Early Life

This Carol Danvers's life was presumably similar to that of her Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart, up to the point when the Civil War happened.

At some point, Captain Marvel was hand-picked by President Stark to be a member of his team of Avengers, the Mighty Avengers.[1]

Contest of Champions

Carol Danvers (Earth-TRN619) from Contest of Champions Vol 1 9 001

Five years after the end of the Super Hero Civil War, Captain Marvel and her fellow Mighty Avengers were attending the presidential parade during the Registration Day when Maestro, a Hulk from another universe, showed up. Using the power of the ISO-Sphere, Maestro took them to Battlerealm and altered their memories to make them think they were still on their Earth confronting a group of unregistered superhumans, while in reality they were confronting the unwilling contestants of Maestro's Contest of Champions.[1]

When their battle was interrupted by the arrival of the Thunderbolts, who had been sent to Battlerealm to rescue President Stark and his Mighty Avengers,[1] Penance, Bullseye and Thunderstrike were killed before the battle started. The groups fought each other until the death of Steve Rogers at the hands of Iron Patriot and the shocking revelation that Stark had been using the Reality Stone to subtly manipulate reality in his favor back in their home reality, Maestro killed Stark and challenged the remaining contestants, as well as his own allies, to defeat him. Captain Marvel and the rest of the group were defeated by Maestro until Stick managed to restore The Sentry from the Symbioids. The Sentry played a key role in the following confrontation against Maestro, giving the contestants enough power to defy Maestro and give Outlaw enough time to snatch the ISO-Sphere. When Outlaw used the ISO-Sphere to finish the contest, by banishing Maestro, Captain Marvel was one of the contestants who remained behind in Battlerealm and formed the Civil Warriors, a group of heroes who took the duty of guarding the deposits of raw Iso-8 and the shattered remains of the ISO-Sphere from any interdimensional invaders who could try to get their hands on it.[2]


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.

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