This Carrion was a sentient virus created by the Jackal. It was released by its creator to wreak havoc in Manhattan.

Carrion planned to possess a superhuman in hope to permanently bond with him/her, but Spider-Man, who had detected him, prevented him to do so every time he tried. When Spider-Man was confronted by the Avengers about his current behavior, Carrion managed to infect Hyperion and almost bonded with him permanently if not by the combined efforts of the heroes.

Carrion was thought to have been destroyed by Spider-Man, but he recomposed himself and returned to the Jackal's lair, where his creator planned the next fase of his plan: to kill Spider-Man.[1]

Carrion, along with the Mutant Spider-Clones and the clones of his master and Gwen Stacy, helped the Jackal capture both Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider[2] to take some fresh tissue samples to use in his future clonages. Carrion and the Jackal were eventually defeated and both the clones and the collected tissues were destroyed in the explosion of the Jackal's hideout.

He was later seen collecting a sample of Kaine's DNA with the Jackal, who wanted to use said sample to create a new Spidercide.[3]

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