and being confronted about her alcoholism. She violently rejected his offers for help and attacked him during one of his business meetings. Interrupted by Kree terrorists from the Lunatic Legion, she called a truce and joined Iron Man in fending them off, although being unreliable for being drunk.[68] Seeking approval, she tackled the Lunatic Legion by herself. As she contacted Captain America, she was reprimanded for having acted solo before being trapped and kidnapped.[160] The Lunatic Legion studied Warbird's genome as part of their plan of converting the human race into Kree subjects in retaliation for the Avengers' participation in the fall of the Kree Empire. Since they wished to gather Terrigen Crystals to fuel their Omni-Wave Projector, they crossed paths with Quicksilver, who rescued Warbird. Drunk once again, she endangered Quicksilver's ally Lockjaw during the ensuing confrontation by destroying the Projector.[161] A formal court-martial was held by the Avengers to judge her. Before her teammates, Warbird defended herself by imperiously claiming she had no regrets. As the Avengers learned the Lunatic Legion was operating on the Moon, Warbird was ordered by Captain America to stand down. Offended, she chose to quit the Avengers.[162]

Hurting over being demoted from the Avengers, Danvers hung out with Wolverine in a bar, where she got drunk. They watched news reports on television about the mutant Powerhouse attacking the United Nations Headquarters. Contrary to her wishes, Warbird joined Wolverine in assessing the crisis. As usual, she recklessly addressed the situation and was defeated. Wolverine knocked Powerhouse out, but was possessed by the creature known as Aria.[76] He brutally maimed a debilitated Warbird. The Avengers intervened to save her from a bloodlust and possessed Wolverine.[163] Following a space adventure to deal with the situation, Wolverine reached out Warbird to apologize.[164]

Looking for a fresh start, Danvers moved to King City and returned to the editorial business, making a deal to have a novel published by Tracy Burke. She stumbled upon Iron Man again and rudely evaded him. When he was defeated a villain wearing the War Machine Armor, she joined the fight to save him.[165] The War Machine impostor eventually escaped after Iron Man destabilized his armor, and Warbird took her injured rival back to his allies for recuperation. The incident made her reconsider her condition as an alcoholic.[166] She became the obsession of her old enemy, the robot called Doomsday Man, who had been linked to the Psyche-Magnitron energies and wished to assimilate her. He hired the Wrecking Crew to capture her, but they failed by catching the attention of the Avengers. Doomsday Man abducted Danvers by himself when she was talking with the Wasp.[167] The Avengers came to her rescue and helped her defeat him.[168] Following this incident, she decided to make up for her mistakes to return to the Avengers.[169]

When Brood machinated a way to subdue superhumans in a bizarre contest where heroes were forced to combat each other using Badoon nanites in a starship, they secretly captured Warbird to replicate the experiments that had transformed her into Binary and create a legion of superpowered Brood drones. Warbird was kept hostage alongside Kitty Pryde.[170] During the contest, the Brood Queen was able to possess Rogue, who ascended as an Imperiatrix.[171] Some heroes, including Iron Man, rebelled and freed Warbird. As the heroes joined forces to stop the omnipotent Imperiatrix, Warbird found herself against elated in getting revenge against both Rogue and the Brood Queen, who had caused her so much pain in the past. Warbird threatened to kill the Brood Queen even if it meant Rogue's death, which caused the evil creature to surrender. With the starship destroyed, the heroes returned home safe and sound. Warbird and Rogue discussed their sorrowful connection; Warbird recognized that Rogue had earned a position as an X-Man and a heroine and forgave her for what had transpired in the past.[172]

Second Chances[]

Warbird was not able to get over alcoholism by herself. Fueled by alcohol, she confronted Sapper and Golden-Blade in Seattle. She was called out by Iron Man, who saved her from the villains after she performed poorly. Realizing her condition, she accepted his help.[173] Iron Man recommended her to join him in Alcoholics Anonymous,[174] but she refused to stay sober by herself.[175] Struggling to get her book on print, she resumed drinking. Iron Man contacted her again and was forced to knock her out to prevent her from going drunk on field again against Sapper and Golden-Blade.[176] After waking up, she attacked Iron Man at his home in a burst of rage. During the fight, she damaged a commercial airship, endangering dozens of civilians. Alongside Iron Man, she managed to prevent a crash.[177] Succumbing to an alcoholic blackout, Warbird realised the consequences of her drinking and reckless behaviour, and decided to join Iron Man in a battle against the robot Ultimo. She was able to stay sober and contribute in the mission. After that, Carol Danvers finally started treatment with Alcoholics Anonymous.[178]

One month of sobriety later, Danvers stood trial for having downed a flight, being defended by Foggy Nelson. She was placed under advisement. During the trial, she was contacted by Captain America to join a secret team to investigate the Triune Understanding spiritual group. In fact, Captain America was the Taskmaster in disguise, who was hired to damage the reputation of the Avengers by having them illegally attack the Triune Understanding. His plan was a success.[179] Rebranding themselves with a new roster, the Avengers wished to regain the public's support. Warbird contacted the team to explain the situation and requested a position in the team. Iron Man vouched for her and asked for her membership to Duane Freeman, the liaison to the Commission on Superhuman Activities. As such, Warbird earned her place back in the Avengers.[180]

As one of their first missions, the new group traveled to Costa Verde, where the Kamekeri village had been conquered by Kulan Gath.[181] The Avengers infiltrated Kulan Gath's citadel combat the evil sorcerer. The most recent addition to the team, the Triune Triathlon was an uneasy company. Warbird advised him to try a way of integrating in the group instead of repelling them, acknowledging the Avengers as a flawed but honorable group of individuals. Although chained by Kulan Gath, Warbird freed herself and the Avengers, who ultimately stopped his plans.[182]

Earth was subjected to an alien crisis for having been placed under lockdown as an intergalactic prison and getting infected and assimilated by the prisoner Ego, the Living Planet. The Avengers confronted Ronan the Accuser in his space station to learn the situation had been inflicted by the Intergalactic Council[183] under the machinations of the Kree Supreme Intelligence.[184] Warbird and her teammate Hank Pym worked with the X-Men led by Rogue to gather intel from Ronan's base. Warbird had the knowledge to access Ronan's spaceship's Kree systems, but Rogue was the one who had information about the necessary files. This led Warbird to let Rogue absorb her memories one more time, this time with her consent.[185] The collected files allowed the super hero community to escape the barrier placed on Earth to ultimately stop the Kree and save the planet.[186]

The incident led the Avengers to expand their operations to global level.[187] Around this period, Warbird was asked by her teammate the Vision to go on a date. Although initially startled, she accepted the invitation.[188][189] They were able to bond as friends, but their obligations as Avengers prevented any development in their relationship.[187] Even with their strengthened initiative, the Avengers faced adversities in the form of Kang the Conqueror, who declared war on Earth and sparked several incidents across the globe. Warbird confronted his son and emissary, the new Scarlet Centurion, shockingly recognizing him as a version of Marcus, the man who had manipulated her in the past.[190]

The Avengers split up their forces to deal with multiple crises sparked by Kang. Warbird led a unit to oppose Deviant uprisers in China. In a display of might, Warbird bested the Deviants and forced their army to surrender.[191] A new threat emerged in the form of the Master of the World, who erected a colossal base around Washington, D.C. to oppose Kang by dominating America.[192] Warbird led a mission to seize the Master's technology in his base near the Arctic Circle, but her team was unexpectedly ambushed.[193] She surprisingly counted with the Scarlet Centurion's help in reassembling her team[194] and ultimately managed to execute the Master of the World.[195] Following a difficult war against Kang, the Avengers stroke back.[196] In Kang's Damocles Base, Warbird was crucial in usurping the energies in its power core to destabilize it and gain advantage against Kang,[197] who was defeated. Moreover, the Scarlet Centurion paid with his own life for having betrayed Kang by becoming infatuated with Warbird.[198] At her own request, Warbird once again received judgement from her fellow Avengers in a trial for her use of capital punishment. She blamed herself for not being able to prevent a massacre caused by Kang in Washington after the Master of the World was executed. The Avengers found her actions justifiable as an act of war and praised her competence during her missions.[199]


In between her activities as an Avenger, Danvers reconnected with Jessica Jones, who was collecting clues about a case involving Captain America. Danvers reacted coldly distant initially, implying grudges they had concerning S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clay Quartermain. Still, she helped Jones with information.[200] They eventually caught up on their friendship after the case was solved, and Danvers even introduced Jones to her Avenger teammate Ant-Man, igniting a romance between them.[201] Later on, Jones confronted Danvers for having informed other victims of the Purple Man about Jones' case,[202] but, when Jones resisted the Purple Man's attempt of forcing her to attack the Avengers, Danvers helped her overcome her trauma.[203]

As a renowned Avenger, Warbird was central in many operations.[204] During one of their missions, some areas of the United States suffered with a deadly chemical weapon. In horror, the Avengers learned the manufacturer of the attack was the U.S. Government.[205] Warbird dealt with the problem by working closely with military agents.[206] Eventually, the Avengers discovered that the Red Skull had machinated the incident from within the congress by infiltrating the Secretary of Defense.[207] While some Avengers defeated the villain, Warbird helped with neutering the chemical weapon. Following his defeat, Warbird was offered a position by the president as Chief Field Leader in the Department of Homeland Security[43] as a superhuman representative and liaison in the government.[208]

Warbird was one of many former Avengers who assembled at the ruins of the Avengers Mansion following its devastation in a sequence of chaotic events that culminated in the deaths of Ant-Man, the Vision and Clint Barton, in addition to the very destruction of the Avengers.[209] Through Doctor Strange, the Avengers learned their enemy was the Scarlet Witch, who had succumbed to madness following the disappearance of her children. Warbird refused to accept the betrayal of her dear teammate, but fell to rage when tormented by a construct of Rogue created by the Scarlet Witch after the Avengers found her. With the Scarlet Witch defeated and taken by Magneto to Genosha,[210] the Avengers disassembled to mourn their losses. Warbird declared she could not forgive the Scarlet Witch for the pain she had inflicted.[211]

Danvers' position in the government got her to work with the Commission on Superhuman Activities to supervise Abe Jenkins, the reformed villain known as MACH-IV, in his intention of revamping the Thunderbolts.[212] Together, they were attacked by the Atlantean terrorists of the Fathom Five, prompting Danvers to give Jenkins his old Beetle Armor to gather the Thunderbolts to save the day.[213] Eventually, a new Avengers team was formed to replace the old one, no longer answering to the bureaucracy enforced by governmental institutions such as the Commission.[214] Danvers and Hank Pym, as former Avengers and in coalition with Baron Zemo, helped the Commission on Superhuman Activities manipulate the Thunderbolts into attacking the new Avengers' Tower.[215]

Earth's Mightiest Heroine[]

Eventually, Danvers readopted the alias of Ms. Marvel and distanced herself from governmental affairs, aspiring to focus on her super hero career.[20] Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch was still an issue, both for mutantkind and the Avengers. The old Avengers were invited alongside the X-Men to the Avengers Tower to debate her fate and decided to examine her in Genosha. There, the Scarlet Witch used her powers to grant the Avengers an the X-Men their greatest wishes by reshaping reality.[216] In this new world, where mutants were the dominant species on Earth, Carol Danvers experienced being the greatest, most popular hero on Earth as Captain Marvel, despite being only a human operating under the rule of mutants. She acted as a vigilante in New York City. On patrol, she was seen capturing a thief.[217] As a nemesis, she had the mystic Sorcerer Supreme Traveler. When confronting him, a cat joined her in the fight, which culminated in Traveler vanishing.[218] Soon after, she returned to her proper self due to the efforts of Emma Frost and Layla Miller.[219] From there, she joined other heroes in their successful attempt to restore reality.[220] This event became known as the M-Day and caused mutant population numbers plummet.[221]

The experience caused Ms. Marvel to realize she had not been living up to her full potential, thus embarking on becoming the hero she now knew she could be by being more proactive with her super hero career.[218][222] Working closely with the new Avengers team, she celebrated Jessica Jones' marriage to the Avenger Luke Cage.[223] Soon after, she aided the Avengers in combating the being named the Collective, who was empowered by the energies released during M-Day. Not knowing about his immense power levels, Ms. Marvel entered in contact with the near omnipotent threat and absorbed his energies, which momentarily triggered her Binary form.[224] The creature tormented her with his vast powers to put her out of commission[225] before being defeated.[226]

