Carol Landers was a childhood friend of Susan Richards, aka the Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four. As an adult she married rancher Bob Landers and the couple settled on a horse ranch in Pennsylvania. When Sue was going through marital problems with her husband Reed Richards, she separated from him. Susan and her son Franklin were welcomed to the Landers ranch. However the constant dangers that faced the Fantastic Four soon encroached on their peaceful home. Not long after Susan arrived, she was kidnapped by the Dragon Man. [1] Sue was soon rescued by the Fantastic Four and returned to the Landers ranch shortly thereafter. [2]

Later, the couple had to deal with Franklin's strange behavior, such as when he began screaming suddenly. [3] When Franklin's condition became more serious, both Carol and Bob suggested that Sue return home. They soon learned that Sue never made it back to the Baxter Building, but was captured somewhere along the way. [4] Sue was once again rescued by the Fantastic Four, but did not return with them as Reed shut down Franklin's mind in order to keep his explosive mutant powers in check. Horrified by what her husband had done, Sue fled back to the Landers ranch. [5]. When Sue returned to Carol and Bob's home, she tearfully explained everything to them. [6] While Sue stood by her son's comatose body day and night, Carol and Bob pressed Sue with the fact that she could not hide in Pennsylvania forever. [7] Not long after this, Sue decided that she was going to divorce her husband. Both Carol and Bob were against the idea, but soon the Sub-Mariner came to their property and kidnapped Sue. Later when the Thing and Human Torch arrived searching for Sue, they told them what had happened. [8] Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the Sub-Mariner acted out in order to convince Reed and Sue to reconcile their marriage and divorce proceedings were cancelled. Sue then returned to the Baxter Building with her son. [9]

Sometime later, Bob and Carol were invited to a Christmas party being held at the Baxter Building where they mingled with other guests. [10] The Landers have not interacted with Sue or the Fantastic Four since, suggesting that either the drifted apart or the couple have willingly stayed away from the Fantastic Four due to the chaos the team brought to their lives.

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