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When Ms. Marvel was attacked by Agent Sum and a group of Lightning Storm agents, who believed that she was the Skrull who had attacked William Wagner, a Skrull disguised as Ms. Marvel attacked the real Ms. Marvel. The mini-carrier that served as Lightning Storm's base of operations arrived on the scene, so instead of fighting, the two allowed themselves to be captured, with the real Ms. Marvel figuring that the situation would get sorted out in time. Both the real and the Skrull Ms. Marvel were taken into custody.[1]

When the real Ms. Marvel killed Rl'nnd right in front of the holding where the Skrull Ms. Marvel was held, the Skrull Ms. Marvel changed shape to William, who was Ms. Marvel's love interest whom she had found apparently dead. He/She told her that William was a Kree and that he was not dead, simply captured. The Skrull then offered information on the Kree's whereabouts in exchange for his/her life.[2]

The Skrull's information was a ruse, however, intended to stall Lightning Storm. When Ms. Marvel returned to confront her, the Skrull blew up the minicarrier she was being held in, killing herself in the process.[3]



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