Wishing to boost her popularity, Danvers hired a publicist, Sarah Day. This decision was simultaneous to a ravaging group of Brood falling to Earth, prompting the magnificent Ms. Marvel to fight them,[20] when she met the mysterious creature named Cru who also had the Brood as enemies and was tricked into believing the volatile Cavorite Crystals could gave her advantage in her war against the sleazoids. After exterminating the Brood, Ms. Marvel tried to prevent Cru from acquiring a piece of Cavorite[227] by destroying her in outer space. Rescued by the Fantastic Four, Danvers returned home in time to give an interview arranged by Sarah Day,[228] which was ruined by a tormented Traveler. Able to teleport across realities, he sought his nemesis as she was the only connection to the reality he had come from, but was restrained by Doctor Strange after Ms. Marvel knocked him out.[22] Checking Strange on his Sanctum Sanctorum, Ms. Marvel found Traveler empowered by the Wand of Watoomb. Jumping across realities, she was able to help Doctor Strange banish him for good. As a consequence, the cat that had been involved in Danvers' fight against Traveler previously was taken in by Sarah Day and was adopted by Danvers as Chewie.[229]

In her duty as a hero, Ms. Marvel came across an experiment of A.I.M., a kid baptized Storyteller with reality shaping powers inspired by the Scarlet Witch's recent deeds. Storyteller escaped and, alongside a friend he had made, read a novel written by Danvers called Binary, which narrated her adventures in outer space. With his abilities running unchecked, Storyteller warped the world based on the events of the book, casting a cosmic entity Binary had fought in the past. With Ms. Marvel's help, he could revert the situation and prevent A.I.M. agents from taking him captive.[148]

The Initiative[]

Ms. Marvel sided with Iron Man as he supported and implemented the Registration Act of Superhumans, which caused a Civil War in the super hero community as unregistered vigilantes were seen as outlaws by S.H.I.E.L.D..[230] She rejected Captain America's offer to fight the Registration Act and actively hunted superhumans down alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. cape-killers. Ms. Marvel coordinated a mission to arrest the Prowler, who had support from the Shroud. Alongside Wonder Man and Arachne, she was assigned to capture the Shroud as well as to recruit the young heroine Araña.[231] Araña joined them with Ms. Marvel mentoring her, but Arachne was revealed to be a traitor in coalition with the Shroud. Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man apprehended the Shroud, though Arachne escaped.[232] In a brutal fight, followed by a heartbreaking moment, Arachne was put down by Ms. Marvel and traumatically separated from her daughter, which made Araña question the morality of supporting the Registration Act.[233]

Back home, Ms. Marvel was met by Rogue, who informed that a doppelgänger of Danvers from another universe, Warbird, had violently attacked her at the Xavier Institute. The troubling Warbird had never recovered from being attacked by Rogue nor had she overcome her alcoholism. With her Earth destroyed when the Brood tampered with the Cavorite Crystals, she bounced through different realities massacring alternative versions of Rogue in her journey. While being examined, she fought Ms. Marvel and Rogue;[12] Ms. Marvel took the difficult decision of knocking out someone who shared her experiences.[234] Ms. Marvel then became a target for the Doomsday Man again, who was reactivated by A.I.M. and was piloted by a moribund Kerwin Kroman. Through Sean Madigan, an A.I.M. agent that stalked her, Ms. Marvel learned about the situation. Being backed by Araña, she confronted the Doomsday Man in an A.I.M. installation, where she battled his army of undead Targoths[10] and was knocked out momentarily. This led Kroman to maim and brutally depower Araña. Ms. Marvel executed him in retaliation, but her relationship with Araña was harmed because of the incident.[235]

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Leading the Avengers Initiative

The superhuman Civil War was over: Iron Man triumphed and the Registration Act was implemented in the form of the Initiative, with the Avengers reformed as the official super hero team of the state of New York.[236] As the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man chose Ms. Marvel as the field leader of the Avengers Initiative, in a roster carefully selected to be Earth's mightiest team.[42] One of her recommendations for the group was the God of War Ares. When fighting against the Mole Man's monstrosities, the Avengers had a true baptism of fire by clashing with Ultron, who possessed Iron Man and threatened the world using weather manipulating technology. Ms. Marvel struggled to keep the Avengers functional amidst so many adaptive attacks.[237] She stopped the volatile Avenger Sentry from murdering Ultron and, consequently, Iron Man. Thanks to Ares, Ultron was defeated and Iron Man was restored. Ms. Marvel then worried about the potential damage of Iron Man's totalitarian rule as well as the Sentry's instability.[238]

Another culmination of the Civil War was the death of Captain America.[239] Ms. Marvel told her best friend Spider-Woman, one of the dissident Avengers who was on patrol, that Captain America was in fact kept alive under S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in the Raft. Spider-Woman escaped[240] and informed the outlawed team of Avengers who rejected the Registration Act. When trying to rescue Captain America, Ms. Marvel and her team revealed themselves, in an ambush that dampened their former allies' superpowers to arrest them.[241] The outlaw Avengers were able to flee, hiding in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum,[242] where they were safe from Ms. Marvel and the Avengers Initiative.[243] Spider-Woman ultimately defected and contacted Iron Man to join the Avengers Initiative though, after learning that Skrulls might have compromised the super hero community by infiltrating their ranks.[244] When dealing with a Symbiote infection in New York City, the two Avengers teams clashed with each other again. Ms. Marvel chose to prioritize the civilians' safety this time, instead of escalating the crisis by opposing the other Avengers.[245] Another truce came when they resisted the enraged Hulk when he attempted to punish humanity through force.[246] Moreover, as the leader of the Avengers, Ms. Marvel led the team to Latveria to dethrone and arrest Doctor Doom for being involved in the Symbiote infection.[247]

Parallel to her duty as the Avengers' leader, Ms. Marvel demanded from Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. a strike force unit to target criminal activities taking place under the radar, especially those related to A.I.M.'s recent genetic terrorist acts. Aboard the Minicarrier 13, Ms. Marvel led agents in the proactive Operation: Lightning Storm formed by the psychic Locke, the cryptic Sum and the genius Baines.[248] She used her new assets to remedy Arachne's situation, reuniting her with her daughter and helping her get a pardon.[249] Ms. Marvel's team was then approached by A.I.M.'s Supreme Scientist Monica Rappaccini, who wished to acquire the G-TAC device before her rival M.O.D.O.K. could. The entire situation was machinated by a pretty unnoticed Madigan, who wished to fracture A.I.M. into several units and had Baines as a mole in Lightning Storm to sabotage Ms. Marvel's operations. As part of a trap, Ms. Marvel was led to M.O.D.O.K., who was able to mind-control Wonder Man against her.[250] Ms. Marvel broke M.O.D.O.K.'s influence and joined Lightning Storm as their resisted the battle as A.I.M. factions fought each other. Locke psychically stopped the fight, which led to Rappaccini get apprehended, but not before M.O.D.O.K. and Madigan teleported away with the G-TAC.[251] The incarcerated Rappaccini alerted Ms. Marvel about the traitor Baines in her ranks, who had allowed M.O.D.O.K. and Madigan to escape. Madigan used the G-TAC to destabilize M.O.D.O.K. as a living bomb in Times Square. Ms. Marvel tackled M.O.D.O.K. to prevent casualties due to the detonation by flying him to the atmosphere. She was affected by the genetic scrambler, but saved the day. Although ultimately put out of commission by Rappaccini, Madigan and Baines were successful in have A.I.M. in disarray, strengthening them against Ms. Marvel.[252]

The failure prompted Ms. Marvel to include superhumans in Lightning Storm; the robot Aaron Stack and the oneiric Sleepwalker joined the unit when several superpowered females went missing, including Araña.[253] Stack tracked the kidnappings to Chile, where Ms. Marvel learned the Puppet Master had been behind the abductions. Subdued by the brainwashed Tigra and Silverclaw, she joined his collection of puppets.[254] Due to the genetic alterations triggered by the G-TEC, Ms. Marvel overcame his control, followed by Araña, who had refused to attack Ms. Marvel for seeing her as a mother figure. The Puppet Master died during a last confrontation against Ms. Marvel, who survived due to her new genetic makeup.[255] Her new condition was examined by Beast and led her to be abducted and depowered by a revived Cru. Ms. Marvel learned that, during their first contact, she had been left with parts of Cru's organism. They communed with each other and joined forces to stop another Brood pod that had landed on Monster Isle.[256] Cru's body was captured, and Ms. Marvel looked for it, only to find the Brood Queen she had killed years before.[257] Araña, Wonder Man and the Lightning Force came to Ms. Marvel's rescue, fighting a horde of Brood in the process. Mortally wounded by the Brood Queen, Ms. Marvel was restored and repowered by Cru, being energized to her Binary form.[258] As Binary, she eradicated the Brood drones, but her new powers faded when confronting the Brood Queen. Cru joined the fight and, at the cost of her own life, allowed Ms. Marvel to finish the Brood Queen for good.[259]

Skrull Invasion[]

During the Superhuman Civil War, Mar-Vell emerged from the Negative Zone, claiming to have been pushed from a period prior to his death in the past to the present. He was kept quarantined by S.H.I.E.L.D.,[260] but eventually ran away and made a public appearance when Ms. Marvel and the Avengers battled a giant robot in New York City.[261] His return caused an immense commotion in the media and in cultists who formed the Church of Hala. Ms. Marvel had the chance to come to terms with having missed the last days of Mar-Vell's life by integrating him to his future. She invited him to the Avengers after declaring her admiration, but he expressed no intention of doing so. They were attacked by the Cobalt Man, who was supposed to be deceased.[262] Mar-Vell soon realized Skrull agents might be infiltrated on Earth. Discussing matters with Ms. Marvel, she mentioned suspicions about his own potential status as a Skrull.[263] As Mar-Vell acted erratically due to the influence of the Church of Hala, Iron Man tasked Ms. Marvel with tricking him and trapping him in the Negative Zone again using a pair of Nega-Bands, which was performed successfully.[264] However, soon they realized Mar-Vell had escaped from his imprisonment.[265]

In her personal life, Danvers dated a restaurant owner named William Wagner,[10] who was in fact secretly a Kree individual undercover.[252] After doing investigation on him, Sarah Day ordered him to stay away from Danvers, as the media spread rumors about a relationship between Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man.[251] During this time, Iron Man became aware of a Skrull duplicate of Ms. Marvel. The doppelgänger killed Wagner, a crime which the real Carol Danvers came under suspicion of when she was found at the local of his death.[266] She was hunted down by her own Lightning Storm colleagues and the Skrull impersonating her. Both were arrested, with S.H.I.E.L.D. being unable to verify the real Ms. Marvel's identity. When a Super-Skrull with the powers of the X-Men attacked Minicarrier 13 and was killed by Ms. Marvel, the other Skrull revealed itself for what it truly was.[267] Ms. Marvel briefly believed the Skrull's claim that Wagner was still alive, only for this to be a trick. As Ms. Marvel confronted the Skrull, it blew Minicarrier 13 up in a suicide attack. Operation: Lightning Storm lost many of its personnel with the attack and was discontinued. Hurt by so much deceit and failures, Ms. Marvel gave in to Wonder Man's romantic feelings for her as they realized Earth was being invaded by Skrulls.[268]

Ms. Marvel and the Avengers went to the Savage Land, a crash site of a Skrull spaceship to where the outlaw Avengers also marched. The ship contained past versions of various super heroes who claimed to be prisoners who had escaped from the Skrulls.[269] When Iron Man was incapacitated by a virus that shut his armor down, Ms. Marvel abandoned the fight to bring him to safety. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he sent Ms. Marvel back to New York to assess the situation and gather reinforcements.[270] Ms. Marvel arrived to the streets of New York, to find them overtaken by Skrull soldiers and resisting heroes. She was attacked by Nick Fury, who believed her to be an impostor.[271] Struggling by herself, she was elated when finishing Skrull agents, until they began assuming human form and blending in with crowds to stop her. Ms. Marvel used low level energy blasts to knock humans out and expose the Skrulls to end them.[272] During her mission, she teamed up with Agent Sum to keep survivors safe in the Raft, where she fought a rabid Super-Skrull created by Hydra with a large array of powers, until it collapsed from exhaustion.[273] She joined humanity in their last stand against the Skrulls, learning that dear allies and friends like Spider-Woman and Hank Pym had been replaced by aliens and that her teammate the Wasp had fallen in battle. In the end, despite so many losses, the Avengers were victorious, and Ms. Marvel welcomed the real Spider-Woman who had been kept captive by the Skrulls back to Earth.[274]


