Carol Selby was the daughter of Olivia Selby and a student at Citrusville High. When her mother became concerned about the subjects being taught to her daughter in high school, she formed a group called the Mothers of Decency, a group which led a mob (co-formed by the Mad Viking) to Citrusville High to burn the offending textbooks.

After witnessing the mob's carnage, which saw the books burned, a teacher crippled and the Mad Viking's own daughter killed, Carol decided to tag along with Richard Rory and the Man-Thing when they decided to leave Citrusville[1].

Later she told Richard that she lied about her age and that she was really under 17, which made Rory guilty of statutory kidnapping. After an experience where they were attacked by the Scavenger (who was stopped by the Man-Thing[2]), Richard, Carol and Man-Thing decided to leave the area after they were kicked out of the motel they were staying in. They were soon involved in a head-on collision with a car driven by a demon of Thog (who was trying to deliver a nightmare box, and couldn't read English road signs.) Deciding to stay at the wreck, Richard faced the music and was arrested for "kidnapping" Carol, and Carol was returned home to Citrusville. Her current activities are unknown, and even though Richard did briefly return to Citrusville the two have yet to reunite.[citation needed]

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