Captain Marvel's history seemingly mirrors that of her mainstream counterpart up to the final between her and Iron Man during the second superhuman civil war. The two bitterly fought over the fate of Miles Morales. Marvel eventually agreed with Iron Man that Miles should go free and attempted to use an energy blast to destroy the force field that was holding him. However, Iron Man misinterpreted her actions as a murder attempt on Miles and fired a devastating unibeam from his armor, knocking her into a coma.

Since Captain Marvel was in possession of the Reality Stone, she relived this event from an outside perspective as a spectre when her mainstream counterpart used the Reality Stone from her respective universe to observe Earth-669 in a similar state. They spoke about their shared experience and what made them different. After witnessing what happened to her Earth-669 counterpart, Earth-616's Carol asked her if it was worth it before being pulled into Earth-10774.[1]


Seemingly those of Captain Marvel of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Captain Marvel of Earth-616


Captain Marvel's Suit

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