In the aftermath of the invasion, humanity's victory was proven to have come with a price. The Skrull Queen who had impersonated Spider-Woman was terminated by the immoral Norman Osborn, the villainous Green Goblin, who was then granted control over the Initiative in Iron Man's former position. Moreover, Jessica Jones' and Luke Cage's infant daughter was kidnapped by a Skrull who had replaced the Avengers' butler Jarvis.[269] Ms. Marvel joined the outlaw group of Avengers to help them look for the missing baby.[275] They had no choice but resort to Osborn to rescue the child, though refusing to work for him afterwards.[276] The roster of the Avengers Initiative was restructured by Osborn. Danvers adamantly refused to report to duty and respond to him as part of his reformed team of Avengers. Instead, Osborn had Karla Sofen, the criminal Thunderbolt known was Moonstone, officially step in as Ms. Marvel on the Avengers.[277]

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms

Ms. Marvel

To fight Osborn, Ms. Marvel proposed to the Avengers a replication of the trap with power dampening technology her team had used in the past. Osborn sent the Hood's Gang to ambush the Avengers instead. Totally outmatched, Ms. Marvel had Spider-Woman use her bioenergy powers to boost her own powers and make way for a retreat. This incident sedimented the hate relationship that would define the two Avengers groups.[278] Ms. Marvel rejected the offer to lead the Avengers who resisted Osborn, but agreed to be the second in command after Clint Barton. She was also able to acquire a stolen Quinjet as transportation for the Avengers.[279] Foreseeing the upcoming changes in the super hero community, Danvers visited her family as her father fell terminally ill with lung cancer. Unable to emotionally connect with her mother and brother, she awkwardly left, focusing on ending Osborn's rule.[70] Joe Danvers eventually did not resist and passed away.[280]

Danvers learned that Ghazi Rashid was still alive and that Project Ascension was being implemented by Osborn in an attempt to assassinate her in retaliation for her not joining his Avengers.[47] She was joined by Rick Mason and shockingly by a very much alive Michael Rossi to prevent the outcomes of Ascension.[71] With assistance from Aaron Stack and Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel contacted the living databank Essential, who was kept under C.I.A.'s custody, to collect information about Osborn.[281] Rossi also forged her the identity of Catherine Donovan as a way to keep her undercover.[282] Empowered by Ascension, Rashid proved to be an outstanding opponent by targeting political and economic leaderships. Danvers, Rossi and Mason tracked him to Hong Kong. Danvers unpredictably confronted Rashid by herself, only to learn the C.I.A. traitor named Vitamin she had been informed years ago was no one but Michael Rossi.[72] The stress caused by this incident reattached Carol Danvers' memories to the emotional feelings she had long lost to Rogue. In the ensuing battle, Ms. Marvel was overcharged, which triggered her Binary form and allowed her to knock Rashid out. However, this caused her to burst in a flash of light. Ms. Marvel was dead, with Rossi having been hired by Osborn to machinate her demise. In return, Mason executed him. Osborn was successful in his wishes of having Sofen as the only Ms. Marvel active.[36]

Osborn assigned Sofen with Danvers' former mission of deactivating A.I.M.'s units. She was introduced by Reginald Fisher to project Storyteller 2.0, a collection of embryos designed after M.O.D.O.K. and the original Storyteller. Sofen became obsessed with the creatures, taking them with her. At the same time, four energy-based beings also had Storyteller 2.0 as their objective and one of them fought Sofen[283] and Osborn's Avengers to acquire them. Meanwhile, two other energy-based entities approached the outlaw Avengers,[284] who assembled the four creatures only to learn them to be Ms. Marvel, as she was restored by the subjects from Storyteller 2.0.[37] Sofen followed them, being attacked by Danvers at full power in a public and brutal fight. The conflict was stopped by Sofen's teammate, the Sentry.[285] Although restored physically, Ms. Marvel's psyche was fractured, since she could only manifest aspects of her Kree warrior persona, not being able to feel human. The human aspects of her mind were personified by a civilian alter-ego named Catherine Donovan.[286] As a writer residing in Los Angeles, Donovan had been created by the Storytellers from Danvers' desire of being free from her life burdens.[287] A disoriented Ms. Marvel violently invaded the Avengers Tower, but was easily incapacitated by Lily Hollister and kept captive by Osborn. Donovan followed her, being obsessed with the woman she shared a life with. Her presence empowered Ms. Marvel, who escaped and fought Sofen.[288] Eventually, Donovan was murdered by Osborn and fused with Sofen,[287] who, by reclaiming the name Moonstone, was able to will out Donovan from her mind. Danvers and Donovan were merged together, uniting the warrior and the woman as Ms. Marvel. During an ensuing fight with Moonstone, Ms. Marvel removed the moonstone from her body and left her powerless and in terminal condition. She then hid the gem in Sofen's late mother's grave, as a way to inspire Moonstone to redeem herself.[289]

Back to her proper self, Danvers went on a date with Spider-Man in retribution for his help against Osborn. They were attacked by Osborn's agents, but easily stopped them.[290] Soon after, Ms. Marvel decided to resume an investigation she carried out about mysterious murders related to the Church of Hala, the bizarre cult that venerated Mar-Vell. Before her demise, she had approached the alien Noh-Varr, Osborn's replacement for Captain Marvel, and learned from him that the Mar-Vell who inspired the creation of the Church of Hala was really a Skrull and had perished during the war to resist the Skrull invasion.[282] The attacks were performed by another impostor masqueraded as Mar-Vell. She was joined by Rick Mason and Essential to look for answers, being informed the murderer could be Mystique.[291] In fact, Mystique had been manipulating another failed clone of Mar-Vell created by Skrulls during their invasion to torment Ms. Marvel.[292] The disturbed clone attacked Ms. Marvel, succumbing to his unstable condition and detonating himself. To protect civilian lives, Ms. Marvel absorbed the excessive energies. Mystique escaped scot-free, and the experience made Carol Danvers realize enjoying life could be as necessary as trying to best herself.[293]

In a moment of rage, the Avengers' leader Clint Barton decided to murder Osborn in the Avengers Tower, but got captured.[294] Ms. Marvel led a squad of Avengers to his rescue, being successful in her mission. However, their hideout was located and destroyed by Osborn's forces as a consequence. Lamenting their lost home, the Avengers were comforted by the return of the original Captain America to life.[295] Reunited with Ms. Marvel, he assembled the Avengers to depose Osborn[296] as his ill-intended Avengers sieged Asgard.[297] Ms. Marvel teamed up with Spider-Man against Venom during the war, separating him from his symbiote, which bonded with her instead. With Spider-Man's help, she got purged from the infection and defeated Venom.[26] This was followed by the Avengers defeating Osborn.[298] The outlaw Avengers then took an opportunity to hunt down the Hood, who was assisted by the crime-lord Count Nefaria. Ms. Marvel and Wolverine stroke the finishing blow against Nefaria, dismantling his operations. Later on, with Captain America assuming Osborn's position, the Registration Act was revoked, allowing super heroes to act freely again. The Avengers ran independently, and Luke Cage was offered to lead a team based at the Avengers Mansion.[299] Ms. Marvel stayed with Cage's Avengers.[300] Alongside the Avengers, she faced multiple threats, among which the chaos brought by Asgardian God of Fear[301] and a public acceptance drop due to the manipulations of Osborn and his new team of Avengers, which included Superia as Ms. Marvel.[302]

The Legacy of Captain Marvel[]

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The Mighty Captain Marvel

The Avengers formed a task unit to intercept the deadly Phoenix Force as it headed toward Earth ravaging planets on its path. Ms. Marvel composed the team of heroes whose mission was to take out the cosmic entity at any cost.[303] The Avengers could not trap the creature in a special cage they had constructed and sought for refuge in Hala to recover. There, the mad Kree Minister Marvel saw the Phoenix as a source of power to strengthen the Kree Empire and deliver their salvation. He orchestrated the resurrection of Mar-Vell by siphoning the Phoenix Force energies in outer space. Through the psychic influence of the Kree Marvel Mind, an organic Omni-Wave, Ms. Marvel and her teammate Noh-Varr had their wills subdued alongside the resurrected Mar-Vell to serve Minister Marvel.[304] Together, the three Kree warriors defeated and captured the Avengers as a way to guarantee the Phoenix detouring to Hala as planned by Minister Marvel.[305] The Phoenix's arrival disrupted the mind-control effect and the Kree were broken free from the illusion. However, it was too late to evacuate the planet and save its population. With Beast's help, Ms. Marvel linked herself to a white hole to become Binary and negate the Phoenix Force's powers to rechannel them to an alternate plane cast by Thor. Since she could not disperse the totality of the energies, Mar-Vell realized the Phoenix had come to claim the portion of its power that resided within him. He sacrificed himself to save Hala, and the Phoenix departed for Earth. Carol Danvers was inspired by Mar-Vell's noble sacrifice and life history and chose to take on his legacy by adopting the mantle of Captain Marvel.[306][59]

Following the Phoenix to Earth's moon, the Avengers witnessed it possess five of the X-Men following Iron Man's attempt to destroy it.[307] The powerful Phoenix Five soon reshaped the planet according to their views of peace, rendering the Avengers obsolete. The Avengers went to war against the X-Men to dethrone the totalitarian mutant rule.[308] The X-Men started to apprehend Avengers and keep them captive. Danvers contacted Rogue by herself to discuss the evil potential of the Phoenix, but was attacked instead. Defeated, Rogue had Danvers jailed by Magik in a demonic prison created from Limbo.[309] Magik psychologically tortured Danvers until Rogue realized the Phoenix's corrupted ways and decided to break her old nemesis free at the cost of her own liberty.[310] In the end, the Phoenix Five fell to madness, prompting the X-Men to join the Avengers in stopping them.[311] Following the war, Cage and Jones decided to focus on their family and the Avengers disbanded.[312] Captain Marvel was soon recruited into the Avengers Machine project envisioned by Captain America and Iron Man, being part of a powerful team based at the Avenger Tower and being in charge of leading specific field missions.[313]

Danvers rekindled her friendship with Tracy Burke, who struggled with cancer treatment. Another crucial event for her was the death of Helen Cobb.[59] Inheriting Cobb's personal plane, Danvers was transported to the past when first flying it. Emerging in Peru during World War II, she was greeted by the Banshee Squadron, an all-female ferry pilots unit that warred by themselves. Captain Marvel soon identified their enemies counted with Kree technology in spaceships named Prowlers.[314] Teaming up with the Banshees, she helped them defeat the Prowlers. Realizing Cobb had schemed her time-travelling adventure, Captain Marvel was able to teleport some years in the future after finding shrapnel from the Psyche-Magnitron that had been scattered through time and space after its destruction.[315] She then met a young Cobb, who also had found scraps of the machine some time before, but those were confiscated by NASA. Together, they recovered the technology from a NASA facility to solve the mystery involving it. Cobb refused to return the piece to Captain Marvel and they went to the future together, arriving at the moment Carol Danvers first had contact with the Psyche-Magnitron.[316] History repeated itself, with Helen Cobb acquiring Captain Marvel's abilities this time. Carol Danvers believed that Cobb had gifted her the plane as an elaborate ruse to get superpowers as a young woman, but, as they fought each other, the timeline pushed them to the present. Cobb saved Danvers by placing her inside the airplane and sacrificed herself. Back to the present, Carol Danvers fully accepted to carry on the legacy of the rebellious Helen Cobb.[317]

Captain Marvel also had adventures with her allies. While flying Spider-Man to meet his aunt, she stumbled upon the android bank robber Robyn Hood in Boston. Captain Marvel and Spider-Man were caught in a situation with the bank's private security and the robber.[2] Robyn Hood grew to gargantuan size by absorbing energy fired at her and was knocked out by Captain Marvel, who helped her creator Shelley Goodwin prevent her from being treated as a property.[318] In New Orleans, Monica Rambeau invited Captain Marvel to help her investigate boats that had bizarrely gone missing when sailing. Rambeau's collaborator in the area was Frank Gianelli. Diving into the mystery, Danvers and Gianelli were attacked by a giant robot designed by Dr. Hogarth Hamontree and responsible for the recent disappearances.[90] Rambeau joined them to end the threat and converted into her energy form to feed Danvers' powers to destroy the threat.[91]

The Enemy Within[]

