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Carol is the daughter of James Rhodes, who was among the heroes who survived the cataclysm that scorched the Earth and went underground to escape the lethal radiation. Named after Carol Danvers, she was born and spent her entire life in an underground faclity located under New York City.[1]

Following Captain Marvel's sacrifice to restart the Sun,[1] the survivors had started regaining the surface. They also learned of the existence of other groups of survivors, namely one led by Ove. After Carol's group came across a time-displaced younger Captain Marvel, plucked from the timeline of Earth-616 due to the machinations of Ove and the Enchantress,[2] he sent a mind-controlled Luke Cage to deliver an invite to his haven, New Atlantis. Carol joined the group that accompanied Captain Marvel to New Atlantis, but was tasked with remaining invisible.[3] The heroes were initially welcomed with hospitality, but Captain Marvel and her group, save for Carol, were ultimately captured since Ove intended to sacrifice Captain Marvel for a time-travelling spell to go to the past himself.[4] Carol then used her invisibility and intangibility to free her friends, but the strain knocked her out before liberating everybody.[5] Once she recovered, everybody joined the fight against Ove and the Enchantress. In the aftermath of the Enchantress' sacrifice to send Ove herself to the past, the survivors from Carol's group moved to New Atlantis and Captain Marvel was returned to her time.

Carol's existence in this dystopian timeline would have a lasting impact in Captain Marvel. With the knowledge that Jim Rhodes would have a daughter without her, Captain Marvel decided to break up with the Jim Rhodes of her time, out of fear that being with him meant she was preventing Carol's possible existence.[6]



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