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The original Carrion was a clone of Professor Miles Warren, the insane criminal known as the Jackal.[1] Warren created him in order to incubate a virus he intended to use to eradicate humankind[2] so he could replace it with clones.[3][4] The virus was meant to incubate for five years inside the clone's body, but he ended up being released from his clone casket too soon.[2]

Despite believing himself to have all of the real Miles Warren's memories up to the moment he cloned himself, Carrion didn't know about the virus. Because of that, he thought his undead-like appearance and superhuman powers were the result of him spending too much time inside the clone casket. The man who found and released Carrion, an undergraduate student by the name Randy Vale, became his accomplice in exchange for getting Spider-Man's powers, which Carrion promised to him.[1]

In order to destroy Spider-Man, whom he blamed for the deaths of both Warren and Gwen Stacy, Carrion first approached the Maggia, but they refused to help him in his plan.[5] Capturing Spider-Man after many failed attempts to kill him,[6] Carrion collect some samples from him to create a giant "Spider-Amoeba", intending for it to destroy its genetical template. However, Spider-Man freed himself before the Spider-Amoeba could fulfill its mission. In the subsequent fight, a fire consumed the laboratory whilst the Amoeba latched onto Carrion. The Spider-Amoeba suffocated Carrion, smothering him to death, and then, unable to escape, it perished in the fire.[1]



Carrion Virus: The virus in Carrion's veins granted him the following powers:

  • Decaying Touch: All organic matter turned to ash at the touch of Carrion.[7]
  • Detection Immunity: Carrion was immune to certain forms of detection, including Spider-Man's spider-sense.[8][9]
  • Intangibility: Carrion could become intangible at will.[1]
  • Life Repulsion: Carrion's nature was to repulse all organic matter, be it solid or liquid.[10]
    • Inflammation: Carrion's physical form repelled any living thing it came in contact with, burning anyone who dared touch him.[10]
    • Levitation: The very air repelled Carrion away from it, allowing him to rise from the ground and hover above it.[8]
    • Repelling Energy Generation: Carrion was able to repel matter away from himself towards whomsoever he chose.[8]
  • Low-Level Telepathy:[9] Carrion could read the minds of others.[1]
  • Regeneration: Carrion was capable of regenerating rapidly.[9]
  • Short-Range Teleportation: Carrion was able to teleport over short distances, often leaving behind a cloud of brimstone.[5][8][9]
  • Superhuman Strength: Carrion was capable of lifting a person up by the neck with just one hand.[5]
  • Telekinesis: Carrion could telekinetically control and decay organic matter, including Spider-Man's webbing.[10][9]


Seemingly those of the real Miles Warren.



A shoulder bag which he used to carry Red Dust with him.[5]


Red Dust: An organic dust Carrion used as weapon.[5][9]


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