Back home, Carol Danvers readjusted to the people in her personal life. She hired the brilliant Wendy Kawasaki as her assistant, helped Gianelli with his humanitarian N.G.O., accompanied Burke in her cancer treatment, hung out with her friend Spider-Woman, and served as a role model for her kid neighbor Kit Renner. Unfortunately, she also faced problems, entering in conflicts with her landlord Mr. Zimmerman for her superhuman duties and being diagnosed by Dr. Nayar with a brain lesion that would cause memory loss if she kept using her flight powers. To solve her health condition, Captain America and Kawasaki provided her with a flying motorcycle. However, she was forced to fly by herself when she was targeted by a new Deathbird, something that worsened her condition.[319] Her illness also had afflicted Helen Cobb, causing her to lose her mind. Captain Marvel was joined by Dakota North in tracking Deathbird, who had been interacting with Danvers' friends and neighbors to torment her. In defeating Deathbird, Captain Marvel unwillingly gave her enemy's creator, a very much alive Yon-Rogg, the opportunity to kindap her neighbor and friend Rose Rucklova.[320] While searching for Rucklova with Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel clashed with the Grapplers. After defeating them, Rucklova was revealed to be in Central Park. When Captain Marvel arrived, she and Thor battled two dinosaurs and found Rucklova. Back to her apartment, Captain Marvel learned that Rucklova's kidnapping was a distraction since her piece of the Psyche-Magnitron had been stolen.[321]

Captain Marvel Vol 8 6 Textless

Yon-Rogg used the Psyche-Magnitron to solicit his return to Hala, but Earth had been an off-limit area by the Intergalactic Council, so his request was denied. Being rejected, he merged himself with the Psyche-Magnitron and decided to reform Earth as his empire. He provided another distraction in the form of a Brood ship that fell to Earth, prompting Captain Marvel and the Avengers to deal with the situation.[322] Moreover, he activated several Kree Sentries to enforce his plan, leading S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand assemble the Avengers all over the world. Simultaneously, Danvers told Zimmerman she could leave her apartment in exchange of footage to learn the identity of the person who had invaded her home. He complied and she recognized Yon-Rogg, linking him to the Kree Sentry crisis.[323] The Kree Sentries projected an energy field around New York City, with Yon-Rogg cannibalizing Captain Marvel as a power beacon to erect a Kree city. Captain Marvel confronted Yon-Rogg by herself, while the Avengers studied ways to finish the crisis. She ultimately flew to space to separate Yon-Rogg from his power source, interrupting the process and preserving New York City, but suffering a great brain damage which cost her a substantial portion of her memories.[324][325]

Disconnected from Yon-Rogg, Captain Marvel could fly again, but faced a long path to reestablish her memories and feelings. Celebrated for having saved the city, she honorably earned the right to reside in the Crown of the Statue of Liberty as gratification. During the public ceremony in Times Square, she was attacked by military drones hacked by Grace Valentine, an electronics genius who hated Captain Marvel for feeling her own accomplishments were marginalized by the media in detriment of superheroics. She used social media algorithms to collect and manipulate information to demoralize Captain Marvel. Her plan failed as the citizens of New York supported Captain Marvel regardless. Infuriated, Valentine set the drones to a murder spree and escaped, but Captain Marvel was able to destroy the threat without any casualties.[326]

Another extraterrestrial crisis was made known to the Avengers through S.W.O.R.D. in the form of the Builder Armada subduing alien societies on their way to Earth in order to destroy it for it secretly was the nexus of the universe-ending Incursions. With the Intergalactic Council having established Earth as a neutral zone, the Avengers had to protect their world by themselves and marched to space to stop the Builders,[327] alongside several alien armies. Captain Marvel led a unit in their first strike, but the plan backfired due to the Builders having numbers much higher than expected, and her spaceship was destroyed.[328] Going Binary, Captain Marvel fought in the vacuum of space, but could not prevent her and her team from being captured by the Builders. She was interrogated about the Avengers counting with so many unique cosmic creatures, especially their creator and the embodiment of e existence Captain Universe.[329] The Avengers rescued Captain Marvel's unit, with Captain America and Captain Marvel reassembling and coming up with strategies to stop the Builders as uncountable worlds were lost.[330] In Captain Universe, the Avengers found a way to gain advantage in the war and stop the Builders.[331] However, with Earth lacking Avengers, the Mad Titan Thanos took the opportunity to conquer it with his lieutenants of the Black Order in order to murder his Inhuman son Thane. Out of gratitude, several alien empires joined the Avengers in their mission to protect their world. Captain Marvel coordinated attacks against Thanos' armada.[332] On Earth, the villain was defeated.[333]

Higher, Further, Faster[]

In order to have Avengers presence intergalactically, Iron Man suggested Captain Marvel to become a representative in outer space to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy. She discussed the offer with Jim Rhodes, fellow former U.S. Air Force pilot and Avenger as the armored hero War Machine, whom she had been pursuing a romance with. Flying to space[334] abroad a spacecraft controlled by the Harrison intelligence, she ventured into the galaxy with her pet Chewie as her companion. Her destination was Torfa, a planet in the Spartax Empire which served as a refugee camp for those afflicted by the Builders, to where the Nowlanian survivor Tic was to be taken. Attacked by the Haffensye mercenaries, Captain Marvel was aided by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who informed her Torfa was afflicted by lethal contamination and was unsuitable for life. Having recognized the leader of the Guardians, Peter Quill, as the son of the tyrant ruler of Spartax J'son who wished to evacuate Torfa, Tic panicked and escaped in Captain Marvel's ship.[335] After seizing her ship back, Captain Marvel discussed matters with Tic and Quill and decided to diplomatic assess the planet's condition by herself.[336]

Landing on Torfa, Captain Marvel was introduced by Tic to the extraterrestrial settlers, in special their ruler Madame Eleanides, the skillful Jackie Lrurt, the edgy Gil, and the gentle Bee. Soon, Captain Marvel realized her arrogance as the political situation in Torfa was more delicate than predicted since ill refugees were stuck in the planet.[336] Captain Marvel and her new allies went to Ursor 2 to hunt down Haffensye who preyed on Torfa's difficult condition, where Captain Marvel spotted that Emperor J'son's agents were involved in the raids.[337] In Ursor 4, Tic went missing to deal with the situation solo, while Captain Marvel found smuggled Vibranium in possession of the Haffensye, connecting the dots about the contamination and the raids in Torfa with J'son's insistence on evacuating the planet. Revealing the situation to Madame Eleanides, Captain Marvel was ordered to stand down as Torfa surrendered to the Spartax Empire.[338] Captain Marvel decided to fight for Torfa, considering Eleanides had made only a political move and in fact wished for her people to be saved by a champion. Guided by Eleanides, Captain Marvel initially resisted the Spartax fleet in Torfa's orbit and then moved to the Vibranium mines to destroy them. Meanwhile, Tic used the resources of the Haffensye to record J'son and blackmail him about his attitude towards the vulnerable survivors. Torfa was safe thanks to Captain Marvel.[339]

Captain Marvel returned to the stars, having Tic back to her ship, where they were surprised by the Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket, who accused Chewie of being a Flerken]], a dangerous alien species with the ability of opening interdimensional portals. A dangerous entity worked its way to acquire Chewie confirming Rocket's accusations. Chewie gave birth to a brood of dozens of hatchlings. To protect her pet, Captain Marvel destroyed the gargantuan creature. Although Captain Marvel chose to leave Chewie and Tic in a relocation center, they refused to abandon her.[340] Captain Marvel continued her adventure in space by keeping track of the Guardians of the Galaxy. When Emperor J'Son disbanded the team by having them separately deal with different enemies, she was not accounted for and saved Peter Quill from his father's palace. Before departing, Quill damaged his father's reputation by publicly exposing his nature as a heartless and corrupt king to Spartax.[64] Quill and Captain Marvel gathered the rest of the Guardians, who had thrived in their challenging situations machinated by J'son.[341] With the Guardians, she found a Helicarrier drifting in space, being met by a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission led by Nick Fury. As Skrulls attacked them, Captain Marvel soon realized the humans were in fact Life-Model Decoys resisting in space since the Kree/Skrull War. Following this nostalgic adventure, Captain Marvel said goodbye to the legion of androids who did a good work in space.[342]

The mutant teleporter and rockstar Lila Cheney happened upon Captain Marvel and Tic in her ship asking for help with dealing with an arranged marriage to Prince Yan of Aladna she had no intention of being part of. The ceremony was interrupted by the cruel Marlo of Sleen, who challenged Cheney for the right of marrying Prince Yan. Captain Marvel fought for Cheney, triumphing over Marlo. She offered an alliance with the Avengers in exchange of freeing Lila Cheney and Yan of their duty. Tic offered to wed Yan instead in a pretense marriage to ease Aladna's situation politically.[343] Out of gratitude, Lila Cheney delivered Captain Marvel letters from her friends on Earth. She learned from the letters that Grace Valentine had been released from prison and used her knowledge to release an army of rats and to plant explosives to terrorize New York City. She was taken for psychiatric evaluation thanks to Captain Marvel's friends. This motivated Captain Marvel to momentarily return to Earth, being transported there by Cheney during Christmas.[344] When visiting a terminal Burke, Captain Marvel was captured by Valentine and her associate, June Covington, the Toxic Doxie. She overpowered the villainesses and placed them under arrest.[345]

Returning to space, Captain Marvel found her ship damaged by the Haffensye with Tic and Chewie missing. She contacted her allies in Torfa for help in locating them.[346] During her journey, her ship collapsed, but with Harrison's assistance she was able to repair it. Going by herself against the Haffensye, Captain Marvel forced them to abandon their fleet by threatening their leader Commander Steigen. The slaves kept captive were freed, but Tic decided to use the Haffensye's resources to put an end in the horror they brought for good, proudly parting ways with Captain Marvel.[347] Meanwhile, J'son was dethroned, assuming the identity of the criminal Mister Knife to reacquire his position. Causing terror in the universe, he wanted to be empowered by the Black Vortex, an item that cosmically unleashed the cosmic potential of those who communed with it. Quill contacted his friends for help.[348] As a result of his machinations, Spartax was trapped by Thane in a timeless construct.[349] Captain Marvel invaded Mister Knife's fortress to secure the Black Vortex[350] and protect it from Thane and Knife's Slaughter Squad. During a difficult fight, Captain Marvel was able to reject the temptation of succumbing to the Black Vortex and tried to convince Thane of abandoning the treacherous Mister Knife, which allowed her to escape.[351] Returning the item to Quill,[352] Captain Marvel witnessed the galaxy being saved from Mister Knife's dreadful plans.[353]

Alpha Flight Space Program[]

Ending her space mission, Captain Marvel returned to Earth, only to find Tracy Burke had passed away. She recollected the moments she had shared with her dear friend in Old Saybrook and waited for her next adventure.[354] The Avengers suffered a schism between Captain America and Iron Man after Steve Rogers learned that Tony Stark's secretive cabal, the Illuminati, were dealing with the Incursion events in which two realities clashed with each other by obliterating alternate Earths.[355] The Avengers were absorbed into S.H.I.E.L.D. to hunt down the Illuminati, with Captain Marvel and War Machine being among Rogers' most trustworthy operatives.[356] In Cádiz, the two groups fought each other, with Captain Marvel tackling the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat,[357][358] until they found a common enemy in the Cabal, a group of villains who also dealt with the incursions with extreme cruelty.[359] Despite their efforts, they could not prevent the final incursion, in which their reality crashed with the only remaining one.[360] The heroes of Earth fought against the end of the world, and Captain Marvel had the chance to meet the new Ms. Marvel, a young Inhuman who had Carol Danvers as her heroic inspiration. Danvers declared how proud she was of her successor.[361]

At the final moments of the Multiverse, Reed Richards put his plan of activating a Life Raft to survive the collapse of the Multiverse. The Manifold teleported some few cosmically chosen heroes into it, including Captain Marvel.[362] They were awakened by Doctor Strange eight years later in Battleworld, a planet cobbled together with segments of destroyed realities, created and ruled by Doctor Doom.[363] After learning what had transpired, the heroes of the old world were sent to combat Doom, with Strange sacrificing himself to send them to different locations to rebel against the tyrant.[364] Captain Marvel happened upon the domain of Bar Sinister, where Mister Sinister had his clone army captured and corrupted her.[365] However, she was able to brutally force him to draw his army to the battle against Doom.[366] Betraying Doom, they murdered one of his generals, Baroness Madelyne Pryor, sparking a challenging war.[367] The heroes ultimately prevailed, which led to the restoration of the Multiverse.[368]

Captain Marvel Vol 9 1 Textless

The head of Alpha Flight

Earth was safe, and a result from the crisis was taking heroes to the cosmos to protect the planet in the form of the Alpha Flight Space Program.[368] At the Triskelion, it shared its ground base with the Wakandan Embassy and the Ultimates' headquarters.[369] The Ultimates were proposed by Captain Marvel to the Black Panther as a group of superhumans assembled to supplant the Illuminati as a non-secretive operation to proactively deal with universal threats. Danvers personally invited Monica Rambeau to join the team.[370] Simultaneously, Captain Marvel acted as the commander of the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station, working closely with Lieutenants Abigail Brand and Wendy Kawasaki in Earth's first line of orbital defense.[41]

