Ms. Marvel was a hero who apparently had foiled Mystique's plots many times. When Rogue, acting under Mystique's guidance, stole a plane, Ms. Marvel flew and regained the plane, but Mystique ordered Rogue to grab her and hold on. It caused Rogue to practically drain her entire life force, leaving Ms. Marvel in a comatose state. Ms. Marvel's body was left in a hospital, where her identity was unknown and she was referred to as a "Jane Doe". Ms. Marvel's mind entered Rogue, who couldn't stand the internal conflict and was forced to leave Mystique. She was taken in by Professor Xavier, who suppressed Ms. Marvel's mind, allowing her to function more normally. Rogue subsequently joined the X-Men.

Much later, Mystique hatched a plot to regain her daughter. When Mister Sinister had separated Xavier from the X-Men, Mystique used various triggers (such as taking on Ms. Marvel's form) to recover Rogue's lost memories of Ms. Marvel and thus reawaken Ms. Marvel's psyche. Within Rogue's mind, the two personalities fought. Ms. Marvel was angry, blaming Rogue for stealing her life. She was bent on destroying Rogue, even knowing it will cause both of them to cease to exist. After an intercession from Jean, Ms. Marvel was locked in a psychokinetic cage and once more suppressed. After this ordeal, Rogue visited Ms. Marvel in the hospital to make amends. She revealed to a nurse that the "Jane Doe" was really named Carol Danvers. As she left, Rogue touched Carol. Carol's brain waves started up again and she started to smile.[1]


Seemingly those of Carol Danvers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Carol Danvers of Earth-616.


Ms. Marvel's Suit


Flight under her own power

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