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Quote1 Let's talk this out in a polite way, hmm? I mean, I want to see this world burn... I want to hear a cacophony of screaming children... I want to watch puppies eat kittens for sport... but I'm nothing if not civilized. Quote2
Caroline Le Fay[src]


Caroline Le Fay was born to Doctor Doom and Morgan Le Fay many years in the past, during one of her father's many travels to the past. She was sent to the future by her mother to be raised by Morgan's followers.[2]

Caroline Le Fay created a company to rule the world, Umbral Dynamics.[3] She hired the Mercs for Money to capture radioactive persons, such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead,[4] Radioactive Man,[5] and Cobalt Man,[6] and used their powers to resurrect the Presence.[3] However, thanks Machine Man going undercover inside her company,[6] Deadpool and his Mercs managed to stop her plan.[7]



  • Magical Energy Manipulation: Due to her unique heritage, Caroline Le Fay has a natural aptitude for magical energy, which has enabled her to become a skilled and talented sorceress. She possesses phenomenal magical abilities, by tapping into ambient magical energies within the universe. She is capable of casting and manipulating spells in order to achieve the following effects, such as thought-casting, illusions, mind-control, transmutation, projecting magical bolts, force-fields, etc...
  • Longevity


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