While dealing with diplomatic problems with the Eridani, Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight intercepted a dead spaceship that approached their Space Station.[41] Harmed by the ship's defenses, Captain Marvel could not easily heal from the wounds. Back to the station, Brand informed that someone schemed the situation from within Alpha Flight to blame the Eridani. As Kawasaki was a suspect,[371] it sparked tensions between Danvers and Brand. As the mysterious ship started to infect the Space Station, Captain Marvel hallucinated about being a Kree warrior and acted erratically with her personnel. In their investigation, they learned the alien ship to be Satori, a race that had been exterminated by the Kree.[372] A second ship arrived, having an army of Satori Kree-hunters. After evacuating the Station, Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight contacted the Satori ship to inform them that Earthers were not Kree, sending their people back as a sign of peace. However, the Satori unexpectedly fired against their own pilot,[373] and Captain Marvel surrendered herself to the Satori to dialogue. Meanwhile, Brand and Kawasaki found and stopped the traitor to be an ensign who was in fact a dissident Eridani in disguise. In the end, Captain Marvel was still attacked by the Satori, but was ultimately rescued by the Alpha Flight agent Puck. Back to the station, the Satori realized that Earth had no link to the Kree Empire and amicably established relations with Alpha Flight.[374]

Another invader came to the Station in the form of the creature Antimatter. Dr. Tempest Bell informed Captain Marvel to interact with it with no success.[375] This was followed by the emergence of Singularity, a survivor from Battleworld, who recognized Captain Marvel from the A-Force of Arcadia and followed Antimatter to Earth.[376] There, Singularity caught the attention of attorney hero Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk, the queen of the Inhumans Medusa, the witch Nico Minoru and the shiny mutant Dazzler.[377] Captain Marvel assembled the group in Alpha Flight Space Station to envision a plan to stop Antimatter's destructive actions against Singularity.[378] They dispersed the energies of the creature, but this harmed the fabric of reality in different locations.[379] In Oregon, the group found extradimensional interlopers, a version of Dazzler from the Thor Corps and the villain Countess, with the former recognizing the heroes as A-Force and the latter causing problems with mind-control abilities.[380] Overcoming their differences, the group of female heroes united themselves to stop the Countess' manipulative acts, though at the cost of the alternate Dazzler's life. The group officially formed as A-Force to operate under She-Hulk's leadership.[381]

In between her duty in Alpha Flight, Captain Marvel worked with the Ultimates to solve universal problems. She piloted her teammate Blue Marvel to Taa II to find the world eater Galactus. Attacked by Galactus' Punishers, Captain Marvel used Blue Marvel's energies to go Binary and make way to Galactus,[369] allowing the Ultimates to transform him into a Lifebringer and end his trajectory of death.[382] The Shi'ar Majestor Gladiator contacted Captain Marvel about their interference, putting the Ultimates on the cosmic scenario.[383] As their main following mission, the Ultimates wished to assess the damage in space-time, unaware that the embodiment of existence Eternity was kept caged. Moreover, the crisis allowed the return of the Mad Titan Thanos to the universe. Galactus intervened in their exploration, giving Captain Marvel a glimpse of the structure and the fluidity of space-time.[384]

Civil War II[]

Provided with a scope of numerous possible threats with the Ultimates, Captain Marvel developed an intense concern for the long-term well-being of the planet.[385] A possible answer to her worries was found in the form of a newly-developed Inhuman called Ulysses Cain, who possessed the power of precognition with an extreme degree of accuracy. He provided Queen Medusa with privileged information about a Celestial Destructor coming to Earth, allowing the superhuman community to prepare themselves to satisfactorily deal with the situation. When celebrating the victory, Captain Marvel expressed her wishes of adopting Ulysses' visions in a more consistent way, something Iron Man adamantly opposed to for not believing in the accuracy of predictive justice.[386] On the other hand, the board of supporters for Alpha Flight recommended her to integrate Ulysses' abilities with her functions. She was compelled to make use of Ulysses' visions after one of Alpha Flight's missions against the Kree scientist Dr. Minerva saw a number of civilians mutated and killed by an experimental biological weapon that had been deployed before they became aware of it.[387] In a subsequent attempt following Minerva's escape, Captain Marvel was updated by the Inhumans to effectively locate and incapacitate the alien mad scientist.[388]

As Ambassador Extraordinary for humanity, she was informed by the Shi'ar that a Cosmic Cube was being created by Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. After evaluating the situation with Dr. Adrienne Brashear, she ordered the dangerous project to be shut down.[385] Confirming her worries, the Cosmic Cube attracted the coming of Thanos to Earth. Being prepared due to Ulysses' preemptive warnings, Captain Marvel ambushed Thanos with the might of War Machine, the Ultimates and A-Force. Tragically, War Machine was killed in action and She-Hulk was left in a coma following the deadly attack. Thanos was arrested, but at the cost of the life of Captain Marvel's lover and Iron Man's best friend,[389] which raised tensions between them.[386][390] Iron Man kidnapped Ulysses to examine his abilities, igniting the rage of the Inhumans. Captain Marvel asked to deal with the situation herself, but, when approaching Iron Man, they acquired the information that the Hulk would cause a tragedy during a rampage.[391] Captain Marvel and Iron Man approached him for interrogation alongside many other super heroes, which culminated with the Hulk's death at the hands of Clint Barton. After this incident, Captain Marvel was sanctioned to make extensive use of Ulysses' abilities to provide super hero units with intel about criminal activities before they could happen,[392] more expressively the arrest of the inoffensive Stewart Cadwall and his powerful Thundersword.[393] She also assigned Ms. Marvel to supervise the Cadets in charge of her preventive missions.[394]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) vs

Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel

In order to verify the precision of Ulysses' visions, Captain Marvel hired Spider-Woman to do investigations on his predictions.[395] A vision from Ulysses turned out to be wrong after Captain Marvel arrested an innocent finance banker named Alison Green who was accused of being a Hydra agent. Iron Man then enlisted several super heroes who opposed to profiling to attack the Triskelion and rescue Green, which fractured the superhuman community.[396][397] Meanwhile, Captain Marvel had recruited the Guardians of the Galaxy,[398] outmatching Iron Man and his allies. In the ensuing battle between Iron Man's and Captain Marvel's forces, the Triskelion and the Guardians' ship were destroyed. The conflict was then cut short when a new vision from Ulysses announced Captain America's death at the hands of the new Spider-Man on the steps of the Capitol Building, with Captain Marvel declaring her intentions of placing the young hero under arrest.[399]

Captain Marvel lost the support of her important allies Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman and the Black Panther,[400][401][402] with the last rupture causing the official dissolution of the Ultimates.[403] Additionally, she lost the support of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who eroded from within after they learned she had not shared with them the information about Thanos being kept on Earth. Gamora directly attacked Captain Marvel for her betrayal.[404] Alpha Flight was also affected when a virus corrupted the systems of the Alpha Flight Space Station, suggesting an infiltrator. With Ulysses informing Captain Marvel her teammate Aurora would fight her in the near future, Captain Marvel accused her of sabotage. Her interference ironically triggered the very fight she wished to prevent, setting her apart from her Alpha Flights teammates.[405] The real mastermind was revealed to be the Canadian liaison to Alpha Flight, in fact the Master of the World. Captain Marvel had been aware of his plans, but was not prepared to fight him empowered by the Thundersword. Although Captain Marvel was able to stop him by releasing Cadwall, this cost her the trust of her team.[406]

When both Spider-Man and Captain America traveled to the Capitol to prove the vision wrong, a final and brutal battle between Captain Marvel and Iron Man took place for Spider-Man's fate.[407] Captain Marvel violently overpowered Iron Man, destroying his armor. Losing the fight, his damaged body slipped into a coma. This was followed by Ulysses ascending as a cosmic entity and leaving Earth, as his abilities evolved beyond human comprehension. Captain Marvel was decided to follow her agenda of planetary security[408] and gained enormous public support on Earth and military power in Alpha Flight due to her efficient actions.[8]

As Earth's mightiest law-enforcer, Captain Marvel enlisted Jessica Jones to perform a secret mission to prevent superhumans from being killed. To accomplish that, Jones pretended to have gone rogue, being even arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., but was bailed out by Alison Green. When secretly briefing Captain Marvel, they realized Green was the mastermind behind a complex anti-super hero agenda.[409] With Jessica Jones at her side, Green had her agent Spot subdue Captain Marvel and announced her intentions of harming the teenage heroes of the Champions. Captain Marvel and Jessica Jones then joined forces and revealed their ruse, knocking Greene out and having her under arrest.[106]

Alien Nation[]

One of Alpha Flight's main financers was Wacker Studios, which produced the series Cap'n Marvel to capitalize on Captain Marvel's popular image, much to her disgust. Simultaneously, the mysterious individual Mim raided an alien refugee camp under Alpha Flight's supervision, catching Captain Marvel's attention as one of the kidnapped targets was a Kree child. The orphan kid was rescued and baptized Bean, but the bounty hunter escaped.[410] Bean disrupted Captain Marvel's abilities,[411] leading her to contact the alien virologist Hopper from Stark Industries for help. Captain Marvel eventually located Mim, but lost Bean to her after collapsing due to her disrupted powers.[412] Following Mim back to camp, Captain Marvel learned that she was an artificial construct built by Doctor Eve, who had impersonated Captain Marvel's therapist and genetically modified a group of Kree children to energize a machine and empower her. Captain Marvel destroyed her plans, but Bean's body could not survive the ordeal and became a being made of energy while Doctor Eve escaped.[413]

Regarding the Ultimates, Captain Marvel and Black Panther discussed their dissolution, with Black Panther arguing that he parted ways the moment Captain Marvel chose to use the team for her local interests. They maintained the group operational in secrecy, following Galactus' orientations and America's leadership.[414] Captain Marvel hid her association from Alpha Flight, teaming up with the Ultimates in times of need,[415] but they could not keep their association a secret from their former supervisor Philip Vogt and his Troubleshooters, who tracked Captain Marvel's activities to Taa II[416] and attacked the Ultimates.[417] During the fight, the two groups were introduced to the First Firmament, the embodiment of the first iteration of existence which trapped Eternity and corrupted Galactus again.[418] The scale of the crisis incapacitated the Troubleshooters and, after Galactus was restored, the Ultimates went back to operate under the legislation of Alpha Flight.[419]

After S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill was discharged, she evaded arrest to deliver Captain Marvel the plans for the Planetary Defense Shield, an impenetrable artificial force field capable of protecting Earth from external threats.[420] Captain Marvel personally endorsed the creation of the Shield to the President,[421] and its generator was built to eventual use.[422] Unbeknownst to her, the Shield was a ploy by Captain America, who had been cosmically supplanted by a Hydra-loyalist doppelgänger. He triggered a Chitauri invasion to Earth alongside other incidents that allowed him to take power over S.H.I.E.L.D. and incapacitate the super hero community. Captain Marvel led a team of Earth's heavy-hitters to space to fend off the swarm of aliens. The Planetary Defense Shield was effective to keep the Chitauri endless hordes away from the planet, but kept Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight, the Ultimates, the Guardians of the Galaxy and many other crucial champions, including the new Quasar, stranded outside of the planet.[423]

A trio of promising cadets who had recently joined Alpha Flight, namely the resourceful Dante Cruz, the mighty Glory, and the brilliant A'di,[424] attempted to communicate with Earth by themselves, which prompted Captain Marvel to worry about their safety. They managed to briefly contact Wendy Kawasaki on Earth[425] and subsequently devise an apparatus to eradicate the Chitauri more effectively.[426] The Ultimates considered asking Galactus for help, but he refused to intervene. Meanwhile, Monica Rambeau attempted to breach the Shield by herself, but got trapped. Captain Marvel used her powers to reincorporate her form.[427]

Captain Marvel and her forces were attrited over the ever-increasing hordes of Chitauri, but refused to abandon Earth.[428] The Alpha Flight Cadets identified that the Chitauri had been attracted by eggs nested on Earth, which should be destroyed to stop the invasion.[426] After sacrificing the Alpha Flight Space Station by detonating it to breach the Shield proved to be a failure, Quasar miraculously obliterated it. No longer separated from the planet, Captain Marvel exterminated the Chitauri Queen eggs that attracted the Chitauri swarm, fending them off for good. Inspired by the renegade Captain America Sam Wilson, she joined the rest of the heroes in opposing Hydra.[429] The ensuing battle led to the end of the Hydra Empire and the return of the original Captain America through the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik,[430] who also momentarily sent some heroes to the past to connect themselves with their idol figures. Captain Marvel emerged in the Negative Zone and teamed up with Mar-Vell to depose the tyrant Annihilus before returning to the present.[431] In the aftermath of Hydra's fall, Alpha Flight's funding proved hard to maintain with the loss of the Station and they were temporarily deactivated; Captain Marvel temporarily moved to Spider-Woman's apartment.[432]

