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Much like the mainstream Carol Danvers, this Carol was attacked in San Francisco by Rogue and left for dead. She was rescued by Jessica Drew and taken to Professor X, who rebuilt her memories. However, unlike her parallel counterpart, this version never got her confidence back, and spent years in depression.

On the evening that a Brood spaceship crashed in Spaulding, Georgia,[1] this Carol did not notice, and as a result was not there to stop the alien creature Cru from obtaining the Cavorite crystals there. The resulting explosion destroyed the planet -- and quite possibly her entire universe -- and knocked Carol out of that universe.

Waking up in a new universe, Carol took the name "Warbird" and went on a campaign of revenge against Rogue, killing the villain in the end. The Ms. Marvel of that universe tried to stop Warbird, and was also killed. Shortly after, Warbird shifted to another universe, and proceeded to do it repeatedly.[2]

After a few dozen such universes, she landed on Earth-616 and came into conflict with this universe's Ms. Marvel and Rogue. Ms. Marvel and Warbird fought it out, but in the end Ms. Marvel got the upper hand, knocking Warbird unconscious. The Superhuman Restraint Unit took custody of her.[3]



Her preferred method of battle was to use her photonic powers to make twin energy swords extending from her hands.



Warbird wore a costume with an armored torso, plus a belt with a number of accessory pouches.


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