Carpathian was a vampire recruited into the Legion of the Unliving,[1] a group of vampires under Dracula's direction who feigned dissidence against him as part of his plan to start the vampire kingdom anew.[2] This scheme involved the purging of the vampire community, weeding out the weaker members of the race. Carpathian worked for the Legion of the Unliving solely to sate his bloodlust and in exchange of being kept fed.

The Legion of the Unliving came to blows with the Avengers during their crusade; once in Madripoor where the Legion was carrying out part of their massacre,[3] and later at the Sol-Iletsk Federal Penal Colony No. 9 in Russia, where the Legion infected all inmates in order to build up the ranks of the new vampire kingdom.[4] Most members of the Legion of the Unliving, including Carpathian, managed to evade the Avengers and fled to Chernobyl, where Dracula was going to set up his new domain.[2]


Vampirism: Being a vampire, Snowsnake presumably possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, as well as other kinds of powers derived from vampirism. He has displayed a degree of superhuman strength, being able to overpower the powerhouse Ursa Major.[2]

Flight: Carpathian can fly using his winged arms.[3]

Wallcrawling: Carpathian appears to possess wallcrawling abilities.[1]

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