Infinity Wars[]

Bean made contact with Captain Marvel, alerting her of an imminent danger. When trying to locate Bean, was abducted into an alternate reality by Doctor Eve,[433] who searched for the Reality Stone. In this reality Carol Danvers was a Corporal and the leader of Zeta Flight, a group of space pirates. Captain Marvel had no choice but to assume her counterpart's identity, which brought her into conflict with the Widower and the Ravagers, a rival pirate gang led by her "nemesis" Lord Starkill.[434] She was eventually captured along with her allies and opponents by Thanos, who was a benevolent peacekeeper in this reality. Captain Marvel and the pirates were able to escape with the Reality Stone.[435] Doctor Eve, who was revealed to be a Kree survivor, took Danvers to Hala with plans of having Bean possess her body. Her plan was to use the Reality Stone to bring an intact Hala to replace the destroyed Hala from their home universe. Captain Marvel managed to stop the process and instead used the Reality Stone to return to her home universe without Doctor Eve.[436]

In possession of the Reality Stone, Captain Marvel defeated the fugitive warlord Blastaar. During the battle, she could connect with her other Captains Marvel from across the Multiverse. In a self-discovery journey, she reflected on her history and acknowledged her past mistakes, which reinforced her sense of self.[437] She was contacted by Doctor Strange alongside other possessors of the Infinity Stones,[438] joining a new version of the Infinity Watch.[439] However, they were quickly put out of commission by an insane Gamora, who had become obsessed with collecting the Infinity Stones and betrayed her allies for it. Captain Marvel tackled Gamora by herself, but was defeated and lost the Reality Stone.[440] Gamora folded the universe, melding it to combat the creature Devondra, but was eventually defeated by her former allies, returning reality to its former iteration.[441]

Alpha Flight went to the skies again. On duty, Captain Marvel tackled corpses of Celestials falling to Earth. The crisis was caused by the Final Host of Dark Celestials as a result of the machinations of Loki. Captain Marvel joined other heroes to protect Earth.[442] She used warp grenades designed by Alpha Flight to move the threat to the sun,[443] but Loki prevented her from doing so by teleporting Captain America instead. Iron Man reprimanded her for her plan, recalling the issues they had had during the Second Superhuman Civil War.[444] Black Panther reassembled the group as the Avengers and, alongside Captain Marvel, concluded the Dark Celestials had been infected by the parasitical Horde.[445] Energizing herself with the Horde's signature, Captain Marvel was able to exterminate the creatures.[446] In the end, the Avengers stopped the Final Host[447] and moved to the North Pole, in the ruins of the Progenitor Celestial corpse, now the Avengers Mountain. Iron Man requested Captain Marvel to stay with the team despite their differences and past issues, which she complied with it in return of equality among the members of the team.[49]

Falling Star[]

The Avengers soon realized Captain Marvel dealt with rage issues, manifested by her brutality against enemies such as Tanalth the Pursuer and Moonstone. Iron Man suggested she could be suffering with family traumas, prompting her to visit her mother Marie and her brother Joe Jr. in their summer house in Harpswell Sound, Maine. Her return got her close to an old flame from her youth, Little Louis. After coping with the death of her abusive father with her brother, Captain Marvel tragically saved him from a car accident which was followed by a long recover that took her away from her activities in the Avengers and in Alpha Flight. Spending weeks with her family, she found evidence that her father might have had an affair with another woman in the past.[448] As Carol confronted her mother about her father's infidelity, the town was attacked by a Kree Kleaner following the activation of a tracker accidentally triggered by Carol herself when searching items from her father's garage.[31] The creature had been sent for Marie, or Mari-Ell, for her desertion, which forced her to reveal her true nature to her children.[1] Carol joined forces with her mother to fight the creature, when Mari-Ell was fatally injured and died in Carol's arms. Inspired by her mother's life, Captain Marvel resumed her super hero activities with the Avengers.[99]

Captain Marvel returned to Earth, but her leave of absence on space had an impact on her public perception. Iron Man put her in contact with Ripley Ryan for an interview, during which Captain Marvel reconnected with Jim Rhodes but was also challenged by the Nuclear Man.[449] He kidnapped Ripley ant took her to an area surrounding Roosevelt Island inaccessible to males, which was under his total control. Captain Marvel followed them, getting trapped alongside many other female super heroes, including Hazmat, a deadly superhuman Iron Man had asked her to advise. The female rebellion had intelligence from Som,[450] the Nuclear Man's son. Captain Marvel assumed the leadership of the resistance and prepared the survivors to fight back. Infiltrating the villain's Citadel, she assessed a laboratory where manned "Metal-Men" units were produced, but was caught in an ambush as an alarm went off. Staying behind to cover Som and Spider-Woman's escape,[451] she was traumatically forced to fight a mind-controlled Rogue, for the Nuclear Man wished to test a bride to birth him strong offspring. The rebellion launched a final attack on the citadel, and Captain Marvel allowed Rogue to absorb her essence to overpower the Nuclear Man.[452] Restored to their bodies, Captain Marvel and Rogue assisted the rebellion, leading a cornered Nuclear Man to teleport himself and his son away. After the barrier was put down, Captain Marvel and all of the female prisoners returned safely.[453]

The Avengers were Earth's first defense against the invasion of Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Council, the last battle of his War of the Realms.[454] Captain Marvel made herself responsible of coordinating Earth's military response with a group of supersoldiers.[455] The sorceress Enchantress took over South America with a legion of the undead. Oriented by a vision, Black Widow contacted Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange to oppose the tyrant, who cast a body-swapping spell to confuse them. Captain Marvel struggled to acquire basic skills to wield Doctor Strange's magical abilities. Overcoming her arrogance, she was able to turn the Enchantress' army against her and break the spell.[456] She then tended to the invasion all over the globe, assembling a group of War Avengers to enter the trenches of the battles,[457] including a direct strike at Malekith, who managed to escape.[458] Captain Marvel ultimately directed her ire to Muspelheim's ruler, Sindr the Queen of Cinders, violently destroying the fire demoness in Shanghai, which was integral in stopping the Dark Council's attempt of seizing the world.[459]

When investigating investigated thefts of Kree technology from Damage Control's warehouses they supervised, Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel found the culprit to be Dr. Walter Lawson, who under the alias of Wastrel commanded Kree androids.[460] Wishing to take revenge on the Kree, he stole their technology to contact and ambush the aliens. A distress call summoned Starforce to assess the situation.[461] With Wastrel admitting his crimes, the two super heroines fended the aliens off. During the fight, Wastrel revealed that he had rebuilt the Psyche-Magnitron as a depowering device, but Ms. Marvel destroyed the machine while Captain Marvel tried to reason with him. The super heroine duo parted ways following Wastrel's incarceration by the Kree.[462]

Back from Roosevelt Island, Ryan wrote a piece about Captain Marvel being an incompetent hero, which coincided with the revelation of her mother's origins to the public. Accused to be an alien traitor, Captain Marvel was expelled from the military, resigned from Alpha Flight and experienced a drastic reduction in her power levels. When combating monstrous Krakens-like vessels of Kree origin, she felt weak and was outperformed by a new super hero going by the name of Star. Iron Man identified a Kree device within Captain Marvel's chest draining her powers. With her human life falling apart, Captain Marvel was approached by Doctor Minerva, who recognized her as a fellow Kree warrior. In Minerva's secret lab, Captain Marvel found out she had designed the monsters[463] with plans of undermining Captain Marvel's reputation, which included empowering Star with Captain Marvel's energies through the devices vectored by the Krakens. This prompted Captain Marvel to confront Star in Times Square, when she removed the device in her chest to sever Star from her own powers and learned that Star was Ripley Ryan. However, Star could siphon power from all the people exposed to the Krakens' attacks, dangerously draining their energies instead.[464] Reconnected to device in order to prevent Star from killing innocent people, Captain Marvel was forced to rip Star's own device to finally arrest her. The ordeal had people trust in Captain Marvel again.[465]

Captain Marvel Vol 10 12 Spot Color Virgin Variant

Pressured by the rising numbers of Kree refugees due to the destruction of Hala, Captain Marvel fell to Vox Supreme, who bonded her to a controlling suit and blackmailed her into terminating the Avengers, threatening to detonate explosives within all of the Kree refugees' camps. Using S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Project Gemini, Captain Marvel tricked Vox Supreme with dead clones of the Avengers for him to harvest their DNA, while keeping the real Avengers protected within Singularity.[466] Each member of the Avengers was knocked out by Captain Marvel as part of her ruse. However, when returning to Vox Supreme, she was subdued as the last Avenger to fall into his clutches.[467] The captured Captain Marvel activated a device made by Iron Man to destroy her suit and stagger Vox Supreme. When Vox Supreme used his powers to throw Captain Marvel at the tube filled with Avengers' DNA, she was temporarily infused with their powers and was able to successfully trap her captor within a confinement coffin meant to cage her. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel's allies disposed of the bombs from the Kree camps to avoid further casualties, saving the day.[468]


Captain Marvel Vol 10 18 Textless

After receiving a distress signal from the Blue Area of the Moon, Captain Marvel and the Avengers found it overtaken by the Cotati, long-term adversaries of the Kree, who informed them the Kree/Skrull Alliance posed a threat to Earth. Captain Marvel considered mobilizing Brand and Alpha Flight to diplomatically deal with the situation, but was discouraged by the Cotati, who asked for an immediate response from the Avengers.[469] The Avengers found the Alliance to be ruled by Hulkling, Mar-Vell's Kree/Skrull hybrid son and former Young Avenger, which led the Cotati to reveal their true intention of conquering the entire universe and eradicate flesh-based life.[470] Captain Marvel joined the Alliance armada and the Fantastic Four to kill the vegetal infection. She endangered herself to redirect the energies in Hulkling's Star Sword, but was revived by Reed Richards with the Universal Weapon that once belonged to Ronan, the Accuser. Honorably, she was gifted the weapon by Tanalth and became an Accuser for the Alliance.[21]

Amidst the war between the Alliance and the Cotati, the Accuser Captain Marvel was tasked by Hulkling to accuse a rogue Kree supersoldier who had massacred the sanctuary city of K'in-Al in Mar-Da'en. Her target Lauri-Ell was revealed to be a genetically engineered offspring of Mari-Ell, thus being also Captain Marvel's genetic half-sister, which led her to ignore her orders and take her prisoner to Earth.[15] There, she asked Doctor Strange to generate replica projections of her weapon to War Machine, Spider-Woman, and Hazmat, in order to resume her investigation in Mar-Da'en with an Accuser Corps.[471] Captain Marvel identified the criminal to be Wastrel and apprehended him.[472] Back to Earth, the Accuser Corps joined Lauri-Ell in rescuing Kit Renner from the Cotati, when Lauri-Ell was able to wield the Universal Weapon, worthy of the role of Accuser. She soon returned the item to Captain Marvel, the official Accuser.[473]

Captain Marvel proposed to use the Star Sword to empower herself again and kill the Cotati empire, but Emperor Hulkling refused to do so for it would mean her sacrifice.[474] Instead, he unreasonably proposed to deploy the world-ending Pyre. Captain Marvel and the Human Torch rebelled against the Emperor. Cast away, they met Hulkling's husband Wiccan, who suggested that the Emperor had been replaced.[475] The three then freed Hulkling. He had been restrained and replaced by his Skrull grandmother R'Klll, who had ignited the Pyre to destabilize the sun.[476] Captain Marvel, the Human Torch and Wiccan attempted to disable the device and tame the solar energies. As the Alliance ultimately turned on R'Klll, their combined might, along with Iron Man's assistance, saved the sun.[477] Following the defeat of the Cotati, Captain Marvel gave the mantle of Accuser to Lauri-Ell. During the celebration the wedding of Wiccan and Hulkling, Abigail Brand lashed out at Captain Marvel for not having called Alpha Flight, announcing her intentions of abandoning it to recreate S.W.O.R.D..[478]


In a dystopic future, the son of the Enchantress and Namor called Ove ruthlessly ruled the world after the apocalypse. Using demonic creatures from Limbo to cause terror, he met opposition in a resistance formed by Jessica Drew, Emma Frost and several children of notable super heroes. Captain Marvel emerged in this reality[40] and her arrival sparked his interest. Invited to meet him in his luxurious sanctuary in New Atlantis,[479] she suspected something was wrong and found a caged Magik to be the source of the demonic invasions. Ove and the Enchantress fought back to restrain Captain Marvel,[480] whose power would enable him to travel back in time before the cataclysm. The resistance broke Captain Marvel free by having Brigid empower her with Mjolnir.[481] Although Ove was defeated by Captain Marvel, he escaped to the past with his own mother's life force. With the world freed from the tyrant ruler, Jessica Drew sacrificed herself to have Magik send Captain Marvel to her proper time, where she had to cope with the information she had got from the potential future. Having met Carol Rhodes, War Machine's daughter with another woman, Captain Marvel decided to break up with her lover as a way not to undermine the brilliant girl's possible birth.[482]

