Brightsword was previously known as Carter Dyam. His father was a Zionist who came to Israel at fifteen, in 1921, got married there, raised a family, and was eventually killed during the Six-Day War.[1]

At 24, in the early 70's, he was part of Israeli military who had grown disillusioned with warfare and killing. When approached by the Asgardian god Heimdall to become one of the Young Gods, he accepted and represented the warrior among them.[1]

When the High Evolutionary launch his Evolutionary War, he came to visit the Young Gods because of their perfect genetics, but was disappointed and retreat, deciding to avoid them from his plans. However, Daydreamer's precognition informed them from the incoming Genocide, causing the Gods to split in two sides: The non-interferers from a side, and the interferers, including Brightsword who didn't wanted to see the Holocaust reproduced.[1]

Those teleported to the High Evolutionary's place and helped Spider-Man against the Purifiers but were soon rejoined by the rest of the squad who battle them.[1]

Powers and Abilities


As Brightsword, he possesses superhuman strength and virtual invulnerability.


As Brightsword, he is a master of human and alien forms of weaponry.

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