Having Ove as her priority, Captain Marvel considered wielding magic to oppose him. Simultaneously, afflicted by her tragic break-up, she ended up spending an awkward night with Doctor Strange.[483] She asked Strange for help in introducing her to magic, but was met by rejection both from him and the rest of the magical community. Instead, she turned to the Enchantress,[484] who had her get the Heart of the Serpent, an artifact that could cancel out magical powers.[485] The ordeal led the Enchantress to learn about the existence of her future son Ove, causing her to turn against Captain Marvel. Thanks to Doctor Strange, War Machine teamed up with her, and they patched their relationship up when fighting Ove. Captain Marvel tricked him into drinking the Heart of the Serpent potion, which stripped him of his magical abilities. In the end, Doctor Strange alerted Captain Marvel that her unethical decision of depowering a magician could have possible repercussions within the magical community. Following the recent incidents and her challenges into seeing herself as a super hero, Captain Marvel approached Ms. Marvel so she could understand the reasons that made the young heroine be inspired by her, reconnecting herself to the simpler goal of helping those in need.[486]

While enjoying a vacation with War Machine to celebrate her Air Force reinstatement, Captain Marvel was recruited by Lauri-Ell to deal with the Sludge, a faulty waste-eating creature in the Kree Galaxy that had collected Mar-Vell's and their mother's DNA samples.[487] This was followed by Captain Marvel being attacked by another Captain Marvel, revealed to be Phyla-Vell of the Guardians of the Galaxy wearing Vox Supreme's controlling suit, who informed many "Marvels" were being targeted.[488] Captain Marvel protected Ms. Marvel from Vox Supreme's mind-controlled lackeys and had Lauri-Ell take her to Iron Man, but her allies Spider-Woman, War Machine and Hazmat were subdued and assimilated. Following coordinates provided by Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel confronted Vox Supreme on the revived planet New Hala, Mar-Vell's resting site. Vox Supreme trapped Captain Marvel in the "Faraday cage" she had trapped him in and released her in outer space.[489] Inspired by Rambeau's abilities, Captain Marvel momentarily created an energy duplicate of herself to destroy her prison. Although free, she was overtaken by a version of Mar-Vell, who captured by Vox Supreme once again. As Phyla-Vell fended Vox Supreme and Mar-Vell off, Captain Marvel manifested the energy duplicate,[490] who took permanent form and adopted the identity of Binary after the prisoners were all cleaned from Vox Supreme's control. Forced to battle an army formed by the Sludge, the Captain Marvels were joined by Ms. Marvel, Lauri-Ell, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy,[491] and Emperor Hulkling. The heroes obliterated Vox Supreme's army and destroyed his colony in New Hala. Captain Marvel and Binary went to a final match against Vox Supreme, who claimed that Binary herself was the result of his plans of creating a legacy for the Kree species. This caused her to unleash her power at him and destroy his body.[492]

After answering a distress call for help from Bean, Captain Marvel was arrested in K'rsak as part of a plan to infiltrate their prison system to rescue her friend alongside the Starjammers. Bean was evading the Hala Four, a rogue initiative that ran experiments on Dr. Eve's former subjects for power. In their prison break, Captain Marvel and the Starjammers caused mayhem as the Hala Four tracked Bean. However, after believing Bean to have been executed, the villains departed. Captain Marvel secretly left Bean safe with Doctor Istra alongside other Hala Children.[25]

Back to Earth, Captain Marvel helped Binary adjust to her new existence, but magically vanished leaving her friends confused.[493] Summoned by the witch Agatha Harkness, she was placed on trial of worth due to her transgressions against the magical community. Accused by the Enchantress, Captain Marvel was advocated by the Scarlet Witch,[494] being ultimately sentenced to become a monster-hunter in a village with no memories about her true condition.[495] In her adventures, she decided to raise the offspring of one of the beasts she had slayed. Not able to settle for a verdict, the tribunal maintained the simulation. With the Scarlet Witch's help, Captain Marvel overcame the illusion and returned to Earth, but was met by a monster the Enchantress had turned Kit Renner into.[496] Choosing to yield to the monster, Captain Marvel witnessed it transform back into Renner. The Scarlet Witch took responsibility for the fate of Captain Marvel, who was released. In the end, Binary chose to depart to space to find an identity of her own,[497] but was soon captured by the Brood.[498]

After receiving distress calls from Rogue and Binary, Captain Marvel and her allies went to the X-Men's Treehouse to brief Rogue's teammates. Captain Marvel took lead of the investigation, being accompanied by some X-Men, ultimately finding Rogue infected by the Brood adrift in outer space.[499] The Brood Rogue easily outmatched them and escaped, being tracked to Ceia II. There, they were placed in an illusory setting by the Brood,[500] which was dissolved by the X-Men Gambit and Psylocke. Captain Marvel commanded the group to tackle the Brood and dismantle their operation to save Rogue and Binary,[501] who were trapped in a prison-like installation.[502] In order to free Binary, Captain Marvel chose to trade places with her in the machine she had been caged in. Rogue informed them the Brood Empress sought to create an army of super-powered drones using Captain Marvel as a revenge plan against the Kree Empire due to the creation of the controlling device known as the King Egg, which restricted the Brood's freedom.[503] While infecting Captain Marvel, the Empress was opposed by Binary, who was slain in the process. Binary's demise catalysed a power ascension in Captain Marvel, who broke free to avenge her friend.[504] Captain Marvel executed the Brood Empress, and Rogue helped her stabilize her immense power levels back to safety.[505]


Carol Danvers' recent adventures inspired her to be an example of heroism to the community.[506] Elected as the new Avengers' chairperson, she recruited a new team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to protect the planet and bring safety to the people. When battling Terminus, who ravaged Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. in search for an energy source, Captain Marvel was transported through a disrupted black hole generator out of time and space only to meet a moribund Kang the Conqueror.[67] After rescuing him, in an unusual team-up, Captain Marvel used his privileged futuristic intel to coordinate the Avengers in different lifesaving missions. In exchange for his cooperation, Captain Marvel assisted Kang in dealing with temporal events called the tribulation events.[507] In this context, Captain Marvel led her Avengers to resist the vile members of the Ashen Combine, who threatened the planet. With their enemies defeated, the Avengers occupied their intelligent headquarters in the Impossible City.[508]

After investigating an anomalous distortion in deep space, Captain Marvel was kidnapped alongside civilians to an alternate plane. This was the work of the mystic alien mastermind Nada and her minion, Nitro. While Nada wished for global collapse for having her planet corrupted by Earth's technological waste, Nitro sought revenge against the legacy of Captain Marvel.[509] Nitro was able to ambush Captain Marvel,[510] which allowed Nada to corrupt the civilians who had accompanied Captain Marvel into the Feral Five.[511] At Nada's mercy, Captain Marvel had to confront her enemies to protect the planet.[512] Nada escaped to Earth with the Feral Five. Spider-Women carried out a rescue mission to retrieve Captain Marvel, which was a success as they left Nitro behind to save the Feral Five. On Earth, Nada's influence was broken thanks to Captain Marvel and her plans had to be postponed.[513]

In her vigilantism, Captain Marvel crossed paths with the mysterious Omen, a vicious teleporter with energy-absorbing powers who trapped her in the Negative Zone. Another target of the Omen was Genis-Vell, since she was after the Nega-Bands. However, the mischievous thief and magic curator called Yuna Yang collected the Nega-Bands before the Omen could. Yang became cosmically attached with Danvers after she activated the Nega-Bands to resist the Omen. Sharing the same space, their bond had one of them at all times on Earth, while the other was locked in the Negative Zone, similarly to Rick Jones' connection to the previous Captain Marvel.[514] Being forced to adjust to their new condition, Captain Marvel and Yuna Yang prepared themselves to oppose the Omen, who corrupted Genis-Vell to act as her lackey.[515] On the run, they arrived at the Sanctum Sanctorum, where they learned that the Negative Zone struggled with an energetic instability, prompting them to find a solution that involved deploying an artifact, the Ringing Box, that was hidden in the Negative Zone.[516] In a heist, they retrieved the item from a fortress, which contained the essence of the Omen's idol, the Undone.[517]


Power Grid[542]
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Carol Danvers is a Human/Kree Hybrid[518] whose latent genetic makeup and warrior instincts were triggered after being exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron machine fueled by the cosmic Nega-Bands,[60][45] a process which turned her into a flying powerhouse.[4] Moreover, she was subjected to experiments performed by cruel Brood scientists that physically linked her to primal forces of the universe.[3] Since then, she has been able to absorb, process and rechannel diverse forms of energy.[519] She was reputed as one of the most powerful persons in the known universe.[520]

Flight: Captain Marvel is capable of propelling herself through the atmosphere and outer space at tremendous speeds.[4][59] Her ability to fly has been described as a natural capacity of sailing the planet's electromagnetic field.[61] Although her top speed is unknown, she is capable of interplanetary flight, suggesting, at least, that she can go beyond ultrasonic limits.[339][341] After first losing her Binary-level powers, Danvers proved incapable of achieving orbit or surviving unaided in space, though she was highly intoxicated when she attempted to do so which may have hampered her progress.[162] She has since proved capable of surviving and fighting in the vacuum of space.[59]

Enhanced Physiology: Carol Danvers' organism was cellularly rebuilt to transform her into a perfect amalgamation of the Kree and the human genomes.[45] Even unable to access her special powers, her body condition and functions remained significantly above those of an average human being.[19] As Captain Marvel, she displays incredible physical capacities which can be further boosted by external energy she may absorb.[238]

  • Superhuman Strength: Captain Marvel is superhumanly strong thanks both to her hybrid organism[61] and to her ability of enhancing her physique by absorbing energy.[238] The specific level of strength has varied over the years and is dependant on how empowered she is. Originally, she was described to have the strength of ten Kree soldiers.[104] After becoming Binary, her strength levels were deemed to be potentially unlimited;[141] although these levels were significantly reduced, she remained incredibly strong in comparison to other superhumans.[5] However, since she is able to absorb and manipulate various types of energy, she can use this redirected energy to temporarily increase her physical strength even further.[259] Currently, her strength level at its resting rate allows her to support well over one hundred tons, as she was able to support the weight of a dead Celestial as one fell to Earth.[443] As a demonstration of her unlimited potential, when boosted by the energies of a nuclear explosion, she was able to knock the near-omnipotent Sentry out.[238]
  • Superhuman Durability and Stamina: The tissues of Carol Danvers' body are considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of an ordinary human. She is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, great impact forces, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining any injury. Her organism produces considerably less fatigue than an ordinary human during physical activity. While channeling the energy she has absorbed, her body's resilience and endurance gets extended to an even greater degree.[158][222]
  • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: Danvers' agility, balance, and bodily coordination were enhanced to levels significantly beyond the natural limits of the human body. Her reflexes were heightened to the point of being virtually instantaneous.[19]
  • Healing: Captain Marvel boasts a healing ability which she can consciously push to an extant, boasting a healing factor supplemented by absorbing energy.[521]

Energy Absorption and Manipulation: After being experimented on by the Brood, Carol Danvers gained the ability to process various types of energy, in the form of light, heat, radiation, and gravity.[3] Although severed from her unlimited source of power,[155] she can still control, absorb, process and manipulate various types of external energy to be discharged however she sees fit.[5][222] Her body is capable of absorbing various types of energy for the purpose of temporarily enhancing her own physical attributes. For instance, she can augment her strength and energy projection up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon.[238]

  • Photon Blasts: One of the main manifestations of Carol Danvers' energy processing abilities is the capacity to fire powerful concussion blasts of photon and stellar light energy from her body. The photon blasts have enormous destructive potential. She usually channels the energy beams through her fists.[158] She can also redirect the blasts through her eyes, but possesses little control of them, being unable to see out through her optics when doing so.[234][488]
  • Binary Form: If Carol Danvers is given access to a vast source of energy, she can temporarily manifest the power levels she wielded as Binary. The first time the absorption of a large amount of energy triggered the transformation occurred when she entered in contact with the Collective. Besides the obvious change in her appearance, the main consequence of the transformation comprises augmented strength, resilience, durability as well as stronger photonic blasts.[224] She has gone Binary on multiple occasions, either accidentally[148][258][36][329][522] or by purposedly empowering herself with an external source.[306][369][481]
  • Energy Duplicate: In order to escape a tailormade prison constructed by Vox Supreme, Captain Marvel was inspired by Monica Rambeau's abilities to project her essence into an energy form. Her energy duplicate was able ghost through forms of binding and incarceration standing against it and could fire energy blasts before being reincorporated.[490] Empowered in a planet touched by the Phoenix Force and Mar-Vell's mortal remains, Captain Marvel's energy duplicate gained sentience and independence, and eventually adopted the identity of Binary.[491]
  • Self Sustenance: Captain Marvel can survive without having to eat, sleep, breath or rest by thriving the ambient energies within her surroundings. She is capable of thriving perfectly within the cold recesses of deep space with little to no discomfort.[306][59][339] She is also capable of surviving underwater.[523][485]


Master Pilot: Carol Danvers is an accomplished pilot. In the Air Force, she was considered to be the best flier of her base. She has extensive experience with military planes[47][75][59][2] as well as with Kree,[41] Shi'ar,[139] and other alien starships.

Master Combatant: Carol Danvers is a skilled fighter. She was provided with extensive training in armed and unarmed combat through military combatives in the Air Force[281] and in NASA.[105] After being transformed by the Psyche-Magnitron, Danvers' mind was infused with memories and skills of a Kree military warrior. As such, she is well versed in the combat ways of the Kree Empire as well.[45] As a super hero, she also had additional fight training with the Starjammers[19] and the Avengers. As a flier, she is an expert aerial maneuverer, being a specialist in physical confrontations in the air.[158]

Scientific Knowledge: Having been given memories equivalent to a Kree Captain by the Psyche-Magnitron, Carol Danvers has extensive knowledge of the technologically advanced machinery, vehicles and devices of the Kree Empire similar to Mar-Vell. This allowed her to develop a serum that momentarily transformed her into a water breather, for instance.[115] She also has an understanding of aerodynamics from her pilot training and education.[318]

Talented Writer: Carol Danvers is a talented best-selling book author as well as a journalist excelling as a freelance writer and magazine editor. She built a career by exposing her military experiences in NASA[4] and her adventures as an intergalactic traveller. She has published several books.[148]

Experienced Spy: Carol Danvers is an experienced spy, having worked various undercover operations for Air Force Intelligence.[281][46]

  • Multilingual: Carol Danvers is fluent in English, Russian,[524] Chinese,[525] Arabic,[23] French,[526] as well as alien languages, like Kree[45] and both common and Imperial Shi'ar.[151] She speaks passable Rajaki and has a limited vocabulary in several other languages.[527]



Captain Marvel Uniform: As Captain Marvel, Danvers first wore a full-bodied military-like uniform made out of Stark-designed impermeable fabric. The costume also featured a retractable helmet that was activated for outer space solo flight and echoed those of the Kree Militia Uniforms.[59] Recently, she updated her costume and, despite still having the same red and blue color scheme with a golden Hala Star on the chest area, it is now short-sleeved with a matching jacket.[514]

Nega-Bands: In a one-time occasion, Carol Danvers was gifted with a pair of Earth-made Nega-Bands which functioned similarly to those of Kree fabrication.[262] She used them to sync with the Nega-Bands of the impostor Mar-Vell, in order to shift positions with him between the regular universe and the Negative Zone.[528] Recently, she began wearing another pair of Nega-bands, that she uses to trade places with Yuna Yang.[514]




  • Stan Lee described the process of introducing Ms. Marvel to the Marvel Universe in The Superhero Women, "Well, to make a long story ludicrous, I kicked the idea of such a heroine around with Roy Thomas for a while. Finally, we came up with the name MS. MARVEL, for two reasons. One, I wanted to use the word Marvel if possible simply because it's the name of our gregarious group of titles; and, two, it seemed that the word Ms. totally represented the new, liberated, upbeat spirit that we wanted the strip to represent. Also, it's easy to say, and easy to remember, and it looks real zingy on the masthead of the mag. / In seeking an artist to bring our captivating concept to life, we had to look no further than Big John Buscema, who has the uncanny ability to draw virtually any type of feature imaginable, and to draw each and every one magnificently. [...] Scriptwise, we selected Gerry Conway to weave a web of words, both because of his experience in writing 'most every type of super-hero yarn, and because he was also a socially-aware young scrivener. You see, we wanted Ms. Marvel to be treated like any other dramatic do-gooder in our merry Marvel ménage; and we also wanted a sense of relevancy -- a sense of a woman's thoughts, emotions, and reactions while facing the same problems and threats as any male adventurer."
  • According to Sean Howe in Marvel Comics: the Untold Story, Mary Skrenes was originally asked to conceptualize Ms. Marvel. Skrenes' pitch was, as Howe wrote down, about "Loretta Petta, a petite, dyslexic waitress who'd moved from a trailer park to the big city. 'When she would get pissed -- in the first issue, somebody robbed her diner -- she would get super-adrenaline strength. They didn't want her to be tiny and dyslexic; they wanted her to be statuesque. Stan [Lee] just didn't like it.'"
  • After being assigned to write Ms. Marvel starting with issue Ms. Marvel #3, writer Chris Claremont declared that he felt that Carol Danvers, as a character, struggled with a convoluted origin story and a lack of identity due to the book counting with supporting characters and villains from Spider-Man stories. Gradually throughout the series, he attempted to provide her with unique dilemmas and backgrounds. In an extra effort to shape Ms. Marvel as her own character, an all-new costume was designed by Dave Cockrum to distance her from Captain Marvel.[529]
  • Ms. Marvel was unexpectedly cancelled in 1979 after issue Ms. Marvel #23 due to low sales, which abruptly interrupted the future plans writer Chris Claremont had for feuds involving Ms. Marvel, Mystique's Brotherhood and the Hellfire Club. By the time the title was cancelled, issue #24 was already finished and issue #25 was partially plotted. The events that should have taken place in these issues were to be printed in the pages of Marvel Fanfare,[19] but they were never published in that title. Many years later, the stories corresponding to Ms. Marvel issues #24 and #25 were partially printed in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #10 and Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #11 in 1992. Mentions of the untold plotlines were hinted across the issues of Uncanny X-Men.
  • Editor Tom Brevoort claimed in his website that Carol Danvers was supposed to take up the Captain Marvel mantle following the House of M event. He also shared that, years later, Steve Wacker was responsible for the decision being approved for Captain Marvel (Vol. 7). In his words, "there was a whole saga around Captain Marvel during that period, one that I’ve spoken at least in part about in the past. The short version is that Brian Bendis and I wanted to turn Carol Danvers into Captain Marvel right after HOUSE OF M, but there were sudden concerns about any character who was going to so prominently carry the Marvel name in that way. So at one point, the notion was that we’d create a new Captain Marvel — a cornfed guy from the midwest. For more than a hot minute, this was going to be Gravity, Sean McKeever’s character who had debuted around there. This is why he got killed off in the series BEYOND! — he was going to be resurrected as the new Captain Marvel. But then that plan got sidelined (people realized that what they were building was essentially Captain America) which is why Dwayne McDuffie and I brought Gravity back to life in FANTASTIC FOUR shortly thereafter. And after a couple more false starts, which included this dogleg with the Mar-Vell from the past, eventually Steve Wacker was able to convince the powers-that-be to let him make Carol Captain Marvel, and the rest is history." [530]
  • Storylines concerning memory wiping and loss have been a constant theme in plots protagonized by Carol Danvers:
    • After becoming Ms. Marvel, she experienced flashes of being unconscious and, as Carol Danvers, had no recollection of her activities as Ms. Marvel. In a similar way, the Ms. Marvel persona had no memories of her origins.[61] The issue was solved when she consolidated her personas.[58]
    • Then, she had her psyche completely absorbed by Rogue, which extirpated her from her powers, memories and essence. Although Professor Xavier restored her memories, she could not link any emotional ties she had with them to the information she knew.[55] She struggled with this condition, describing it as watching her own life like a film as if she were someone else.[63][136][70] Her emotions were only reattached with her memories due to the traumatic shock of learning that her long lost mentor and lover Michael Rossi was a traitor.[36]
    • When revived by the Storyteller 2.0, Ms. Marvel was split into two women, with aspects of her Kree warrior being Ms. Marvel and the human aspects of her ideal life becoming civilian alter-ego named Catherine Donovan. Donovan had no memories about her life as Carol Danvers.[286] With Donovan being killed,[287] Carol Danvers' essence was whole again.[289]
    • As Captain Marvel, she was exposed to scraps of the Psyche-Magnitron and developed a brain lesion linked to her flight powers, which caused her memories to degenerate as she used her abilities.[521] She went completely amnesiac after being forced to fly Yon-Rogg to Earth's orbit.[325] Going through a lengthy process of relearning about herself,[326] she restored her memories.[334]
  • The Life of Captain Marvel (Vol. 2) series, written by creator Margaret Stohl, retroactively revealed Carol Danvers to be a true Human/Kree hybrid from birth by establishing that her housewife mother Marie Danvers was in fact a Kree agent.[31] The repercussions of this change to previous continuity went beyond just eliminating the previous chance factor in explaining Carol Danvers' mighty abilities. Before the series, Carol Danvers was portrayed as the Danvers' eldest child. Having two younger brothers, the resentment she had for her family was also justified by her father privileging her male younger sibling Steven over her in terms of financing their education.[45][70] In order to have Carol as the only alien-hybrid child, Life of Captain Marvel set her up as the youngest child, with her brothers being her father's oldest sons from a previous marriage with an undisclosed woman.[1]


  • In Uncanny X-Men #153, Danvers was shown wearing a shirt with the symbol of DC Comics' Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Shazam) on it. Shazam was seen as an alternate version of Captain Marvel in Infinity Countdown Prime #1 and Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1.
  • When Sarah Day reserved a room for Danvers in a hotel in Ms. Marvel (Vol. 2) #4, she booked her under the name "Linda Danvers" and mentioned no one would be interested in such a name. This is a joke reference to DC Comics' character Linda Danvers a.k.a. Supergirl which mocks the reinstitution of the original Supergirl Kara Zor-El that totally replaced Linda Danvers in the comics by that period.
  • Danvers has owned a pet cat named Chewie,[218] which was actually an alien from the Flerken]] species.[531] She was named after the Star Wars character Chewbacca because Chewie reminded Danvers of him.[229]
  • One of the novels that Carol Danvers wrote was called Binary and detailed her cosmic adventures in a semi-autobiographical manner despite seemingly being written as fiction.[148]
  • It has been hinted that Danvers and Wolverine had some brief romantic past.[77] In the alternate future of Earth-5700, that world's Danvers married him.[532]
  • After Ms. Marvel and Deadpool teamed up to combat some parasitical aliens, one of the parasites secretly attached itself to the back of Danvers' head. After Deadpool inebriated her, they started a relationship and nearly got married, until Captain America removed the alien which had disturbed her reasoning.[533]
  • There are insinuations that Carol Danvers harbored romantic feelings for Spider-Man.[293][26]
  • Carol Danvers possesses an Avengers Clearance Alpha.[534]
  • Nick Fury's intel classified Captain Marvel as Power Level 8.[535]
  • Carol Danvers' home address in New York City at one point was 417 5th Avenue, Apartment 10B, 10016.[10]
  • Carol Danvers' social security number is 033-00-3577.[281] The first numbers, 033, accurately indicate that she was born in Massachusetts. However, the second set, 00, are a work of fiction as in the real world, those numbers range from 01 to 99.
  • Carol Danvers' poker tell is that she flares her nostrils.[536]
  • Before it was revealed that Car-Ell was her real Kree name, Carol Danvers used Car-Ell as an alias during an adventure in Mydonia in the Negative Zone.[431]
  • The term "Binary" refers to the astronomical concept of a binary star system, in which the orbits of two stars are gravitationally bound to each other.[537] As Binary, Danvers manifests powers equivalent of those of a star. Her Binary costume displays two star icons next to each other as a representation of this stellar phenomenon.[3]
  • Warbirds are vintage military aircrafts that become operated by civilians.[538] After returning to Earth, Carol Danvers assumed the name as a reference to her background as a U.S.A.F. operative as well as her emblematic flying abilities similar to those of a fight-plane. When deciding her new codename, she considered many possibilities with Beast, which included "Athena", "Pallas", "Nike", "Corona", "Flare", "Blaze", "Warrior Woman", "Regalia", "Stuka", "Blitzkrieg", "Nimbus", "Dynamo", "Marvelle", "Galactica", "Shrike", "Pitfire", "Hurricane" and "Zero".[5]

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